7 Of The Best Lightweight Running Shoes For Women

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Lightweight running shoes have evolved a lot since the last decade. These shoes are light and hence, more suitable for women. It is not to say that they don’t work well for men. They most certainly do.  

They offer just enough of the cushioning to disperse the shock. This minimizes the injuries caused during running. The lightweight shoes feel great on your feet and can be used by both the trainers as well as professional racers.  

The lightweight shoes enhance the speed and encourage the natural stride and gait of the runner. Listed below are some of the best lightweight running shoes for women:

Reebok Floatride Run FastReebok Women's Floatride Run Ultk Running Shoe is one of the Best Lightweight Running Shoes For Womenhttps://amzn.to/2SMbqra

This new Reebok running shoe is a lightweight shoe manufactured for both men and women. This shoe is a correct choice for speedrunning especially if you want a light yet protective running shoe for your runs.

This was the fastest shoe available in the market in the year 2018. The Floatride Run Fast is also affordable than the other big brand shoes.

The Pebax-based foam used in the construction of this shoe is much lighter than the standard EVA usually used in the running shoes. However, this does not compromise on the cushioning. On the contrary, it enhances the cushioning and the bouncing effect.

Aside from being lighter, Pebax is also more flexible and impact-resistant than other forms of plastics used in shoe manufacturing. The thick and soft sole makes it better-suited running shoes for daily training.

Brooks Women’s Levitate 2https://amzn.to/2Vd41lY

The Brooks Women’s Levitate 2 running shoe is designed keeping in mind the possibility of the highest energy return in the form of bounce to the runner. The material used in its construction is a mix of foam and rubber.

This rubber-foam mix technology in the shoe sole provides a lot of cushioning. This works for those who want extra support along with comfort. Being lightweight, its slip-on style makes it an insanely comfortable running shoe regardless of how long you wear them.

La Sportiva VKLa Sportiva Women's Wildcat Trail Running Shoe

La Sportiva VK comes with a form-fitting upper and has no tongue. The shoe is sleek in the build. It offers a snug feel and the Ghost-Stream lacing keeps your foot secure. It has a defense system in the form of a TPU toe cap and an integrated rock guard on its outsole which protects the feet during the runs.

La Sportiva VK is a running shoe for trail runners that do not want to use heavy footwear. The lightweight shoe helps you easily climb high altitudes and tackle less traveled pathways. 

Asics Gel Cumulus 20


The Asics Gel Cumulus 20 is another lightweight running shoe that is amongst the best in its range and product. It has a smooth fit and is sturdy enough for daily training. This shoe also has a rearfoot as well as forefoot GEL cushioning system for the shock absorption.

Asics Gel are strategically set up in those areas that experience higher amounts of shock. Asics employs a new technology in this shoe called Asics’ Flyte Foam which Asics assures you make a shoe 55% lighter. This foam is much lighter and good at absorbing shock in comparison to the standard EVA foam.

The technology was developed to even out a strong impact. It is done with the help of gel patches to reduce the stress on your feet. It also uses SpEVA foam. This foam is a mix of the standard EVA foam and the rubber ball material. This foam provides 20% better rebound than just EVA alone.

The standard Ortholite liner used over the foam is highly durable and comfortable. With what this shoe offers, its pricing is competitive.

Skechers GOrun Razor 3 HyperSkechers Women's Go MEB Razor 2https://amzn.to/2HVrpBE

The Razor is a running shoe with a racy feel to it. Razor is lightweight and can be pushed hard and fast. The foam used underfoot is relatively firm and yet can take a hard edge off the pavement. Thus, protecting your feet from the road. This is possible because of the thin sole of the shoe in comparison to the average midsole.

The shoe’s lightweight construction provides decent traction to the runners. The shoe’s upper is thin and breathable to keep your feet cool during hard runs. Both the heel and forefoot of the shoe are softer than its previous versions. It provides good cushioning underfoot. Skechers Razor also made it to this list because of the price tag, very wallet friendly.

