Best Trail Running Shoes For Women

Find The Best Trail Running Shoes For Women

The first thing you notice when looking for the best trail running shoes for women is the sheer number of sneakers out there. Do you go for the cheapest shoes or what should you look for? This post will help you find running shoes at different prices so you can get the best for your money.

Trail running is varied and unique. You need to have solid sneakers as a trail runner because of the obstacles like gravel, branches, steep climbs or the declines that you come across while running.

Trail running shoes differ from the usual road shoes as trail running shoes have much deeper lugs for a bigger surface to increase traction.

The main things that you consider before even purchasing a trail running shoe are to decide what kind of shoes suits your feet for this type of running and what kind will make the trail run more comfortable and safe.

More About Trail Running Shoes

Rigid shoes that come with deep lugs are the best ones for the technical trails with poor footing. Hybrid shoes have short lugs and they are softer on-road feel.

A rock plate or a rock counter usually found in trail running shoes is a flexible piece of plastic which basically sits across the forefoot from where you are pushing off from.

On a rocky ground, the repeated push from the foot can cause irritation to the foot. The rock plate hence provides extra protection by absorbing more of the impact and dispersing it over a greater area.

Most trail running shoes are not waterproof. They are at most water resistant. The waterproofing requires you to wrap the upper under the whole of the midsole which you then glue it down in order to create a complete seal.

It ends up making the shoe heavier and less flexible. It also leaves your foot less breathing space causing it to be hot and sweaty.

Also look for traction, protection from the rocks and a comfortable upper while choosing trail shoes. The one with no-tie shoelace is a good choice too as they are easy to deal with.

Here Are The Best Trail Running Shoes For Women

Topo Athletic Runventure 2Generated button

Topo Runventure 2 delivers a gimmick-free designed women’s running shoe which is lightly cushioned and is responsive. It encourages natural and instinctive movement with a relaxed elastane heel. Terraventure’s high-performance rubber sole is combined with a slightly thinner EVA midsole.


Stack Height: 19mm (0 drops)

Heel to Toe Drop: 0mm

Weight: 7.4 oz (size 7)

Best used for trail running

With its three key elements, it encourages natural foot biomechanics all the while still offering the required cushioning and protection. The use of ultralight materials and a seam-reducing construction technique helps keep the weight down and blisters at bay.

It provides plenty of room for the toes. Makes for a secure fit through the heel and the midfoot which allows the shoe to move with your body.

Saucony Peregrine 8

The Peregrine 8 makes for the right shoe for supreme off-road traction. Peregrine 8 has dialed in the traction across a variety of terrains. The underfoot protection and the cushioning help in tackling the trail ahead.

It offers a maximum-traction trail shoe which is more suitable for the runners that enjoy steep grades and the poor footing. The cushioning of the shoe absorbs the unfortunate collisions with off-road objects.

The mesh upper is extremely breathable and it is a great shoe choice for great for hot, muggy days while going trail running.

Salomon Women’s Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe The Salomon’s Speedcross 3 women’s trail running shoe combines the lightweight feel and the stability to give a comfortable trail running experience. It ensures maximum speed and performance while running.

It has a unique weather-resistant and waterproof hybrid design which is not common for trail running shoes.

Upper: Textile and synthetic leather

Soles: Rubber

Sizes: 5 – 12

Waterproof: Yes         

The Salomon Speedcross 3 trail running shoe is a perfect choice for the sensitive feet, or for overcoming difficulty or rugged trails. Sensifit System of Solomon cradles the upper instep which provides a precise and secure fit promoting a natural rolling motion from the heel to toe.

Nike Wildhorse 4Generated button

Nike Wildhorse is the fourth Wildhorse Trail running shoe version which has undergone some changes in the upper while the midsole and the outsole remain the same. The dynamic flywire and a new midfoot fit system have been added.

The new midfoot fit system is designed to secure the foot while a rock plate in the forefoot is doing the shielding.

It provides protection, durability and a new midfoot fit system to provide traction on varied terrains. However, it lacks in providing breathability and flexibility.

The outsole features multi-directional lugs, a stone shield, and an environmentally preferred rubber that does a great job at maintaining the traction.

Brooks Cascadia 13 Brooks Women's Cascadia 13 Grey/Grey/Pink 7.5 B USGenerated button

Support Type: Neutral.

Cushioning: Lightweight, flexible response.

Surface: Trail.

Differential: 10 mm.

Brooks Cascadia 13 is an update to an already great trail running shoe.

It has a tightly knit, birdseye mesh upper. The midfoot saddle is structurally-supportive. The lace-up closure with guard keeps the lace ends secure and tucked away.

