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Best Nike Running Shoes

The best Nike running shoes

Nike is one of the biggest names that we know in sports as well as sports footwear, they feature some of the most dominant and versatile running shoe ranges throughout the globe.  This global behemoth has been experimenting with running shoes to develop the best running shoes. They don’t stop there. They just go further […]

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Best Zero Drop Running Shoes

The best zerodrop running shoes

Before we get to the best zero drop running shoes, the first question we need to answer is what is zero drop running shoes? This basically refers to minimal( barefoot-like) running shoes, where there is no cushioning, and if there is, then it’s to a minimum. This is not to say there is no cushioning […]

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Best Shoes For Nurses On Their Feet All Day

Best Shoes For Nurses On Their Feet All-Day

This post will look at some of the best shoes for nurses on their feet all day because nursing involves being on your feet running or standing for hours while doing your duties in an operating room or ER. Being constantly on your feet can be uncomfortable and painful which is made worse by bad […]

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Best Gym Shoes For Women With Multiple Uses

Have you resolved to get into shape this summer? Do you have a hard time finding the perfect footwear due to the influx of options out there? You do not have to worry as we compiled a comprehensive list of the best gym shoes for women. Whether you are on for your cross-training or dance […]

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The Best Trail Running Shoes That Are Affordable

Best Trail Running Shoes

 No matter where you choose to run, the most important gear you need before you hit the road will be the best trail running shoes you can afford preferably with enough cushion for your feet and enough stability. Now not all running shoes are made equal, and sometimes it’s hard to decide how to choose […]

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