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How To Start Running When Overweight

One of the great things about running is that it’s cheap and anyone can do it. It’s also a great way to burn some serious calories. Unlike what Nike, Adidas, and what the media advertise most of the time, runners come in all shapes and sizes so forget the lean fit likes of Mo Farrah […]

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How To Clean Tennis Shoes[With The Best Results]

You`ve used your sneakers and now they need some attention to make them as shiny as new again and you`re wondering how to clean tennis shoes without damaging them. Well, this post is for you. There is no denying that tennis shoes are expensive. Nowadays, they are made from materials that are different from conventional […]

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The Best Chafing Creams For Athletes

For non-athletes, maybe you`ve never had irritated, cracked, and chaffed skin that`s prevalent in cyclists and long-distance runners. The best chafing creams on this post will help by being a protective barrier on and around affected skin. Due to strenuous exercise or activities such as cycling, running, and lack of moisture, chances of chafed skin […]

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Where To Buy Discount Shoes Online

Things To Consider When You buy Discount Shoes Online

Shopping online is now our new norm. That’s a fact. Many of us have been shopping online for a while now but there are still a significant number of people who do not trust online shopping. Of course, online shopping does come with its pros and cons. But any con can be countered by being […]

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The Best Running Watches with GPS

Choosing the best GPS running watch

Sport watches have gone through a massive makeover with the amalgamation of technology like GPS. In this post, we`ll look at some of the best running watches with GPS. These sports watches are not merely meant to have a check on running time, but they can also monitor your fitness level and capability. This smarter […]

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