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You know the feeling, the lovely shoes are on the narrow side and pinching your feet. You can still use a shoe stretcher to increase inches both in width and length in your shoes without damage.

This post will look at some of the best shoe stretchers in the market.

What is a shoe stretcher?

A shoe stretcher is a device engineered to regain the shape and enhance the life of the shoes. It can create space on specific spots to ease the pain caused by bunions, hammertoes, and corns.

Slight enlargement and widening of the shoe as per the feet can be done by shoe stretcher.

These ensure that the wearer gets its shoes in the original form. The device is designed to avert the effect of sweat and moisture on the shoe material.

The untoward crease on the shoe material left untouched for long will no longer be there.

An outlay on a shoe stretcher is a promise that your high-cost or sometimes exorbitant expenditure on shoes will be on the safer side. 

The best shoe stretcher can increase at least half an inch length of your shoes without changing the shape of the shoes.

Are All Shoe Stretchers The Same?

Shoe stretchers are easy to buy as they only come in one way or two ways so there`s really no mistaking.

A one-way shoe stretcher

Works by stretching your shoes in a single direction, you can either stretch the length or the width of your shoes.

Two-way shoe stretcher

Shoe Stretcher Pair 4-way Shoe Expander Widener Shoe Tree Extender for Wide Feet

You can stretch your shoes both ways, the length and the width at the same time, width stretching is something people with bunions really need to do to make shoes comfortable.

Shoe stretchers be they the one-way or two-way stretchers cost almost the same amount so I`d go for a two-way stretcher.

You might not need it now but, you`ll have it when you do instead of buying another single stretcher.

Apart from that, all shoe stretchers work the same, shoe stretchers for men’s shoes are just as good to use for stretching women’s shoes.

Just understand that no matter which shoe stretcher you use, stretchers work best on natural materials.

That is not to say you can’t stretch man-made material shoes, you can only you`ll need to stretch them over and over as most revert back to the original shape.

You can purchase Boot Stretchers and high heel stretchers but these are really not a must-have as the first two, you`re stretching the feet part of your shoes, not the ankle upwards so you don’t need a boot stretcher.

The same goes for high-heel stretchers, you`re stretching the width and length of your shoes, not the height, so any other shoe stretcher you already have should do as fine.

So go ahead, stretch those uncomfortable high heels or flats.

Some of the best shoe stretcher brands and features are talked over below:

1. The Original Shoe Tree Company

Cedar Shoe Trees for Men: It is the best shoe stretcher by the original Shoe Tree Company.

Use it regularly to maintain the shape of your shoes. As shoes start to age, they tend to lose their original form, using these shoe stretchers will improve all that.STRATTON CEDAR SHOE TREE FOR MEN - GROWN IN USA

  • These are made up of cedar tree wood and has a pleasing aromatic smell. It is crafted with the skill for easy glide spring to have a customized fit.
  • They can absorb moisture from the shoe material and maintains the shoe-shape. It also prevents the cracks and wrinkles of the leather.
  • There are ventilation slots at the toe that squander the moisture.
  • Right, and left marks are embarked to distinguish the shoes.
  • A travel-friendly oversized bag comes with a stretcher.


2.  Eachway Shoe Stretcher Shoe Trees

This is an adjustable Length & Width for Men and Women: The shoe stretcher is ideal for sneakers, loafers, and slippers but not for boots.

    • It is a four-way adjustable shoe expander.
    • It is durable and is made up of premium quality ABS plastic and has a steel shaft.
    • This shoe spreader is perfect for leather and suede shoes. It is best for flats, sandals, loafer, sneakers, sports shoes, wedge-heeled shoes, and peeps toes shoes. The shoe tree is not suitable for boots.
    • It comes with two sets of shoe stretchers, eight bunion plugs, and two heighten pads, and one shoehorn.
    • It is suitable for both men and women’s footwear.

