Are Brand Ladies Tennis Shoes Better?

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Ladies tennis shoes brands are extremely crucial for playing or learning tennis, for exercise or for your everyday use. In the past, any sneakers would have sufficed. Over the years, footwear and shoes specific to the requirements of Tennis game and other sports have been developed but in this post, we will concentrate on Ladies Tennis shoes.

Moreover, shoe manufacturers have come up with gender-specific tennis shoes as well as research has indicated that there is variation in shoe shape, size, and usage of shoes. Therefore, ladies tennis shoes are considerably different from men’s tennis shoes.

Most people think the difference is merely based on shoe sizes. But shoe sizes don’t tell the complete story. A standard size of shoes for men is D, and for wider feet, there are two higher options, i.e., 4E and 2E.

In the case of women, the standard women`s tennis shoes are of size B. Women with wider feet wear size D, which is the standard shoe size for men. Ironically, in the case of women, there are narrower tennis shoes. Therefore, size 2A represents narrower rather than wider tennis shoes for the fair sex.

What To Look For In Ladies Tennis Shoes

Obviously, the tennis shoes to be bought should meet some standards and

A. Withstand the stress and strain that is essentially part of tennis. This means that use should accommodate the stress that shoes undergo at the service time as well as quick movements across the tennis courts;
B. Be useful as per the tennis court. Game on clay court and grass court is slightly different because the bounce of the ball varies as well movements are slightly different. Tennis shoes being purchased should be able to accommodate varying requirements.
C. Be long lasting.
D. Prevent injuries, be comfortable, be light, provide support at midsole, be appealing in looks, and be flexible.
E. Be useful for other purposes as well.

Ladies Tennis ShoesBig Brand Ladies Tennis Shoes

Big brand shoe manufacturers such as Nike, Babolat, Yonex, and Adidas offer all those qualities mentioned above and more in their tennis shoes.

In addition, such shoes also offer additional technologies in different products making it easier for the player to select a pair of such tennis shoes with desirable technologies integrated.

Because of such technologies, which may or may not be developed in-house, these shoes are expensive. Even so, it is always better to opt for ladies tennis shoes that are from well-established brands.

Why Big Name Ladies Tennis Shoes Brands Are Better

For starters, such companies have been around for a long time. Therefore, they have studied the game as well as high wear areas of tennis shoes.

In addition, they have more data with them that lets them know which additional feature can reduce injuries such as due to pronation and other activities.

Their profitability helps them to spend more on research and development or identify any new technology available in the market which can be combined in the shoe designs and quality. Click here To view our top-rated shoes.

Research Expenses

Smaller manufacturers with little brand presence are unlikely to earn profits for a long time as they would require sizeable market share to turn the corner. Effectively, they cannot spare much towards research and development of ladies tennis shoes.

Established sports shoe manufacturers also have a reputation to safeguard, so they spend considerable amounts on testing the performance of the product.

From a user perspective, it is always better to opt for tennis shoes that are already approved by various sports businesses. Such a ranking of tennis shoes and footwear is based on quality and performance.

Established businesses do not stop improving their product. Therefore, any flaws are addressed. Smaller business would not be able to remove the flaws economically.

In the event of any injury attributable to branded tennis shoes, the tennis player can claim and receive or lose decent compensation.

A lesser known shoe manufacturer like this one of cheap name brand tennis shoes may not be able to compensate much, if at all.

Players also get accustomed to footwear. If the lesser known brand of tennis shoes closes the shop, there are chances that the player may take longer to adjust to any other pair of tennis shoes.

Top Brands To Look For When Buying Ladies Tennis Shoes

New Balance Women Tennis Shoes

If you are looking for tennis shoes that provide function and comfort at the same time, check out New Balance. They offer New Balance women tennis shoes for beginners to professionals, you can buy kids shoes too.

Their patented sports sneakers innovative and modern technologies when it comes to support, breathability, and cushion. Check out my earlier post on comfort and technologies that go into manufacturing different sports shoes here. Most of these shoes can be worn on and off the court. They are sporty and casual shoes combined into one since they can match casual outfits as well.

