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HEAD Ti S1 Pro-Tennis Racquet Review

Product Name: HEAD Ti S1 Pro Tennis Racquet 

Overall ranking: 4/5

Price: $ 47.95 + Shipping charges extra

Best Place To Buy: Amazon


One of the leading brands in the world of tennis brings you its one of the best products, the Head Ti s1 pro-Tennis Racquet where tennis racquets are concerned.If you want to read more about Head tennis equipment, you can find it here.

The Head Ti S1pro tennis racquet is incorporated with the Extreme Grid technology of Head’s for a larger sweet spot.

This tennis racquet also comes with a frame built using titanium and graphite to improvise the stability of the racquet as well as enhance the strength.

The throat of the racquet is made stronger to provide stable off-center hits. The material used in its construction is durable which increases its shelf life and efficacy.

The contour cushioning provides better and comfortable cushioning which helps in finding the perfect grip easily for better handling of the racquet by reducing the possibility of slippage.

An adult-size, well-built and light-weight tennis racquet that can handle any shot thrown its way with good maneuverability on the court due to the use of graphite composition in its construction.

Its oversized head provides better power control and spins for moderate swing speed to the fast swing.

To help you decide if this is the right tennis racquet for you, I will look into the positives and the negatives, see why this might be the must-have for your tennis games recreationally or playing professional level tennis.

Pros Of Using Head Ti s1 pro-Tennis Racquet 

Head Ti s1 pro-Tennis Racquet
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  •     Reasonably priced.
  •     Greater stability and strength.
  •     A light-weight racquet with good maneuverability.
  •     Enhanced feel and larger sweet spot.
  •     Better cushioning for a comfortable grip.
  •     Excellent power control.
  •     A good value product with amazing looks and feel.

Cons Of Head Ti s1 pro-Tennis Racquet

  • Due to being Prestrung, the strings could be loose and may need restringing(check an earlier post on Tennis racquet strings here)
  • It might be strong, but not strong enough for professional gameplays

Who is it for:

As already said, I find it to be on the weaker side. A perfect tennis racquet for beginner Tennis players or the recreational players looking for suitable and affordable tennis racquets.

Final Verdict:

TheHead Ti s1 pro-Tennis Racquet is a pre-strung racquet which combines the strength of titanium and the light-weight graphite for providing an optimum feel of the ball and to provide ultimate power, comfort, and stability.

Even professional tennis players like Svetlana KuznetsovaTomáš Berdych.So you should be assured you are buying a quality product.

Head Ti s1 pro-Tennis Racquet is made using some of the best materials and is increasingly becoming the customer’s new favorite tennis racquet.

The material used in its construction enhances its shelf life that saves you from the tedious job of repeated searching and purchasing of new tennis racquets.

Where to buy:

You can find this tennis racquet or any other tennis racquet of your choice in the local tennis stores, as well as online.

Online stores have a larger selection so if you`re not sure if this is the right racquet for you, you should first check on Amazon. Click on the link below to make a purchase online:

Reasons To Purchase From AmazonHEAD Ti.S6 Strung Tennis Racquet (4-1/4), Strungread customer reviews button

  • Amazon has the best prices.
  • A giant trusted online store.
  • Safe and secure shopping.
  • Quick shipping.
  • Free shipping on selected items.
  • Read users review before purchase.
  • Returns if you`re not happy with the product.

HEAD Ti S1 Pro Tennis Racquet Review Conclusion

HEAD Ti Radical Elite tennis racquet not only passes the test in the looks department but also in the way it excels in what it is mainly built for, i.e., tennis.

A racquet of choice for a pro like Andy Murray, this tennis racquet does not need any more recommendations.  Though, it is not recommended for pro tennis players click here to read more on selecting tennis racquets.

This racquet helps in improving the game so it is most suitable for the beginners who have yet to establish their playing styles and gameplay.

Whether you are in the middle of a tense tennis game or just making your first shot, this tennis racquet helps improve the game considerably.

