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Let us face it, Tennis racquets are expensive. This means you may look to buy discount tennis racquets.The second unfortunate fact about tennis racquets is that they break or get damaged easily.

That means, even if you saved enough for the best tennis racquet in the market, you could still find yourself without a decent tennis racquet.

Moreover, it is always better to have a standby so that when one of the racquets has broken a string or string loses its tightness, the second one can be used.

Spare racquets are useful in such cases. Spare racquets may also be needed based on opponent’s intended way of playing.

Buying Discount Tennis racquets, as and when they are available, helps in such situations.

Where To Buy Discount Tennis Racquets?

Options available for buying discount tennis racquets are:

• Straight from the company or the manufacturer;
• Retailing non-specific stores such as Walmart, and Tesco;
• Retail offline  sports stores
• Online sports goods selling businesses
• Online stores such as eBay and Amazon. Here, it is not possible to buy in bulk;
• From somebody you know. At times a person buys a tennis racquet and finds it not suitable to them, so they may want to sell the product at a discount since it is no longer a new racquet;
• Clubs with tennis courts. These may offer new or used tennis racquets.

Buying discount tennis racquets in different parts of the world

In the US, the following online stores are usually where people look for buying their tennis gear.

  • Midwestsports.com;
  • Tennisexpress.com;
  • Tennis-warehouse.com;
  • Racquetdepot.com; and
  • Tennisplaza.com.

In the UK and Europe, the following websites are where people look for tennis racquets on discount

  • • Tennis-point.co.UK
    • Racquets-tennis.xxl-sale.co.UK
    • Tennisplanet.co.uk
    • Tenniswarehouse-europe.com
    • Jfc-tennis.co.uk


The reason such alternatives may have to be considered by Europeans is because it is possible to get information in different languages of Europe on websites that are from Europe.

Similarly, currencies can be easily understood, and shipping charges would be lower too.

Why Would Tennis Racquets Be Sold On Discount?

It is natural to suspect whether there is any defect in the product’s quality. But there are many other legitimate reasons for these racquets being available on discounts. These could be

  • • The product is a slow moving product;
    • New technology has been developed which improves the performance with the racquet, so the manufacturer is keen to dispose of the old stock;
    • The manufacturer suddenly finds surplus stock because of conditions prevailing in tennis playing world, such as wars;
    • The manufacturer may want to corner larger market share. This means offering the tennis racquet at a competitive price. Such strategies are also adopted to prevent losing market share.
    • The manufacturer has received returns inwards and inspected the product for quality standards, but found nothing wrong with it, or minor defects, which may not affect the player’s game. In such cases too, the manufacturer may offer tennis racquets at discount.

      Discount tennis racquets offered by retailers


    Retailers are often in rush to sell the product because tennis Grand Slam tournaments create a frenzy for a brief period each year.

    The sales are the highest around that period. The leftover stock of tennis racquets is not favored by the customers the following year.Therefore, retailers try to sell the stock of tennis racquets by offering them on discount.

    Some of the retailers may even offer more discount when more than one tennis racquet is purchased. Such clearance sales improve turnover and compensate the retailer for loss in the profit margin.

    At times, discounts lure customers to the store, be it online store, or offline store. The customer can then be prompted to purchase more products, effectively increasing the turnover of the store.
    Used tennis racquets are also sold in some of the stores. These are, obviously, available at a discount.

      How Much Can Discounts Be Expected?

    The discount varies from racquet to racquet. Tennis racquets differ in specifications. But in such discounts, people can find a Yonex “Vcore XI 100 LITE” for as little as $89. The original price of this racquet was a $100 or more.


    It is always better to buy more racquets if tennis is indeed going to become a game that will be played seriously.
    The good news is that these racquets can be used for a long time, and can be used by more than one person in the family. Therefore, it is possible to make optimal use of these racquets.
    Discount tennis racquets ensure that tennis remains an integral part of exercise routine because players can purchase more than one racquet, and not use the lack of racquet as an excuse to avoid exercising.

    Discounts on tennis racquets also help in finding racquets of sizes, and specifications that are not easily found.

1 thought on “Buy Discount Tennis Racquets

  1. What you are saying about tennis racquets really makes sense, you need to have at least one spare racquet if you are playing competition.

    You would look a bit foolish if you don’t have any backup plan when a string breaks or your racquet breaks. Also you have made it easy to for people to see that they have options in buying discounted racquets.

    So they have not excuses for not playing tennis and also there is no excuse for not having a spare racquet for competition. The next Grand Slam Tournament will the Australian Open in Jan 17 which I will be watching, so there will probably be some big sales of tennis racquets then.

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