  • New Balance 996v3

The 996v3 is the first-ever knit and nylon-infused upper by the company. This kick features groundbreaking form-fitting fabric design. It is designed for durability, support and strength to help you be comfortable no matter how intense the game gets.

Other exciting features that you can expect from this are its ReVlite midsole which gives lightweight cushioning and its PROBANK stability technology, rubber soles so they are perfect for lateral cutting movements.

  • New Balance 129v2

This is perhaps one of the most comfortable New Balance women tennis shoes you can wear. This model is focused on the cushioning, so you can expect superior comfort upon wearing. With its leather uppers and lateral forefoot overlays, this kick provides extra durability, and enduring performance

With its leather uppers and lateral forefoot overlays, this kick provides extra durability, ultra stability, and lessened impact. Check my earlier post on stability on sports shoes.It also sports long-wear top, 12mm drop, no-sew material application, non-marking outsole, ABZORB® and C-CAP®. You can wear these shoes even outside the court.

  • New Balance 1006

This is another comfortable and soft tennis shoes that’s worth looking into. This kick features a breathable mesh upper and REVlite midsole foam for lightness and comfort. Other features include 12mm drop, long-wear drag tip, and a non-marking outsole. Big name like

Big names like Svetlana Kuznetsova or Heather Watson wears New Balance shoes to tennis practices and matches. Canadian player Milos Raonic endorse New Balance clothing and shoes, with a deal for the length of his career and beyond.

  • New Balance 696v3

Take on the next competition by lacing these women’s shoes. The 696v3 sports a durable leather and mesh upper matched with a well-cushioned, lightweight midsole for comfort and stability.

Aside from these, you can also enjoy its other great features such as the herringbone non-marking outsole which is designed for quick pivoting and lateral movements around the court or when you`re walking or jogging.

  • New Balance 896

The 896 is perfect for women players who heavily rely on their quickness and aggressiveness in the court. This model is not just lightweight and flexible, it also offers lateral stability, durability, and responsiveness. Thanks to its PROBANK feature, REVlite midsole ad NDurance outsole.

  • New Balance 996v2

This is the updated and upgraded version of the well-loved New Balance women tennis shoes. It has upped the game of the previous model. It boasts a 12mm drop, non-marking outsole and synthetic/mesh upper, among other exciting features.Product Details                                             Click To Check On Amazon

  • New Balance 696v2

This model is designed for aggressive and powerful play. By lacing these kicks, you can enhance your court hustle. It features a leather upper, injection-molded EVA foam midsole for flexibility and better cushioning, herringbone outsole for increased traction perfect for lateral movements and quick pivoting, and 12mm drop. This one is definitely the beast.

  • New Balance 786v2

This exciting kick is primarily designed for superior cushioning. However, it also aces in terms of support, durability, stability and better movement in the court.

If you purchase this model, you can expect the following features: 10mm drop, herringbone outsole with increased traction, leather upper and long-wear drag tip.

You can purchase any of these models and other exciting New Balance women tennis shoes directly from their store or branches, online or in person. You can also buy them in several trusted online sports shops. Always remember that when buying, choose the one that suits your game style and meets your overall needs. Now lace up your shoes and hit the court.

Nike Tennis Shoes

Nike Tennis shoes are one of the best pairs of shoes for a tennis game.  The company integrates a variety of technologies in different shoes in such a way that every buyer can find something that meets his or her requirements perfectly.

In addition, the company also allows people to customize some of its product lines, which is not something its competitors are offering as of now.

Basically, the buyer would be able to select outsole for the different type of courts, as well as colors and designs when opting for such customization.

Technologies in Nikes Tennis shoes

To understand it better, it is best to know what the most Desirable qualities in the best tennis shoes are:

  • Durability;
  • Flexibility;
  • Cushioning to prevent injuries;
  • Less weight;
  • Ease maneuverability; and
  • stability.

Nike has developed nine different technologies for achieving such qualities. These technologies are in addition to universally accepted technologies for tennis shoes.

Here is a list of nine such technologies from Nike that are used in some of the Nike Tennis shoes. Nike uses permutations and combinations of these technologies in different sneakers.

Nike Air:  




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