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Babolat Pure Drive Review

Product name: Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet – 2016 AeroPro Drive Babolat Pure Drive Review


Overall ranking: 4.8/5

Price To Buy: $ 219

Best Place To Buy: Amazon


Babolat is a brand name that has been enjoying an unquestionable fame for the last decade or so in the field of spin technology. Babolat tennis racquets work in tuned with the player’s requirements, specifications, and gameplay.The company is very much devoted to the evolution of tennis in regards to its equipment and accessories.

The new Pure Aero technology is a big step up from the famous Babolat AeroPro Drive racquet tennis racquets. It focuses mainly on the player and their style of game. 

The main specifications such as the racquet head size, the width of beam, stiffness, and the racquet string pattern are familiar with its predecessor, AeroPro Drive. But modifications have been introduced in the shape of the frame.

The new modified frame offers enhancement in the speed of the racquet swing. The widening of the strings spacing and the addition of FSI Spin technology increases the spinnability. 

The FSI spin technology, i.e. enlargement of grommet holes, increases the vibration absorption by the strings which in turn allows a bigger spin. Big name spin player Rafa Nadal is one of the many players using the Babolat Aeropro Drive and is considered one of the best spin racquets.

With a higher swing weight into the mix, this racquet can effectively allow players to pace and spin the ball hard.


  • Powerful racquet with excellent control

  •  Babolat Pure Drive RacquetsView At Amazon  

    Brilliant spin technology

  • Good maneuverability

  • Stable and softer than its predecessor

  • Good for game improvement

  • Good groundstrokes, overheads, and returns

  • Offers fast speed
  • Comfortable to handle


  • Heavyweight at the head which can be overcome by using leather handle
  • Need to get used to the stiffness which is tolerable
  • Needs to check and re-string
  • Might look costly if you`re a beginner

Who is Babolat Pure Drive For?

This new product appeals to the beginners who have yet to master their game as well as the professional players who are pretty much set up in their playing styles as said earlier, this is the same racquet used by Nadal and big hitters like Tsonga.Read an earlier post on choosing the right tennis racquet here if you missed it.

Where to buy:

There are many sports goods stores that sell Babolat tennis racquets, but offline stores might not have a large selection should you wish to try different racquets before buying.If you chose to buy online, the best place to buy is Amazon as they have a large selection, competitive prices, have quick and free shipping and you have a warranty, unlike traditional shops.

Click Here to make a purchase from Amazon:


The introduction of the new aerodynamic technology to the frame in Pure Aero racquets allows the racquet head to move effortlessly adding to the speed and considerably increasing maneuverability.

It improves the game of the tennis player and is also good for players who prefer power and spin control in their games. An excellent step up from its predecessor no doubt.

Babolat Aero pure drive has different ranges, so shop around if you`re unsure what`s perfect for you.Hope you found this review helpful in deciding how to choose your next racquet.If you found this helpful, please share in social media so others can benefit from it.


2 thoughts on “Babolat Pure Drive Review

  1. Hi, Roamy,
    Without question tennis racquet technology has evolved at unforeseen rates compared to back in the day when Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova, John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg played with wooden rackets.

    The racket that you reviewed is a sophisticated piece of equipment. You mentioned the fact that Rafa Nadal uses this particular racquet. It is well-known that of any top-20 rated pro tennis player, Rafa consistently puts more spin on the ball with the number of revolution it makes per minute with his forehand of anyone.

    It’s why for years, my man Roger Federer had such difficulty with Rafa. Although this year is quite a different story. Federer himself for years played with a 10+ year old racquet well past when he should have updated to a newer model until finally he saw the light.

    The price for this racquet is quite modest although as one also should be aware of the strings themselves have also evolved. A serious/ tennis player would also be very nitpicky about his/her strings on each racquet fine tuned especially for his/her style of play.

    As you stated when addressing two of the cons, the price for this racquet plus the weight might be too much for a beginning player. He/she would probably need to use a lighter racquet while developing a consistent backhand/forehand strokes before deciding to move up.

    Great review, Roamy!

    1. Comeon Jeff,Roger has not turned tables on Rafa, the Australian open could have gone any way.I think Roger failing to change his racquets to newer ones had to do with comfort.

      Beginner tennis players need good racquets but in my opinion,they dont need to spend so much,there are very good tennis racquets that can be bought cheaper,if you check my earlier posts, you`ll see that I covered this

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