Are Cheap Tennis Racquets Any Good?

There are two kinds of buyers: those who love cheap products and those who don’t. Cheap or affordable does not always mean low quality. Don’t automatically judge a thing by its price. In fact, there are pretty decent cheap tennis racquets available in the market, if you just know how and where to look.

They might not be as durable or as high-performing as the expensive and top-rated racquets out there. But they are good enough, especially if you’re a casual player or just beginning. You’ll be surprised at how some affordable racquets perform.

cheap Head Micro Gel Radical

Every tennis player needs a racquet, whether for practice or for tournaments. It is the most essential and crucial tennis equipment. Sometimes, the kind of racquet you use can affect your game. It can make a difference in the turnout of the matches. While it’s always a good investment to buy top-of-the-line, expensive racquets, it doesn’t hurt if you purchase cheap racquets, as long as you choose them well.

Are Cheap Tennis Racquets Good or Bad For You?

It’s not always true that an expensive racquet is always better than cheaper ones. In the end, it all boils down to finding the racquet you’re most comfortable with and suits your style. The value is not always about quality, but also how well and often you play.

When you’re still learning the game, generally, there’s no point in immediately buying expensive racquets. There’s no need to grab top-of-the-line racquets right away when you’re starting out. Not yet. Then you start buying average-priced racquets and slowly work your way up.

Disadvantage of Cheap Racquets

The common downside of cheap tennis racquets is that they usually have oversized heads and has a very light body and frame. This is because most cheap racquets are made of ordinary metals. This can make it difficult to achieve a good hit or to take a full swing at the coming ball.

In terms of control, cheap racquets might not work just as fine. You will notice this once you have improved your game. Other affordable racquets are also too heavy, which can be bad for your arms. So to be safe, choose mid-weight racquets that suit your style and budget. There are racquets out there that are not that expensive. Start with those and slowly buy more as you continue to improve your skills and develop your style as a player.

To help you find which affordable racquets work great for both beginners and intermediate players, or even for professionals, we have created a selection of tennis racquets with a price lower than $100. There are surely lots of below $100 racquets today; these are just some of them, listed in no particular order:

Prince 03 Red

This is one of the cheap tennis racquets you must definitely check out. Many use it as a backup, but it works just as effectively as the main racquet, especially if you are a beginner or an intermediate player. This all-rounder is great for starters who don’t know what racquet to pick up.

It’s a versatile racquet with a well-balanced head and body. It is great in terms of control and playability. And considering its affordable price, you can’t cut a better deal than this.


Head Micro Gel Radical

Head Micro Gel Radical MP Strung Tennis Racquet without Cover (4.375)

This is another racquet under $100 you must check out. It is made of a revolutionary silicone-based material, unlike other cheap racquets that are cut from inexpensive metals. The material used has an extremely low density.

It has a decent weight of 10.4 oz too, providing great control, comfort, and consistency. It also provides a great touch and sturdy feel. Not to mention its perfect designCheck my earlier post on choosing best tennis racquets. Make sure that you don’t by-pass this racquet when you go looking for cheap racquets to buy.

Click here to buy at Amazon and profit on free shipping.

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Cheap Tennis Racquets

Wilson Hyper Hammer racquet is no doubt worthy of your time. Consider this when you shop for a racquet under $100. It is famous for its explosive power. Featuring a classic frame and large head size, this racquet can definitely generate power and allow you to hit that sweet spot.

Considering its price, it’s a pretty durable, strong and sturdy racquet, regardless of its lightweight frame. Aside from the explosive power, you can also expect accuracy and control from this equipment.So don`t judge it from the cheap price.Click here to buy Wilson hyper hammer 5.3 from Amazon.


If you are an advanced player, there’s nothing wrong with getting cheap racquets for practice or backup purposes. Or if you are a beginner or an average player, affordable racquets work fine.

The secret lies in not in how expensive your racquet is, but how comfortable are you playing with it. So to answer the question if cheap tennis racquets are any good, the answer is a resounding yes!You can do very well with cheap racquets just as you can do with expensive tennis racquets.

As said earlier, there are many good and cheap racquets on the market and I will continue sharing my opinion, but you can also visit Amazon and get your racquet of choice.

Would like to know how you chose your tennis racquets,leave me a message below.


12 thoughts on “Are Cheap Tennis Racquets Any Good?

  1. Hi,

    I have an issue where the strings on my racquets break only after a few sessions after restringing them. Is this due to the type of racquet or strings? Perhaps it is dude to my playing style? Do you have any suggestions to stop the strings from breaking so soon? Thanks!

    1. Jude,Im not even sure I can answer you what your racquet strings break easily,as you did not say how fast or the type of racquet strings you use,it will be difficult for me to be precise have you tried different stringing?

  2. I find this article very informative. Obviously, there are some advantages and disadvantages about having a cheap racquet and you really did a great job about explaining that. I really enjoy reading your article because I learned a lot. Keep up the good work and have a nice day

    1. Hello there

      As pointed in my article,not all cheap tennis racquets are poor quality,you can buy quality tennis racquet at discount prices especially those playing for fun do not have to buy expensive tennis racquets.

  3. Since I have only very little experience and don’t find the time to play much, I’ve only ever considered the cheapest racquets. Have you tested all of these racquets yourself? I’m curious which of the ones mentioned that you liked the best. Also, is it good to buy them online or should you test one out in a shop to see if it feels right in your hands?

    1. hi Dalia

      I`ve been playing tennis almost all my life so I`ve tried loads of tennis racquets,i really cant say which is my favorite, but tweener racquets are there on top of my list.

  4. I enjoyed your article very much. Back in my early days, I loved playing tennis. I was a healthy way to keep in shape, and you could really get some stress relief. I was always told to buy the best racket. Its good to know that some of the less expensive ones are also good quality. Thanks for your site. Gary

    1. Forget stress relief, I have alot of fun when I play, although im not as fit, not as fast as before, i still make a point to play atleast 2X ina week.Affordable rackets can be just as good and if you`re not playing professional tennis,you dont need/have to spend $200 or more on a single tennis racket.

  5. Thank you for the information!! I used to play tennis when I was in college, but I haven’t picked up a racket in years. I’m looking into getting back out there, and I’m currently researching rackets. Since I’ll probably suck in the beginning, I’m going to consider your recommendations for affordable rackets. There is no point in spending a lot of money if I’m starting back up again.

    1. Hi Juan,

      right decision on choosing rackets, you are not playing in professional level so you can just go for more affordable rackets. Wish you fun in your next game

  6. My daughter is 9 years old and just started taking tennis lessons. I’m really glad I read your article on cheap tennis racquets. I like to watch tennis but I don’t know anything about the racquets. Thanks to you, I have a better idea on what I should buy. I do know from buying other products over the years, you get exactly what you pay for. I guess a good tennis racquet is going to cost me but it’s worth it as long as my daughter enjoys playing tennis. Thanks again for the great article.


    1. Hello Jack

      Thanks for stopping by, for a 9 year getting started playing tennis, cheaper tennis rackets are totally acceptable given all tennis playing gear you have to buy.

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