Much of the care has gone into the design which is obvious throughout the shoe construction.

  • Heel pull loop.
  • Padded tongue and collar.
  • Outstanding traction.
  • Soft Element fabric lining.
  • Long lasting.
  • Removable profile sock liner.
  • Excellent durability and stability.

Trail-specific Pivot Post System technology used supplies a stabilizing suspension on both sides of the forefoot as well as the heel. The price is also good.   

 Hoka Challenger ATR 4 Women’s Trail Running ShoesHOKA ONE ONE Women's Clifton 4 Running Shoe Blue Topaz/Imperial Blue Size 8 M US

The Hoka One One Challenger ATR 4 is another quality maximalist offering by Hoka. If you`re looking for a trail shoe with lots of cushioning all around, then you need to consider Hoka Challengers. The comfort is outstanding with great support.

The extreme cushioning gets in the way of ground feel so it may not be to everyone`s taste and style. However, with the cushioning comes excellent protection for your feet. The shoes may have all that cushioning but they are still lightweight and breathability has not been ignored.

What some may consider a negative but not a deal breaker is durability and the bulkiness but again that always depends on how you care for your footwear.

  • shock absorption is great
  • Very comfortable
  • Good traction
  • Comes in 15 different colors

Like most shoes on this list, there are really no deal breakers here if you keep in mind that nothing can ever be perfect for everyone.

Affordable Best Trail Running Shoes For WomenASICS Gel-Flux 5 Mid Grey/White/Opal Green Women's Running ShoesGenerated button

This list of the best trail running shoes for women will not be complete if I do not share with you the most affordable women running sneakers, Asics GEL-Flux 5.

The shoe has a good feature set. The upper is comfortable, unlike other budget-conscious shoes that may ignore your comfort, the sole is fairly durable.
Overall, I think this shoe gives you a pretty good value and should be considered for entry-level trail runners looking for a low-price point starter shoe, or experienced runners who just seem to burn through shoes and want an affordable shoe.

Asics GEL-Flux 5 is made with added rubber in the shoe’s sole to reduce shock when landing during your runs. The rubber is focused mostly in the heel, which makes this shoe look appealing to heel strikers. The shoe’s midsole material is their SpEVA foam which is a mix of standard EVA foam and rubber ball material that results in a claimed better rebound.

The outsole of the shoe is a pretty standard layout of rubber outlining the heel leaving exposed form beneath the heel to reduce weight, more patches of rubber are still under the forefoot for durability and traction. Asics also employs the use of high carbon rubber in high wear areas of the shoe to improve the durability of the shoe.

Asics GEL-Flux 5 lacing setup is standard and simple, unlike some other sports shoes. Laces go through reinforced sections of the fabric upper which are heat formed or sewn onto the upper for a lighter and cleaner look.   

 Cushioning: High energizing cushioning.

Breathability: breathable mesh

 Heel/Toe: 22 mm/12 mm

Discover more on how to choose trail running shoes

Conclusion On Best Trail Running Shoes For Women

Trail running is a perfect way to explore and maintain physical health. It is an opportunity to connect with nature. The best trail running shoe just makes your journey all the more comfortable and enjoyable.

In comparison to the traditional street running, the trail running requires specialized running shoes with important safety considerations. It is, therefore, to be informed about such requirements as a trail runner.

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Sami - June 6, 2020 Reply

My running resembles a jogger cooling down.  So being interested in a running shoe was way down on my list of why I stopped at your post.  As walking is my exercise of choice now, I found the information about all the different kinds and brands of shoe interesting.  You shared with me the strong points of the shoes and the reason they were a good choice and the kind of use they were best suited for.  

I am a late bloomer for the wiser choice for shoes for walking.  Time caught up with me, I went to a store that specialized in helping you find the right fit, and shortly after finding the right shoe for me, I was able to be more comfortable walking. I also realized that I had been wearing the wrong size for a few years.  Getting a good shoe that was a good fit made all the difference, and it took someone to help me and trying on about 10 pair of shoes  After a while I forgot what I thought didn’t work put my trust in the salesperson helping me.  I have not regretted this a moment.  A good shoe is important.   

    Cross Training Shoes - June 6, 2020 Reply

    thanks for stopping by.

    this is a problem many people have, choosing the wrong size shoes that hurt the feet even walking.Many people go on wearing these wrong size shoes and blaming the shoes, not knowing the size was wrong in the first place.

    I had to smile at your words  “My running resembles a jogger cooling down” you don`t always have to sprint, and I feel that even jogging is better than doing nothing at all.

    Running is free, all you have to do is find the perfect fitting shoes, so no matter how you run or jog, just do it.

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