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Adidas Tennis Shoes For Men And Women

adidas Performance Men's Barricade Classic Bounce Tennis Shoe, White/Black/White, 6.5 M US

In tennis, or in any other active sport for that matter, having the right equipment and gear makes a great difference. It’s important that you feel as comfortable as possible during the game. It’s important that you can move freely, quickly and conveniently. Check an earlier post on Tennis gear if you missed it.

Good thing is that, with the help of the advancement in technology, sports gears are now designed and fitted to bring out the best of each player. So whether you play for Professional play, practice, leisure or passion, you can always count on Adidas tennis shoes for men and women not only do they bring the best in you. Adidas uses the latest technology to assure comfort.Read my earlier post to understand more on sports shoe technology here.

As one of the leading sports company, Adidas have created and produced top-of-the-line tennis shoes for men and women over the years.Check sneakers history over the years here.These shoes range from simple casual game tennis shoes to the kinds used in professional tournaments. With that, get to know these tennis shoes which will definitely bring out the best in you once you hit the court.If you want to learn about Adidas history through the years, you can read it here.

Adidas Tennis Shoes for Men

The company has released quite a number of efficient and memorable kicks for beginning to professional tennis players over the years. These Adidas tennis shoes in no particular order are just some of those:


These shoes are designed to give sure-footed stability to all kinds of players on all court surfaces. They put the players in position to have that balance and agility they need for the game. They come with a flexible seamless knit upper, a Barricade chassis in the midfoot which adds stability and solid footwork, and ADITUFF reinforcement designed to resist abrasion.


  • Barricade Boost 2017 Shoes

Like the Barricade 2017 model, these kicks are designed to give the players control during the game. They are ultra-responsive shoes built for balance, agility, and stability on all court surfaces. They feature boost for energy, seamless knit upper, Barricade chassis, and ADITUFF.


  • Novak Pro Shoes

Adidas Novak Pro Mens Tennis Shoe (9.5)

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These shoes are designed for players whose style is like that of Novak Djokovic’s. These are perfect for quick cuts, fast footwork and aggressive play. They feature a comfortable, breathable upper, ADIPRENE forefoot, and Barricade midfoot for control and stability.


  • AdiZero Ubersonic 2.0 Shoes

These are ultra lightweight tennis shoes tuned for the speed you need for the game. These lightweight kicks are designed for stability and quickness. They come with a low-cut knit upper that gives you that natural-feeling fit. They also feature ADITUFF in the forefoot, ADIPRENE cushions and well-supported midfoot.


  • Barricade Classic Wide 4E Shoes

adidas sneakers

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These performance court shoes are designed for aggressive and powerful players. They provide energized comfort and ease needed for quick cuts and fast footwork. They have a wider fit, added stability, secured grip and durable outsole.

Adidas Tennis Shoes for Women

Adidas has already released kicks specifically for women tennis players and athletes. These shoes are designed to make you in control of the game. These are some Adidas tennis shoes that women athletes might want to lace on they are in no particular order:


If you are looking for a shoe that’s designed by a renowned designer, (we know women players want to appear stylish on the court)this would be it. This Barricade tennis shoe is perfect for women who want class and elegance during the game. It features breathable, two-layer mesh upper, 3D TORSION midfoot, a Stella McCartney logo on the heel and tongue, and ADITUFF reinforcement.

  • AdiZero Ubersonic 2.0 Shoes

These lightweight kicks are tuned for speedy women players. They are designed to boost quickness and promote stability when you are on the court. They come with a low-cut design and feature lightweight texture upper, ADITUFF forefoot, stable midfoot, and full-length shock-absorbing ADIPRENE.


  • Barricade Classic Wide 4E Shoes

Adidas Tennis Shoes For Men And Women

Just like the men’s version, these Barricade shoes are designed for powerful and aggressive players. They are designed for fast footwork and stable quick cuts. They feature ADIPRENE cushions, durable outsole, and wider fit for added comfort and stability.

There really is no telling which are the best Adidas tennis shoes, a lot of money goes into research to produce the best.  You can’t honestly say which is superior tennis shoes in general for that matter.

Conclusion On Adidas Tennis Shoes For Men And Women

In the end, it all boils down to what you prefer. When purchasing tennis shoes, make sure that you choose the ones you are most comfortable with and those that are designed for the kind of player that you are, those that would really make you on top of your game.

Another thing to remember is to keep your shoes clean so they can last longer, these shoes do not come cheap and for beginners or recreational players can cause a dent on your finances here is a post on how to clean your tennis shoes at home successfully and easily.

You can buy Adidas tennis shoes online at Amazon and or you can check at your local sporting goods store.Amazon does offer free shipping so don`t forget to check and take advantage.Apart from the free shipping, Amazon do have a free return policy should you not be happy with your purchase.

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