Buy Used Tennis Racquets

It makes sense to buy used tennis racquets when you are just getting started with your tennis game or if you are playing for fun.

Buying a brand new tennis racquet is not very easy with the prices being almost sky high. The unaffordability drives the new tennis players to look for affordable used tennis racquet.

But going this route is a risky business if one is not careful. No one likes to get ripped off and end up wasting money which was what you were trying to save in the first place.

For this reason, alone, try and avoid the temptation of just going out and making a purchase on a whim. There is a list of things to consider before an attempt to buy a used tennis racquet is made.

Tennis Racquet Features To Keep In Mind When Buying A Used Tennis Racquet

The common characteristics of a good tennis racquet revolve around: the head size, balance, frame and body weight of the racquet.

Each of these tennis features has its significance. So, it is important to learn and go over the specifications before buying a used tennis racquet.

The descriptions given below gives an overview of each tennis feature.

Head Size

The power and the Tennis racquet head size go hand in hand. Larger head size tennis racquets provide larger sweet spot and add speed in the rebound.

The resistance to off-centre impacts is also higher with such racquets. Generally, 85-135 cm is the range for modern day racquets with 100 being the most common.

Large head size racquets are preferred by beginners while the pro-tennis players prefer smaller head size.More on tennis racquets for beginners here.

Tennis Racquet Length

Typically, the length of a racquet is between 68 and 75 cm. The longer racquets provide longer reach on ground strokes and additional power. They are light-weight and give more flexibility to the player.Buy Used Tennis Racquets


Racquet Weight

The racquet weight is directly proportional to the speed with which the ball would rebind. It also means greater power during a powerful swing.

In retrospect, the lighter racquets provide more maneuverability and more power control.


Besides the weight of the tennis racquet, tennis players must also consider the distribution of the weight across the tennis racquet. This balance of weight distribution is responsible for the swing-weight of the racquet.

A head-heavy racquet has more power but less maneuverability. As a general rule, the more the weight of the racquet, the more head-light it should be.

Frame Stiffness

The stiffness of the racquet is paramount for power and comfort. A stiff frame absorbs less energy from the ball as the deflection is less.

But regular use of stiff framed racquet means the player is more prone to tennis injuries. While the softer frames are more comfortable, they take away the power by causing loss of energy from the ball.

String Pattern

Usually, the string pattern is overlooked while examining other features. It has a good deal of impact on the spin. The open string pattern provides better grip for the spin.

The dense spring pattern offers more control but requires more power for the spin. In open string pattern, due to the gaps between the strings, they are more prone to breaking.

Tennis Racquet Grip Size 

The ratio of comfort to that of the wrist stress is very important where grip size is concerned. Smaller grips can cause discomfort while larger grips are easy on the muscles. A tennis racquet grip size is around 10-12 cm in general.

Materials Used In Tennis Racquet

Graphite, aluminum, fiberglass, Boron, and Kevlar are the few materials used in the construction of tennis racquets.

Each material adds in their specific pros and cons to the tennis racquet. Consider this too before buying the racquet.

Where To Buy Used Tennis Racquets 

Mostly it is the beginners and recreational tennis players that look for buying cheap used tennis racquets.

It is a smart thing to do since they probably would want the racquet to last longer without having paid much while getting used to the tennis racquet.Or buy it for the practice sessions like some professionals do.

There are several places where you can find used tennis racquets for sale. Just keep a look out for good deals. Here are a couple of places where you can find second-hand tennis rackets for sale:

Sporting Goods Stores.

Many such stores offer good discounts on used tennis racquets. Although, identifying the difference between a new and a used racquet is left to the buyer.

So, it is advised to visit a tennis store to look over a new tennis racquet to know the difference and educate yourself in the specifications before buying the racquet.

Second-Hand Tennis Racquets

Buying the hand me downs can prove to be tricky. The second-hand racquets tend to have more issues with the structure and framing which make them faulty.

If the seller is not knowledgeable in tennis racquets, they might not know the extent of the damage to the racquet.

Without knowing the extent of the wear and tear, it is not easy to determine the cost.

Online Vendors

Online shopping, though convenient, does not help matters when you are unable to determine the condition of the used tennis racquet without touching it.

However, it is easier to find good deals on used tennis racquets on the internet. It also covers much broader area for you to look up more deals on used tennis racquet near you.,,,eBay, TennisHub, etc are some of the online websites that offer good deals on used tennis racquets every now and then.

Out of all of them, eBay is possibly the most affordable and convenient.

Demo Tennis Racquets

Professional tennis players receive demo tennis racquets from branded tennis racquet manufacturing companies to test and promote their brand.

Many of these players use these racquets a couple of time and then put them away for good.

Since they are professionals they tend to take better care of their tennis racquets. If you could get a pro tennis player to sell one such racquet, you can have a used tennis racquet in a favorable condition and price.


There is a wide variety of used tennis racquets available. Purchasing a used tennis racquet is good for beginners as they are still learning and have yet to find the racquet suitable for their gameplay.

The professionals though only need used tennis racquets for practice sessions.

Despite the skill levels, the features and specifications of the used tennis racquets must be considered before a purchase is made.

I hope this post will help you make an informed decision when you buy used tennis racquets.


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