How To Clean Tennis shoes At Home (The Easy Way)

There is no denying that tennis shoes are expensive. Nowadays, they are made from materials that are different from conventional canvas fabric. Therefore, traditional methods of cleaning tennis shoes are outdated.
Cleaning the tennis shoes, however, is necessary as they capture sweat, grime, and dirt of outdoor courts. A clean pair of tennis shoes also helps in remaining enthusiastic about the game. So I’m going to give you easy tips on how to clean tennis shoes at home.
Things you need to clean tennis shoes  tennis shoes,Clean Tennis shoes
  • Two old newspapers
  • One plastic bag
  • One stiff tooth brush
  • One toothbrush with soft bristles
  • Tweezer
  • Knife with Flat blade
  • Large sink or basin in which the pair of shoes can be submerged
  • Tepid water and clean water
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Towel for drying
  • Oxygen bleach

Cleaning method

Open the newspaper fully and begin cleaning the shoes on it by removing any mud clumps and dirt on the shoe and its soles. You can use knife or tweezer for removing stubborn dirt like pebbles or gum that usually get stuck in the grooves of its sole.

Use the toothbrush with stiff bristles to clean mud on the upper parts and the sole. Wash the toothbrush clean.

Remember to remove shoe laces as there are parts of the shoes that are accessible only after removing these laces. Dry dirt can also hide in places which would later appear like stains. Also, remove insoles.Tooth Brushes, Hygiene, Clean
Now that the initial “dry” cleaning your tennis shoes is done, fill the basin to half level with tepid water, and add dishwashing detergent to it.
The quantity of detergent should be decent enough to wash the outer sole clean.
The quantity of detergent should be decent enough to wash the outer sole clean.
Fully immerse the shoes into the tepid water with the soap detergent. Leave them for an hour.
Now, the toothbrush with soft bristles can be used to remove any other surface dirt on the shoes.
The detergent would have cleaned up insides to a great extent so cleaning it inside is not really necessary.
Even so, if you feel your tennis shoes are not clean on the inside, try using baking powder for cleaning inner parts of the shoes.
It can help to remove that sweaty feeling. You could also try diluted vinegar.
It works beautifully to remove stink and sweat.Wash away the shoes under a running tap till the water flowing away is no longer dirty.

Remove the shoes on a plastic bag or sheet after draining them decently. Remaining water in the shoes can be removed by using the towel for blotting water. The shoes are by no means dry.

They need to be dried outside, in the sun. The shoes may dry fast externally but still retain moisture inside. For this use baking soda and/or talcum powder which absorb moisture. The newspaper is also good for absorbing moisture inside the shoes.Wash the insoles and shoe laces. Use a towel to dry them as well.

For that enviable white color, use oxygen bleach. Even chlorine bleach does the job if you have it.

Special Tip On How To Clean Tennis Shoes At Home In Washing Machine

If you have tennis shoe that is made from fabric like most women wedges are, read my earlier article on tennis wedge sneakers, you can possibly wash it in your washing machine. Good for you because your washing machine takes the pain.

However, follow the instructions as mentioned with the shoe. It is advisable to separate shoes with towels, i.e., wrap them in towels when putting them in a washing machine.

Tennis shoes have a high level of precision parts,  which when frequently rubbed against another shoe or surface can wear out.You can read my earlier post on tennis shoes where manufacturing techniques are explained or read more on the engineering behind shoe design hereYou can prevent such possibility by using towels. Finally remove the moisture by using baking powder, newspapers, or talcum powder.

Conclusion on Cleaning Tennis Shoes At Home:

Ideally, keep more than one pair of tennis shoes as drying these shoes may take a while. Remember the function different agents such as vinegar, talcum powder, and baking powder serve.
Also, remember to wash insoles and laces separately. Clean tennis shoes help in gaining confidence and also prevent any injuries to feet as there is no sweat or grime inside. There are fewer infections as well. Ideally, clean them once a week if you are into playing this game regularly.

I Hope my post will help make washing and cleaning your sports sneakers fun in the future, if you have any questions, just leave me a message below.

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