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Adidas sports shoes have been around from 1949 and even before. Over the years, the brand has become synonymous with quality. Many Tennis grand slam players wear Adidas shoes. This post will concentrate more on cheap  Adidas Tennis shoes.

There are proprietary technologies integrated into Adidas tennis shoes, which give these shoes the required springing action, as well as protection from wear and tear.

These shoes also facilitate easier movement across various tennis courts. Tennis courts, as we know can be clay or grass courts.

Why The Costs

Studying the game and its impact on shoes is a professional job. Thereafter, developing designs that improve the performance of the shoe for the selected purpose is also a professional job.

Such studies and designing costs since various materials have to be experimented with, and patterns have to be selected for improving the movement of tennis players.

It is also necessary to prevent possible injuries with such designs and materials and improve breathability. This is the reason Adidas shoes do not come cheap.

The company is obviously competing with other tennis shoemakers such as Nike and Puma.

Therefore, it is also in rush to recover the costs at the earliest. This is the reason newly introduced Adidas Tennis shoes are invariably more expensive when compared to previous models but you can still buy cheap Adidas tennis shoes if you don`t mind having last years models.

Product Details

Technologies Integrated Into Adidas shoes

Over the years, Adidas has come up with various technologies in its tennis shoes such as

A- NoSeam – This is self-explanatory. The stitches do not bother the player
B- Blown rubber – This technology offers superior traction when compared to conventional rubber
C- EVA or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. This foam material is first heated and then injected into various parts of Adidas Tennis shoes that give the shoe its shape. This material has three important qualities, i.e., it improves elasticity, and it is light. It also serves as a good damper.

D-. Boost technology. This is another type of cushioning technology for ensuring comfort as well as spring action, which is admittedly better for sprinters. But experimenting with them in tennis shoes is not ruled out.
E-. Bounce. This technology ensures that the outsole can withstand different temperatures and climate;

F-. Adiprene and Adiprene+: These technologies deserve special mention because they are very important for Tennis. This technology helps to bring down the impact that is possible when the player lands after service, and when the player runs.Adidas Women's Barricade Court Trainers US8.5 White

Adiprene is integrated into the heel, whereas Adiprene+ is for toe and fore part of the foot, especially the sole. Injuries come down because of these technologies.
G-. Ultrafoam – This technology results in the spongy sole. It molds as per the shape of the player’s foot at any time and also regains its initial shape. It makes the shoe very comfortable.

H-. Adituff – this is another tennis-related technology. It is for the outsole. It is a kind of material that resists abrasion.
I-. Torsion system: It offers greater flexibility to different parts of the foot thanks to extremely light arch-shaped support;

J-. Geofit – This is for comfort at ankle and midsole, and heat is involved in ensuring such cushioning;
K-. No marking – In indoor court’s shoes do leave marks. For players, they may not mean much except when there are line disputes. But there is technology developed by Adidas to prevent those marks.

L-. Adiwear – As the name suggests this technology prevents the wearing and tearing of the shoes. It is for the outsole.

M-. Climacool, climawarm, and climaproof – These are technologies that are related to climate since Tennis is not merely confined to any region with specific climate. Breathability is important in shoes and climaproof technology contributes to that.
N-. Traxion – This technology is for improved traction on surfaces such as turf.
O-. Promoderator – This technology is for control and cushioning based on natural foot movement of the player.

Shoes with control pro-moderator are not for players whose feet have natural outward tilt.
The list of technologies is not exhaustive. Some of the technologies are developed in-house. Others are bought.

Players would have to select the shoes that are suitable for their game and comfort levels.

Why Are Adidas Tennis Shoes Cheap And Affordable Then?

As the tennis shoe model becomes older, the company can afford to offer the tennis shoes at a competitive price as it would have recovered the research and development costs, or cost of purchasing the technology. adidas Performance Women's ASMC Barricade Boost Tennis Shoe, Footwear White/Light Solid Grey/Night Steel (7.5)

It then focuses on consolidating its market share. At times, new technologies may make older technologies redundant.

Then it makes sense to clear the stock as fast as possible, and this is done by offering a hefty discount.

As far as online sports goods sellers are concerned, they always tend to stock up tennis shoes around the season of annual tournaments.

As the fervor fades, they realize that the next round of these tournaments is months away, and people would not be happy buying older stock.

That is when such businesses offer these tennis shoes at affordable rates and you can buy cheap Adidas tennis shoes at vey low prices.

Prices can come down by almost 60 to 70 percent, especially in shoe models that were not favored by the market in the season.

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At times combining discount offers on other sports goods or merchandise can also have the effect making the Adidas shoes cheap.

Online shoe stores offer affordable shoes because the overhead costs are much lower in these stores when compared to those in brick and mortar store.

Advantages of buying affordable Adidas tennis shoes online

  • Affordable Adidas tennis shoes include many of the sophisticated technologies that the company offers. Therefore, the tennis player would be able to use the shoes for practice as well as learning.
  •  Such shoes can become standby shoes as well.
  • These shoes are also multipurpose and can be used for walking and other sports activities. It is possible to use Tennis shoes for such purposes, but not the other way round.
  • Online stores compete to capture the market, and therefore, they offer a substantial discount.
  • It is easier to compare prices at which these tennis sneakers are available online than visiting several shoe stores in different corners of the city. There are websites that do a comparative analysis of the prices and even offer reviews on such shoes which help in deciding correctly. In offline stores, it might be difficult to identify most of the properties in one shoe. But reviews help to identify those from comfort of home. adidas Performance Women's Barricade Club W, Black/Lemon Peel/White, 9.5 Medium US
  • Shipping discounts offered by these sites on minimum purchase also help to bring down the costs as well or in some cases, Free shipping by Amazon.

Where to buy affordable Adidas tennis shoes online

The list of online sports companies that offer cheap Adidas Tennis shoes include


Best Place To Buy cheap Adidas Tennis shoes

When you look at availability and choices, Amazon has the best Adidas tennis shoes online.Not only that there are advantages of shopping from Amazon like:

  • Safe and secure shopping.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Free shipping on selected items

Other online stores that offer discount Adidas tennis shoes include eBay. Adidas also offers a decent discount at the time of launching the product or phasing out the product.

It is now possible to find affordable Adidas tennis shoes unlike in the past, thanks to online sports goods merchants. There are many advantages of looking for such shoes online.

You can also learn about various properties of the shoes that are available so that you can make informed decisions.

Hope my post will help you make an informed decision when looking to buy cheap Adidas Tennis shoes or any other tennis shoes of your choice.If you have any questions, please do leave me a message.

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