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Women`s tennis  shoes brands are extremely crucial for playing or learning tennis. In the past, any sneakers would have sufficed. Over the years, footwear and shoes specific to the requirements of tennis game have been developed.

Moreover, shoe manufacturers have come up with gender specific tennis shoes as well as research has indicated that there is variation in shape, size, and usage of shoes. Therefore, Women’s tennis shoes are considerably different from men’s tennis shoes.

Gender differences in tennis shoes

Women`s tennis shoes brandsWomen's Tennis shoes brands


Most people think the difference is merely based on shoe sizes. But shoe sizes don’t tell the complete story. A standard size of shoes for men is D, and for wider feet, there are two higher options, i.e., 4E and 2E.

In the case of women, the standard women`s tennis shoes are of size B. Women with wider feet wear size D, which is the standard shoe size for men. Ironically, in the case of women, there are narrower tennis shoes.

Therefore, size 2A represents narrower rather than wider tennis shoes for the fair sex.

What To Look For In Women’s Tennis Shoes

Obviously, the tennis shoes to be bought

A. Withstand the stress and strain that is essentially part of tennis. This means that usage should accommodate the stress that shoes undergo at the service time as well as quick movements across the tennis courts;
B. Be useful as per the tennis court. Game on clay court and grass court is slightly different because the bounce of the ball varies as well movements are slightly different. Tennis shoes being purchased should be able to accommodate varying requirements.
C. Be long lasting.
D. Prevent injuries, be comfortable, be light, provide support at midsole, be appealing in looks, and be flexible.
E. Be useful for other purposes as well.

Nike Women's Vapor Court White/Metallic Silver/Cl Grey Tennis Shoe 7.5 Women US

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Big Brand Women’ Tennis Shoes

Big brand shoe manufacturers such as Nike, Babolat, Yonex, and Adidas offer all those qualities in their women’s tennis shoes.

In addition, such shoes also offer additional technologies in different products making it easier for the player to select a pair of such tennis shoes with desirable technologies integrated.

Because of such technologies, which may or may not be developed in-house, these shoes are expensive. Even so, it is always better to opt for women’s tennis shoes that are from well-established brands.

Why Big Name Women’s Tennis Shoes Brands Are Better

1. For starters, such companies have been around for a long time. Therefore, they have studied the game as well as high wear areas of tennis shoes.

In addition, they have more data with them that lets them know which additional feature can reduce injuries such as due to pronation and other activities.

Their profitability helps them to spend more on research and development or identify any new technology available in the market which can be combined in the product.

Research Expenses

2. Smaller manufacturers with little brand presence are unlikely to earn profits for a long time as they would require sizeable market share to turn the corner.

Women`s tennis shoes brands ,sports shoes
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Effectively, they cannot spare much towards research and development of women’s tennis shoes.

3. Established tennis shoe manufacturers also have a reputation to safeguard, so they spend considerable amounts on testing the performance of the product.

4. From player’s perspective, it is always better to opt for tennis shoes that are already approved by various sports businesses. Such ranking of tennis shoes and footwear is based on quality and performance.

Established businesses do not stop improving their product. Therefore, any flaws are addressed. Smaller business would not be able to remove the flaws economically.

5. In the event of any injury attributable to branded tennis shoes, the tennis player can claim and receive decent compensation.

A lesser known shoe manufacturer of cheap name brand tennis shoes may not be able to compensate much, if at all.

6. Players also get accustomed to footwear. If the lesser known brand of tennis shoes closes the shop, there are chances that the player may take longer to adjust to any other pair of tennis shoes.


Even though established brands of tennis shoes are expensive, women would certainly be better off with such products.

These shoes not only serve the purpose of enabling them to move freely in the court without injuring themselves but also help to improve their game by facilitating the required movements without fear of injuries.

Periodically, such products are also offered at reasonable discounts by the shoe manufacturers, either directly or through various shops and online outlets like Best time to buy such shoes is when discounts are being offered.Check my post on buying Tennis shoes online

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing. I never knew there were letters after a shoe size. I was never a person that was interested in playing tennis, so maybe that is why?

    I used to buy name brand shoes but realized there are more comfortable and cheaper shoes out there. Do you know if skechers has shoes specifically for tennis?

    Skechers seems to be my go to shoes as they are really comfortable in my opinion and affordable.


    1. Hello Sofia

      Sketchers shoes are more for walking,if you are looking for walking shoes,then you can get a good pair of sketchers for a reasonable price.

  2. Thank you for that valuable guidance if differentiating the difference between mens and womens’ tennis shoes. So much research goes into the way our feet are crafted in differences in performance, comfort, and health. These strategies will help the ameratur to the professional in case they are not aware of this.

    1. Thanks Andrew,to an unknowing person,sports shoes are just that,”sports shoes” but there is quite a difference in tennis shoes that one needs to know to choose the correct shoes.

  3. Thank you for providing a webpage like this because I have friends who are interested in tennis but dont know the right pair of shoe to buy. Both men and women tend to underestimate the right quality of shoe they should buy and by looking at your website, I think they will be able to discern more on what should be prioritized or not.

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