Hand eye coordination exercises

Hand-eye coordination exercises in a game of tennis is a must.Tennis requires quick reflexes. A player has to gauge the speed and power of the ball coming into his or her court even while moving in the direction of the ball. Sometimes the player has to react faster especially when playing near the net. 

Hand to eye co-ordination is mandatory in this game to swiftly manage any surprise element due to speed of ball return or force in it. There are hand eye co-ordination exercises that help to be prepared for faster returns and come up with a winner and these form integral part of tennis workouts.

Tennis workout


The objective of tennis workout is to improve agility and footwork, apart from speed in reaction, movement, as well as selecting the kind of return. But any such movement and speed depend on vision.  There are simple hand-eye coordination exercises that not only help in achieving the objective of any tennis workout but also improve pain tolerance and wrist strength.Click here to get your guide.

Here are some simple exercises that can be tried with tennis ball

  1. Ball and Tennis racquet exercise


The person sits or stands and holds tennis racquet perpendicular to the body with palm facing upwards. Tennis ball is placed on the racquet’s head and an attempt is made to bounce the ball on the racquet.

This exercise not only helps in coordinating hand movements with the vision but also improves control on the ball and improves wrist strength. In addition, it helps to improve pain tolerance, especially in the initial stages of learning tennis.

  • 2-Juggling tennis balls

Juggling two or more balls is a great way to achieve coordination between eyes and hands.  But it would not be easy for a beginner.  A beginner can begin with one tennis ball, throw it up and catch it with the other hand. A variation of it would be catching it with the same hand.

Once comfortable with catching the ball with the same hand and the other hand, it is possible to increase the number of balls. The brain soon adapts and the balls can soon start crossing over to the other hand while one is thrown up.

Third ball makes the process even faster, which is considerable improvement in the hand-eye co-ordination.

3-Bouncing tennis ball on the walls

This is something everybody tries when young but for some reason stops doing it. It should be done quite regularly. When the ball is thrown straight at the wall, it returns faster, when compared to when it is thrown at a slightly higher level on the same wall. 

This also becomes an opportunity to introduce a second ball in these hand-eye coordinate exercises.  Variants of these exercises are throwing a ball with right hand and catching it with the same hand, and throwing a ball with one hand and catching it with another. 

Complex variants of this hand-eye coordinate exercises may involve somebody standing behind throwing the ball on the wall, and the person in front catching the ball.

Likewise, a darker ball may also be used as the mind may not register the color of the ball while the game is on. Catching the darker ball makes the mind more alert to such activity and environment.You can get a mixed colors tennis balls at Amazon, click here to buy.

Of course, there are endless hand-eye coordination exercises you can do, just remember everything takes time but with practice, you will improve over time.

Hand eye coordination exercises excersise balls


Hand-eye coordinate exercises are needed not only for tennis but for all other sports as well. In fact, it never hurt anybody to have good reflexes.  

Tennis ball effectively becomes a good exercise tool for improving reflexes. The exercises are simple and can be done without much supervision. 

There is little or no scope of injury in it and the longer these exercises are continued, the person remains more alert to the surroundings and yet capable of focusing on something specific.

If you are looking for exercise balls that are easy to use, I`d suggest the different colors especially when just getting started, different colors help keep your mind alert.

What are your tips for hand-eye coordination, what do you find to be more effective in coordination exercise, would like to hear from you so please leave me a message below.Think anyone can benefit from these tips? go ahead and share it with them on social media.

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