It is quite a popular product with the customers especially hailing from the United States earning mostly positive reviews.

I hope you found value reading this review, if you have any questions, please do leave me a message below.

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13 thoughts on “HEAD Ti S1 Pro-Tennis Racquet Review

  1. This is exactly what i was looking for. I love to play tennis, its one of my favorite sports. I always play in my downtime, but the only thing is that i’m not that good. I eventually want to be good, but It starts for a new tennis racket for me. The one i have now is old and has holes in it. So i’m in the market for new one. but not super expensive though. I may just have found what i’ve been looking for. Thanks, great review.

    1. Hello Garrett

      If you`re a recreational player,there in really no need in splashing out on expensive tennis racquets,there are very good and affordable tennis racquets you can purchase.You chan check my earlier post on cheap tennis racquets to find something for your game.

  2. I was looking for a tennis racket for my niece and I know nothing about tennis rackets. I haven’t played tennis for 40 years. She is not a professional player but very keen to play and plays every week. So, this article provided me with an option that is within my budget and probably suitable for her. Thanks for this article.
    I also looked around your website at some other articles that helped me choose what I need. Great job. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Alan, for bginner and recreational tennis players, you dont have to buy the mot expensive tennis racquets around,cheaper and more affordable tennis racquets works just as well.

  3. Hi great review of this tennis racquet. I’m a big tennis fan and love to play and watch tennis especially when the grand slams are in. I think this racquet is a great price and you have given it a great review so I would definitely consider buying it. I’m in need of s new racquet so I’ve come across your review at the right time. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for stopping by.With the many tennnis rackets out there chosing the right one can be confusing so I wanted to make it easy for anyone looking for a good racket,that`s why I review items from time to time

  4. As a would be tennis player the pros and cons points still leave me wondering, “is this racquet for me”.

    What is the likelyhood that a pre-strung racquet would need to be restrung?

    The article seems to imply that pre-strung racquets are not as proficient as other racquets.
    Why is this head product not considered good enough for pro players when the two pro players mentioned along with number one player Andy Murray use this racquet?

    1. Hello Dorno

      I do not think Head Racquets are not good, on the contrary.Having said that, playing a winning game of Tennis needs more than just a tennis racquet, if you could check an earlier article on all tennis gear you`ll see the must haves and can do withouts.

      Sure a pre-strung tennis Racquet may need restringing in the furute as your game changes over time.

  5. i like the site. It explains every aspect of the game. The only flaw i see is, the Everything about tennis picture is kinda blurry so its not as eye catching as consumers like. Maybe you can find a Quality High Def picture for your main home page. Hope this is helpful. Have a great day!

  6. I just recently picked up the game of tennis and am in the market for an entry level racket. Head is definitely one of the top brands for tennis equipment. This racket seems to fit what I am looking for. It is light weight, well built, and has a large sweet spot (definitely something I am in need of). I agree that it’s kind of a bummer it comes pre-strung, as you mentioned, this will probably need to be re-strung. I do have rather large hands, do you know if an extra large grip is an option? Overall this seems like a great option, from a very well known brand. Thanks for sharing, this is a very timely article for me.

    1. Hi Steve

      You can always get tennis racket grips for your size,the professional players do not always have tiny handy yet they get the right racquet grips so im sure you will too.

      Pre strung racquets should not be a problem you can always re-string,something most of us have to do anyway.

  7. I’ve seen that brand of tennis racket everywhere and I’m sure it is one of the more popular ones. Have you used this racket and if so, how was it in your experience? The power element and the fact that it is comfortable will definitely go far. I rememebr when I used to play tennis and I would get sores on my hands because the leather was too rough, it was no fun!

    1. Hello Josh,

      Over the years I have used different brands of tennis racquets, As I play for fun, I do not invest the most on my racquets.Yes I have used  Head Ti S1 Tennis racquet and really no complaints apart from the fact that I wish I had more cash to invest in such a racquet.

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