ADIDAS Women`s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe Review

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Product Name: ADIDAS Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoeadidas Women's Cloudfoam Ultimate Sneaker

Overall Ranking:  4.7/5

Price:  $35 to $146

Owners: ADIDAS



Introduction To Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

Not all Adidas women running shoes are made the same, and choosing the right running sneakers can be a real task if you`re not sure what to look for.

Adidas cloud foam pure sneakers too do offer different comfort and protection.

Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running shoes are designed for track events. Though the product is designed for running, it is multifunctional.

It can be used for long walks, and mild gym training apart from some tennis practice.

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Wear Away From Sports 

The best part is that the sneakers are also suitable for casual wear because of its stylish design.

These sneakers are available in six different colors, i.e., core black, gray, cloudy white, raw pink, ash gray, and aero pink.

Making them ideal for office wear too, as it is easy to match these colors with women’s outfits such as jeans. 

The striking feature of these shoes is the meshy upper part. It stretches a tad to give that snug and comfortable fit. In addition, it keeps the shoe breathable. 

The support in these shoes is from memory foam sock liner Cloudfoam, which also offers cushioning for absorbing shocks and prevents feet injuries.

These shoes do have long laces though not as many holes for them. The design is closer tot slip- ins despite such long laces.adidas NEO Women's Cloudfoam Ultimate W Sneaker,BLACK/BLACK/WHITE,7.5 Medium US

The shoes are ideal for those suffering from painful foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

Many shoes for women tend to be narrow, making women with slightly wider feet feel cramped in them. But these shoes are fairly wide. 

However, these sneakers are not recommended for women with high arches in their feet as the insole foam is comparatively thinner and may fail to provide the desired level of support for such feet.

Pros Of Adidas Women`s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe 

  • These shoes are multi-functional.
  • These sneakers are light, breathable, and comfortable for day-long wear
  • These sneakers are available in different colors.
  • The design is such that they are almost a slip-on; easy to wear
  • These shoes definitely make a style statement.
  • These shoes would be helpful to ladies with feet condition called plantar fasciitis because of support at the right place.
  • Adidas cloudfoam are not narrow though designed for women. These are a tad wider making them suitable for women who have slightly wider feet and yet do not have feet that are wide enough like men.
  • These shoes are quite durable.adidas Cloudfoam Pure Shoe - Women's Running


  • These shoes are a tad expensive though it depends on where they are being purchased.
  • These are better avoided by ladies with feet that have a high arch.
  • These shoes are fine for moderate gym workouts, but not for heavy workouts, advanced running, or professional tennis.
  • Unlike many of the contemporary sneakers, which are unisex, these are essentially for women
  • The tongue in these shoes can pose a problem for the feet of some women since all feet do not come in the same size and shape.
  • These shoes have limited water resistance. Rather, these cannot be equated with rubber shoes that are completely water-resistant. Therefore, there are seasons in which these shoes will not be useful.

Who Is Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe Best For?

Though designed for running, these shoes may be more suitable for beginners in track events rather than advanced stages of track and field events.   

However, these sneakers are rather light and comfortable. Apart from being breathable, because of which the person wearing them for long does not feel tired.

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Hence, these shoes are also suitable for women who work for long hours and are required to stand or move around quite a bit such as in stores or in ER. 


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Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes Overview

These shoes are as the name suggests suitable for running. However, the design is essentially for beginners.

The mesh upper part of these sneakers is made from knit textile material, which is a blending of white with different colors.

Depending upon the color that is selected, giving it a sophisticated appearance. Because this material is knitted, it is also stretchable a bit.

This material also ensures that the shoe remains light and breathable.

Apart from fitting nicely around the contours of feet instead of letting the feet wobble or feel cramped inside the shoes.

It is also this reason that the shoe feels rather light to carry along and feet do not feel strained because of such upper.

Though not completely water-resistant, these uppers will not get soggy and become heavy under mild drizzle because the material is synthetic rather than cotton or other fabric that tends to let water get in.

In so far as the insole is concerned, Cloudfoam is changing the scenario, because of a much better comfort level due to its cushioning abilities.

This sock liner material also has a memory which means that it automatically recognizes the positioning of various muscles and bones of the feet and adjusts accordingly.

In traditional insoles, it takes a while for the insole to give that feeling of comfort, every time the shoe is worn.

Lighter Than Your Traditional InsoleADIDAS Women`s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe Review

Cloudfoam is also a tad lighter than the traditional insole, so it too contributes to the feeling of lightness with this pair of sneakers.

The lining inside the shoes is also made from textile material so it merely feels like wearing socks, rather than wearing shoes. 

The white-colored outsole is synthetic and made from a rubbery material, which is not hard and yet highly durable.

This outsole is combined with the midsole, to reduce the weight. 

It is fairly elastic because of which these shoes absorb shocks far more easily and prevent injuries to the foot laterally, at heels, as well as towards the toes.

Adidas cloud foam provides a decent amount of traction, and stability is achieved with a slightly wider shape.

On the whole, these sneakers prevent pronation problems. The forepart of the shoe has more such protection as these are basically runner shoes so injuries possible due to impact on toes are reduced.

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ADIDAS Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes Price

These running sneakers are available in the price range of $35 to $146 as of date.

Depending upon where they have to be sent, and from where they are bought. 

The price of ordering from Adidas is from $70 per pair of shoes plus shipping. 

adidas Men's Cloudfoam Ultimate

Final Verdict

Considering the multiple uses possible, Adidas cloudfoam is highly recommended. It is also a fairly long-lasting pair of shoe.

Multiple pairs of different colors can be good substitutes for traditional footwear for casual wear, office wear, workouts, training, etc.

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  1. These shoes look great! I like the ash grey color. My feet don’t have a high arch, so they would be perfect for me. Although I am no runner I like to go for walks with my dogs, and these shoes will be practical for that. The breathable feature is also very important for me. They may be a little on the pricey side but you are getting good quality.

    1. Hello Christine

      Sneakers especially the big brand names do not come cheap, but then you get what you pay for. Skechers do have very affordable shoes and the quality is ok. Look at an earlier post where I have a selection of the best skechers walking shoes if Adidas is out of your budget for now.

  2. Great one to see here. Actually this post here has really given a very good and detailed information about this adidas women cloydfoam pure running show. Being a trail runner myself, I can resonate to the fact that having the right shoes and all can really prove pivotal in the Kong run. Thanks you for sharing here

    1. Glad you found the post useful, to me the right pair of running shoes is not worth compromising on, your feet transport you to a lot of places and therefore deserves only the best to protect you.

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