Confused How To Choose Tennis Racquet?

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There are several factors people consider when they choose tennis racquet. However, even those who have been playing tennis for years still sometimes find it difficult to choose the right one when they upgrade.

Usually, players weigh in control, power and comfort when purchasing new racquets. Others read reviews. All these are definitely helpful.

As a general rule, when you decide which racquet to buy, you need to consider its features, particularly the following:(not in any order)

Head Size

Smaller head size means more control, larger head means more power. Advanced players who want more control when playing choose tennis racquets with smaller heads read my earlier post on tennis racquets. Beginning and intermediate tennis players usually prefer larger head size because it gives them more sweet spot and power during the game.

Larger racquet heads give more hitting area and great for off-center hits. The head size can range from 85 to 135 square inches. To be on the safe side, to have a balance between power and control, choose 95-110 size.https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0038XE3ZY?ie=UTF8&tag=httpmorecomht-20&camp=1789&linkCode=xm2&creativeASIN=B0038XE3ZY


A standard racquet has a length of 27 inches. If you play in a tournament, you must stick to 27-29 inches because these are the legal limit for tournaments. Some players prefer longer racquets because such give them more reach, more power and leverage.

However, when you increase the length, you must at the same time decrease the weight. This is important so that the racquet would still be dynamic and maneuverable despite the length increase.

Weight and Balance

These two must go together. If you have a heavier racquet, the other parts must be equal with its weight. The same goes for lighter racquets. Players who seek more power and stability tend to choose tennis racquets that are heavier than usual.

Such racquets also transmit less shock than lighter ones. Most professional players use a racquet with heavier weight because they feel that it’s more solid and powerful. However, if you are the kind of player who wants to swing it fast, move with more flexibility, and have more control and maneuver, lighter racquets are your best choice. This is the reason why beginners and some intermediate players want to use racquets with lighter body and head weight.

Frame Stiffness

The stiffness of the frame affects the power potential of the racquet. Basically, flexible racquet results in more energy loss because it bends more during ball contact. On the other hand, stiffer frames deflect less energy upon contact with the ball. Aside from power, frame stiffness also has an impact on comfort and control. However, all these will still depend on the kind of player you are.

Some advanced players prefer racquets with a flexible frame because they want more control. It gives them plenty of power to swing the racquet faster. Read more on racquet differences in my earlier post. A stiffer frame might be too powerful for them to control.

But a stiffer racquet is better for beginners and intermediate players. Stiff racquets don’t deflect as much, hence, giving them more control. Some professional players also prefer such racquet, particularly those with short and compact strokes.

Generally, flexible racquets are more comfortable to use. This is because stiffer frames tend to transmit impact shock to the wrist up to the shoulder of the player. Comfort is highly important.

A player must feel comfortable when playing so he can be more efficient. Tennis players with arm and shoulder issues are advised to use racquets with flexible or medium firm frames. Moreover, flexible racquets provide more spin than stiffer racquets.

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String Pattern

Professional players often consider string pattern when they choose tennis racquets. The pattern and density of the string have a huge effect on the racquet’s overall feel and performance. But many beginners and recreational players overlook this.Read my tennis racquet strings post here.

Here are some of the differences between open string pattern and dense string pattern:

Open string pattern

This provides more ball rebound. This is because open string pattern deflects more impact compared to denser pattern. As the name suggests, the strings are not too tensed and tight. Another benefit of open string pattern is that it allows more spin potential largely because of its wider spacing.

This is the reason why players who want more spin and control choose this over dense string pattern. The downside of this string pattern though is that is has reduced durability. Because of the wider spacing, breakage is more likely to develop.

Dense string pattern

A dense string pattern has less rebound energy. Opposite to the open string pattern, the strings on this type are more closely spaced, hence, tighter and denser.Players who seek more control and power prefer racquets with dense string patterns. They also love this because it is more durable and powerful. The downside of this though is that it offers less spin potential.

Grip and Handle Systems

This is very important. A better grip means better control and comfort. The good news is that manufacturers are now seeking innovative ways to improve grip in terms of control and comfort.

The most common method that top racquet manufacturers use nowadays is incorporating a vibration and shock dampening system in the handle. Other comfort systems are also being incorporated now in the handle and shaft.

A lot of choices you make when you choose tennis racquet depend on your level and ability as a player. As a rule, choose the racquet that you feel most comfortable with. Choose the one that brings out the best in you as a player.

Hope My post could help you in choosing the best racquet for your needs, You can buy any of the above racquets and more from Amazon and why Amazon? because it`s the most cost effective and a lot to choose. Let me know if you have any questions, leave me a message below or send me an email, will sure get back to you.

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