Hoka One One Tracer 2Track runner or marathon,you`re a minimalist and want to feel barefoot when running,want shoes that will give you motion control when running trails?You`re a long distance runner that require light shoes? this post has a list of 7 Best Lightweight Running shoes sor women so you`ll sure find your pick.

The Tracer 2 has a midsole which is slightly taller than an average racer. It includes the usual EVA blend makeup and the Meta-Rocker shape used by Hoka. The heel-to-toe drop of this shoe is moderate. And so is the overall height of the shoe’s heel and forefoot. The thickness of the midsole proves advantageous in comparison to other options.

The shoe has a thicker and comfier upper. It shaves off the ounces with its judicious use of the outsole rubber. This shoe is good for track workouts and running marathons.

Saucony Kinvara 9Saucony Kinvara 9https://amzn.to/2HVrpBE

Saucony Kinvara 9 is Kinvara’s newest upgrade in the lightweight shoe range. It is incredibly cushy. This is achieved because of the brand’s EVERUN Topsole technology. This technology adds an extra layer of cushioning to the midsole. This provides a guaranteed more bounce and flexibility to the shoe. This shoe is the best for long distance speed during endurance events.

Adidas Solarboostadidas Originals Women's Swift W Running Shoe


Please Note that this image is not of Adidas Solarboost but of Adidas Swift because I like the image better as it`s more clear.

The Adidas Solarboost is the best lightweight running shoe for the long runs. This shoe’s Techfit upper offers flexibility and versatility along with the premium cushioning

The Boost cushioning is the most responsive cushioning ever developed by Adidas. It gives a proportional energy return. Tailored Fiber Placement has added stitched-in reinforcement for the targeted support at the runner’s midfoot. It makes for a seamless sock-like fit.  

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Conclusion On Best Lightweight Running Shoes For Women

Flexible knit uppers, bouncier midsoles, wider toe-box, and zero-drop platforms are some of the innovations that have helped develop the lightweight shoes into what they are today.

They could be moderately soft providing moderate cushioning. Such type of shoes is ideal for the runners transitioning to minimalism. The lightweight shoes could also offer a barefoot feel. These type of shoes are suitable for the runners who want speed without compromising comfort.

The lightweight running shoes can conquer roads and hard trails with ease. They are effortless in conquering the miles felt. You will feel light wearing any of these shoes.

I hope you found value on this post, if you have any questions, just leave me a message below.

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  1. I really enjoy reading your post. Recently I am contemplating to buy a new pair of shoe by Sketches, your review gave me a good idea of whether I should buy it. But now I have more options to consider. Although I am looking for a men shoe, but your review is equally helpful. Thank you for a good review of the shoes from different brands.

    1. Thanks, Jeff
      All the shoes mentioned above are great, just take the ones for men.But again if you check an earlier post here you`ll see that I mentioned similar shoes but for men.
      Glad to know you found the post useful.Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Very interesting article you have written up here concerning the best running shoes for women. Well! My wife just decided to get back to her morning long distance running and I decided to get her a shoe that could help supplement that. Hence, I really like the list provided up here but I like the Brooks Women’s Levitate 2. It is very convenient and like what is written up here, it maintains the conveniences irrespective of the hours spent in wearing it and I like the materials it is made of. Besides, it is also pleasing to look at.

    1. Whenever buying running shoes, we do go for looks too, one will not go and buy the ugliest running shoes in the shoe shop just because they are cheap.

      Having said that, quality, support, running terrains, shoe cushioning also matter but when you find the right pair of running shoes and the price is an issue, you can always check for shoe outlet shops, they might have the pair you`re looking for at reduced price.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I and my girlfriend started running together every morning since last month and her shoe has been given her some problems. She started complaining about her ankle a few weeks ago too and I think this is because she has been using the wrong shoes to run but all that will change now  that I have seen your post and I have seen some very good light weight shoes for running. This way, there’ll be less weight on her legs while running. She’ll have to pick which suits her better and then I’ll get it for her. Thanks.

    1. Thanks John, running with the wrong pair of running shoes can cause real issues like ankle pain,it`s always advisable to chose a good pair of running shoes to avoid such issues.

