About Me

Hello there, thanks for your interest to know me.My name is Emma.I’m not going to say I live and breathe Tennis but I love Tennis, always have and maybe always will.

When I moved away from home and was looking for my first rental apartment one of the must haves was a Tennis court nearby and I knew there will be no compromise for this.

Over the years, this has remained the same, no matter where I move, one of the must haves is a Tennis court nearby so I can go on playing Tennis.

What You Get From This Site

Here at Tennisfavors, I will be looking at some tennis gear Although l was never good enough to turn pro, Tennis has always been a big part of my life.Maybe I was good enough to turn pro but without money for those expensive tennis schools and camps, I played at lower levels and enjoyed every minute of it.

Why Did I Create This Site

As said, I love Tennis and do like to have good quality Tennis gear and always looking for new products, but while looking l found that most websites concentrate more on selling than giving details of products that one need, this made me understand the need to inform people looking for tennis gears.

How Can You Benefit From This Site

At tennisfavors.com you can read about new and old tennis gear, my honest reviews and find products to suit your need.

If you need to contact me, please do send me an email emma@tennisvets.com or you can leave me a message and I will always get back to you.