French Open Tennis Results[My Take]

I usually do not write about Grand Slam results or any results at all, there are enough out there but I felt I needed to this time.With this year`s French Open tennis results, especially the ladies, draw being so open, I just wanted to share my views and opinion.

I will only concentrate on a few players and share my opinion with you. Note that at the end, I do not really have any favorites like in most Tennis blogs.

Novak Djokovic

What do you think about Novak Djokovic firing his entire coaching/training staff and then, just the other day hiring Andre Agassi to be his new coach? I think that Novak is reaching to find his form that he had a few years ago and Andre is not going to be the answer.Check his reasons from his site here.

I feel that after he won the French Open last year to complete the career G.S. An earlier post on Grand Slams here(winning all 4 slam titles), Novak suddenly lost his desire to remain at the top level of the sport.

Now a year ago, everyone was saying after Novak won the French Open title that he was a real threat to catch Roger Federer and his then 17 GS singles titles.

Of course, now Roger has 18. I wonder as Novak keeps saying that he has a lot of stress now in his personal life if at the age of 30 he’s now going downhill?

Roger Federer

It takes a great deal of effort to climb up the mountain in any sport to be called the best player in the world. It’s truly hard to stay there which Novak has found out.

It makes it even more remarkable that at age 35, (turning 36 in August) that Roger Federer has had a great year so far.

Roger was smart at his age to take a few months off and not beat his body down physically by competing in the clay court tournaments these past few months including the French.

He would not have beaten Rafa in the final of Roland Garros despite Roger’s improved backhand. Rafa still owns Roger on the sand surface.

Roger Federer deciding to continue his mid-season sabbatical after starting the year out on fire, in my opinion, very wise.

The Remaining Field

The men’s side has the usual characters still left playing apart from Novak.

Now, as Rafa’s opponent today defaulted, it looks like it is his tournament to lose. Murray, in my opinion, is not at his best on the clay surface, and the only person I truly believe could beat Rafa would be Stan Wawrinka who won the French back in 2015, (beating Djokovic in the final).

Even with my saying that Stan would only have an outside chance to beat Rafa as the Spaniard looks invincible so far in the tournament.Of course, more than any other sports tennis has evolved mainly due to the advancements in the racket itself.

As said earlier, I’m not posting any results or things like that, you can find them everywhere, I just wanted to share my opinion on a few players.

The Ladies.  Legend Tennis Resin Female Trophy, 6.5" x 6"


With Serena out for the rest of the year and the sister Venus already knocked out, it`s hard to say who will lift the title, it`s always hard to predict the ladies game.

With the top seed going out in the first round and the defending champion not playing her best the whole tournament then losing, it`s even harder for me to say.

A part of me wants to believe that Simona Halep can win, why? I really don`t know, maybe because there is no one left out there this year with the game and mental strength.

Perhaps whoever wins the women’s French Open Tennis title this year should get an asterisk placed next to her name on the trophy.

I would like to hear your opinion so do leave me a message.

2 thoughts on “French Open Tennis Results[My Take]

  1. Very apt comments this time of the year, especially with Wimbledon starting … well, yesterday in fact. So, what are your predictions and expectations on outcomes on the grass courts?

    1. Hi Giulia
      Thanks for stopping by.With Serena Williams not present, it`s kind of leaves me unsure who the favorite should be in the ladies side.With Petra just getting back, I don’t see the other ladies just letting her run away with it.I`d like to think Karolina Plischkova is solid enough to win.But ladies Tennis is less predictable, unlike in men`s tennis where you`re always sure one of the big 4 will make it to the finals, this is never the case in ladies tennis.

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