  4. Going by the list of shoes made available here, I cannot help but comment on the beauty of all the shoes here on the list and they are all excellent in their own ways. But them, in all, choices would always matter. My choice of shoe from the above listed would be the Brooks Women’s Levitate 2. Very great pairs of shoe. It can blend perfectly well as a running shoe and can also be worn for fashion. Thumbs up

    1. thanks Shelly appreciate you stopping by.

  5. Hello there, thanks for sharing this useful post. I am not an athlete but I do go for running every morning. Running for me is fun but the joy comes when you have the perfect shoe for running, and I have been suffering from lack of good shoes as the old ones i have got before cause nothing but pain to my feet and ankle. I really love the suggestions you have given here, and I’ll love to get the Reebok floatride run fast for myself. Nice being here.

    1. Thanks Chloe,keep checking back as I do have different reviews and tips for runners like yourself

  6. Wow, this is really nice, this article will be of great help to women, it’s always difficult to get soft, lightweight running shoes for women. Most times, my girlfriend complain of pains in her legs and I’m sure its because of hard and heavy shoes. I’ll get one for her from the link in this article and I’m sure she’ll love it. My favorite is Adidas solarboost. Thanks for sharing this article, it is useful and informative.

    1. Have you thought of cushioning in shoes? or are you sure she`s getting the right running shoes? lightweight running shoes for women may not be the only reason she`s having pain check if she`s using the right size of shoes(sounds silly I know)

  7. Oh this is very nice, exactly what I have needed for a while now. I am happy because I have been thinking of getting a good running shoe for a while now because I have decided to go running to help me lose weight. I wouldn’t want to hurt my feet by trying to lose weight..The Reebok floatride will be my pick on your list especially because I like the colour too. Thanks!

    1. Glad you found the post useful, wish you fun in your runs and hope you lose some weight.I`m on my feet all day at work so I do go through loads of sneakers.

  8. These are some really nice array of running shoes you have given here. My eldest daughter is a prospecting sprinter and so far she have shown some really good potentials which makes me really proud of her. She has a running shoe already but I’ll love to show her I am in support of her growing to be very good at what she do, so I’m getting her a pair od these shoes, and the brooks women levitate 2 seem really cool.

    1. Sorry that I have not written any review for sprinting shoes,I usually concentrate on trail running shoes as these are the kind of shoes I use every day.But will talk to sprinter friends of mine and see if I can review some sprinting shoes(it will be hard)

      Still, sprinters that I know also do love running shoes for warming up or working out, hope she`ll love your choice in running shoes for her.

  9. The choice of women’s footwear is now vast and this will help my girlfriend alot,  Running is high impact when one’s foot connects with the pavement, there’s a huge force travelling through your ankle and up your leg to your knee and hip. She is no doubt going to love your recommendations we will be looking forward to getting one of these.

    1. Glad you found the post helpful, without the right pair of running shoes, even a short run can turn to be a pain-filled experience.

  10. Hello!
    Searching the internet for light running shoes I like two models in particular. Tracer 2 and La Sportiva VK.

     As you explain both shoes are light and very well cushioning the blows. Both my wife and I go jogging regularly on our farm. I will talk to her later to decide the purchase, in the meantime I will save your site. 

    Thank you!

    1. glad you found the post useful, I`m sure you and your wife will find well-fitting, terrain friendly sneakers for your runs.

  11. Just finding a choice of shoes for running, and in all honesty, you would not call my efforts running, but none the less it is what I am concerned about every 7 to 8 months.  My shoes seem to need replacing about that often, so having your selection gave me a new direction.  I have been wearing New Balance.  I like the Tracker 2 and the idea of a thicker midsole.  Is this to support a higher arch?  The Sketchers are also a good casual shoe, just not for running.

    1. Shoe replacing depends on how often you use them, not only that but taking care of shoes will also determine how long they last, simple tasks like knowing how to wash sports shoes to give them a longer life matter.

      Now you mentioned Sketchers, sure there are running and cross-training sketchers for men and women. Most people do think Sketchers only have walking shoes but that`s not the case.

      Like any other sneaker brand, they do have running or walking shoes as well as a good selection of cross training shoes.

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