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Looking for the best budget fitness tracker? You are the right place to look for one.  There are several decent options available out there. You will be able to find all types of designs, styles and at the different price range.

Time has seen an impressive evolution of fitness trackers. The handwritten logs to track your fitness has now evolved into advanced fitness tracking devices.

These fitness devices can now be worn comfortably on your body. Most often fitness trackers come as wristbands not only that rated fitness trackers are now more affordable than ever.

The fitness trackers as wearables industry have taken off due to their widespread adoption into the masses. The industry is still advancing at a rapid pace. The brands are coming up with a new fitness tracker almost every month.

There are fitness trackers that have features such as GPS tracking, personalized coaching, and impressive touch displays. Some bands can track your sleep patterns, monitor heart rate and even send notifications to you from your smartphone.

Some of the affordable fitness trackers have companion apps that come with social networking features. The social feature can be used for challenging friends to incite friendly competitions while promoting health awareness.Find The Best Affordable Fitness Tracker to suit your needs and your budget,stylish fitness trackers in smartwatch form is what most people love.

The extensive evolution of these fitness trackers with the advancement of technology only added to its popularity, use and demand.

Simple fitness trackers have been developed into full-blown smartwatches.

The technology also reduced its cost price saving you hundreds of dollars on a very basic wearable.

Now you can get affordable fitness trackers that also have all the features of the same technology that are found with the more advanced options.

For those who are new to fitness tracking devices should start with affordable options. Test it out before going for a variety of high-end fitness wearable models.Generated button

Factors To Keep In Mind For Best Buy Fitness Trackers

  • Whether you are a beginner or pro at working out.
  • What are you looking for in a fitness tracker regarding their features?
  • What is your budget?

We have listed down some of these trackers on the cheap side. They are affordable and have the best available features.

Fitbit’s Flex 2

The name Fitbit has been synonymous with fitness trackers since its inception into the industry. You should buy this as it is an affordable product coming from the leading brand name in the fitness industry.

Flex 2 isn’t a fancy fitness tracker but the brand name itself ensures reliability. It works effectively. This fitness tracker is an ultraslim and waterproof wristband so no need to worry if it rains when you`re jogging.

It automatically tracks your activity. You don’t need to take it off even while swimming which is a solid plus. It does not need to be charged every four or five days. Which is really convenient.

The Flex 2 has LED light indicators which flash different colors. The colors let you know when you have reached an activity milestone or on receiving a new text message.

The lack of a display to glance at is the limit of Fitbit’s Flex 2. If you can ignore that then this solid app with its sleek design makes for a worthy fitness tracker at a great price.

Fitbit Flex 2 is mainly for athletes who are looking for an entry-level, automatic fitness tracker with ultra-slim package design.

Some of the features of Fitbit Flex 2 include: 24*7 automatically tracking activity, calories burned, distance traveled, hourly activity, and the stationary time.

The Flex 2 also features the automatic wireless syncing to your smartphone. The battery life of Flex 2 is impressive which can last up to four to five days.

Huawei’s Band 2 Pro

Band 2 Pro is an affordable fitness tracker packed full of features. It has a GPS tracker, a heart rate sensor, and a detailed sleep dashboard. The data is accurately making it even more desirable fitness tracker.

The Band 2 Pro has a tap display which can let you see the statistics while you are working out. The battery lasts for about three days even with constant wear.

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The Band 2 Pro also has its limitation. The display of this tracker is extremely dim. You will find it hard to view your stats in bright sunlight. It does not provide the option to change bands which reduces its versatility.

Finding a fitness tracker with this many features at this price is very difficult. That is why it is one of the top choices in fitness trackers. The Band 2 Pro is made for those fitness lovers that love a touch display screen with an inbuilt GPS tracking.

This wearable tracker is waterproof which allows you to swim while wearing it to a depth of around forty meters.

Garmin Vivofit 4

With Garmin Vivofot 4, you don’t need to worry about charging your fitness tracker as it has unbeatable year-long battery life. This reason makes it desirable fitness tracker for those who are forgettable.

Garmin is another popular brand name that is rapidly making massive strides in the booming fitness wearables industry.

The Garmin Vivofit 4 has been one of the most sought after and the most affordable products coming from this brand. It is a simple fitness tracker with basic fitness features. It has a small and color display screen.

It can track steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. It also monitors sleep. It has an integrated Move IQ system which offers an automatic activity detection and easy sync to Garmin Connect to classify each activity type.Find The Best Affordable Fitness Tracker with the best style for today`s active woman.

Moov Now Fitness Tracker

The Moov Now fitness tracker is one of the best for your personalized training. The Moov Now is made for the hardcore fitness lovers who care more about the results than the appearances. Those who are stricter with their fitness.

This fitness tracker was specifically designed with the needs of serious athletes in mind. Hence no barbs and whistles necessary for this tracker.

This is an innovative product that features a 9-axis accelerometer which can keep track of more than just the steps and calories. It can also track the way you move.

This fitness tracker helps in correcting your form which reduces the chances of injury while working out and training. It keeps track of your progress. The tracker is also water and dust proof. The battery lasts for about six months.

It may not be trendy and stylish but it can be worn on other places on the body beside wrist. It is available in four different colors which increase its versatility.

Misfit RayGenerated button

The Misfit Ray fitness tracker looks more like a bracelet because of an anodized aluminum cylindrical centerpiece. It is the most fashionable and also an affordable fitness tracker available on the market. It is desirable by those fitness lovers who are also conscious of their style.

The Misfit Ray keeps track of steps, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep patterns. The LED light flashes with specific colors that give out different notifications. The lights are subtle and do not distract while training. The vibration feature alerts you to calls, text messages, and alarms.

It is a swim-proof fitness tracker which has replaceable batteries. The batteries can last up to four months. A wide range of colors and the marching bands are also offered with this product.

Huawei Fit

Huawei Band 3 Pro All-in-One Fitness Activity Tracker, 5ATM Water Resistance Swim, 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor, Built-in GPS, Multi-Sports Mode, Sleep Tracking, Black, One Size

This is a very basic fitness tracker which looks like a smartwatch making it desirable by fitness enthusiasts who like the look of a smartwatch.

Huawei Fit is not big on fanciness and does not offer a lot of features. This is a wearable fitness tracker with standard features such as heart rate monitoring, tracking sleep, and smart notifications. It is waterproof to about forty meters in depth.

The battery can last up to six days in between charges. The tracker also features the multi-sport modes and your running coach. Corning Gorilla 3 glass ensures its durability. The addition of interchangeable bands in three different colors makes it a versatile fitness tracker.

Conclusion On How To Find The Best Affordable Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers have come a long way over the years and you don`t have to splash out to find the best affordable fitness tracker today to get all the benefits.

Many of the standard fitness trackers can (like other sporting gear)now track your steps taken, the distance traveled, the number of calories burnt, and sleeping patterns. They are useful devices that are available in several brands, styles, colors and with different features for you to choose from as per your requirements and needs.

I hope you found this post useful and useful for you to chose the best buy fitness trackers. If you have any questions, just leave a message below and I will get back to you.

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