Spreading and stretching of shoes will relieve you of calluses, bunions, corns, or pressure on fingers because of less space. There is really no excuse for you to go around in uncomfortable, too-tight shoes.Best Shoe Stretcher image

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3. Deluxe Wood Shoe Stretcher:

This is a purposely designed shoe stretcher that works brilliantly on different shoe types.

  • Both metal and wood are used in its construction. The product is durable.
  • They are designed to stretch both length and width.
  • Heel and toe stretcher feature. This is a dual adjustable mechanism.
  • There are four pressure relief pads targeted to remove painful zones as blisters, corns, and bunions.
  • Removable pressure pads provide comfort and ventilate feelings.
  • DIY screw and crank mechanism.
  • The stretcher is not suitable for large shoe sizes.
  • It comes in sets of two to stretch both the shoes at a time.

4. West Light 2 Way Cedar Shoe Trees:

  • These shoe trees are made of cedarwood and are environmentally friendly.
  • The screws present can be moved clockwise to increase the length of the shoes. The Double crank system encompasses both stretching and widening of the boots.
  • What I love about this stretcher is that it`s for unisex shoes.
  • It helps to prevent shrinking and cracking of the leather of the shoes.
  • These shoe stretchers are useful in expanding sandals, casual shoes, canvas shoes, sports shoes, wedges, flats, sneakers, roller skates, oxford, and tennis shoes.
  • Ideal to be used for leather, pseudo, and other natural material footwear.

But as already mentioned above, remember some material many need more stretching from time to time.

5. HOUNDSBAY Cedar Shoe Tree for Men | Wide Heel:

The eco-friendly marketing and use of aromatic cedarwood material differentiate this shoe expander from the rest.

  • The material used in making stretchers is prime quality USA grown Eastern Red Cedar.
  • The freshness of the shoes’ leather remains intact as moisture dissipates and prevents it from crumbling with a stretcher.
  • The spring-loaded centerpiece is designed to hold the shoe length. This leads to comfortable wearing and removal of the shoes.
  • Trees for these trees shoes is the marketing strategy for this unique product. Every time a pair is purchased, a tree is planted.
  • Adjustable slip toe feature is present for even expansion.
  • Left and right markings are engraved.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty. (according to the manufactures website).

6. Two Way Professional Wooden Shoes Stretcher

This is a budget choice shoe stretcher manufactured by Eskyshop Two Way Professional Wooden Shoes Stretcher, With quality to rival more expensive stretchers.

  • Removable pressure pads.
  • Can customize the shoe fit as it can lengthen and widen the shoes.
  • Only one shoe stretcher comes with the packaging, so it is wise to own two to let both shoes get customized at the same time.
  • The stretcher is unisex, so if you want shoe stretchers for men shoes and not invest in shoe stretchers for heels this is your go-to choice.
  • Four black bunion plugs are provided to loosen the tiny spaces that hurt and cause discomfort.

7. Men’s & Women’s Plastic Boot Stretcher Shaper:

 It is a low priced product of MARZ Plastic Boot Stretcher Shaper. 

  • This is an affordable, durable, product, easy to hold, and of good quality. 
  • The stretcher will only widen the shoe and not stretch it lengthwise. ( if you`re looking for negatives)
  • I find that the ergonomic design makes it easy to slip-on, comfortable, and efficient.
  • Pressure pads are present to relieve blisters and bunions.
  • Various sizes have a good fit.

Why You Need A Shoe Stretcher

Just as the name suggests, the main reason is to stretch the length and width of shoes to give you that extra wiggling room in tight-fitting shoes.

Some Shoes especially Italian made shoes are on the smaller side and a shoe stretcher will give you that gap you need for the shoes to feel comfortable.

Some people need a shoe stretcher just to break into new shoes so that they are comfortable from the get-go.

Conclusion On The Best Shoe Stretcher

Shoe stretchers have become an ardent footwear accessory to ensure good fit, durability, and footwear maintenance. Drop your comments below and let us know your experiences with these best shoe stretchers!

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