Novak Djokovic’s Vaccine Exemption for Australian Open An Insult

Cross Training Shoes/ January 12, 2022/ General/ 10 comments

Novak Djokovic’s vaccine exemption for the Australian Open is an insult not only to other players but to spectators and Australian people as a whole. Djokovich first posted on Instagram on Tuesday morning last week that he had been granted the medical exemption. Australian Open Tournament officials trying to be polite saying the decision was approved by independent experts. Which experts?

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Best Shoe Inserts for Standing All-day

Cross Training Shoes/ December 25, 2020/ accessories/ 0 comments

A few professionals are required to stand all day, or at least through the significant part of their working day, this means their feet hurt a lot and they should definitely get the best shoe inserts for standing all day to reduce the strain and reduce muscle fatigue. The strain on the feet and knees can lead to various health

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How To Start Running When Overweight

Cross Training Shoes/ December 24, 2020/ General/ 0 comments

One of the great things about running is that it’s cheap and anyone can do it. It’s also a great way to burn some serious calories. Unlike what Nike, Adidas, and what the media advertise most of the time, runners come in all shapes and sizes so forget the lean fit likes of Mo Farrah and Alyson Felix, running is

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