High Top Sneakers For Women For Cold Weather

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High top sneakers were originally designed for supporting ankles, toes, and heels preventing injuries in games like basketball and soccer, but over the years, they have made inroads into the fashion scene and today,high top sneakers for women can replace boots in cold winter months.

Today high top sneakers for women bring in more money for the footwear industry than many of the stylish stilettos and conventional sneakers shoes. The reason is simple. These sneakers are suitable as casual as well as office wears making them all round and flexible footwear.

Women usually wear them for shopping, school, or office, apart from games and workouts. Another reason these sneakers are popular is that most of them are unisex products. See other products here from an earlier post.

Design, Materials, And Looks

High top sneakers are variants of conventional sneakers extending a few inches above ankle often reaching lower shin. There is a collar type of arrangement at this point in many of these sneakers though not all.

The design is basically traditional boot style, i.e., complete wrap or enclosure for forefoot making them a warm option for winters. However, toes in high top sneakers for women are usually rounded but there are unisex high top sneakers with rounded toes as well.

Midsoles offer additional support. This can be varied based on purpose. Outsoles are easily distinguishable like other sneakers and are made of rubber. These are designed for traction preventing injuries while offering flexibility. Such sneakers for soccer invariably have cleats.

Fastening is with shoelace like in conventional sneakers, but the lacing extends upwards too, enabling the shoe to be opened wider so that the foot can be inserted easily.

To that extent, this resembles riding shoes. Contemporary fastening methods such as velcro are popular in high top sneakers that do not have a very high neck.  

Loop lacing, however, is trending for now. These sneakers are available in wide-ranging colours such as black, white, pink, beige, grey, khaki, maroon, blue, brown, red, etc.

Different Materials Wedgie High Top Platform Sneaker, Main, color, CAMOUFLAGEGenerated button

Materials used to make these sneakers include canvas, suede, velvet, leather, nylon, and other synthetic materials. There are glittery sneakers available as well with metal eyelets for lace.

Inside the shoe materials such as canvas, fleece or other soft materials may be used for a comfortable feel, without compromising on breathability. Midsoles may be dual injected “polyurethane” or rubber. Some may have full-length air sole.

Such materials make them light and waterproof or they dry easily. They can be washed and repainted, or polished. In addition, such materials are long lasting as well. The toes are usually made from rubber allowing for greater comfort. Some may have a tongue that is elastic gusseted.

In so far as looks are concerned the additional inches above the ankle in these sneakers, make them look more sophisticated than conventional sneakers.  

 High Top Sneakers For Women: What I like Most 


Function though dictates the design selection. If a sneaker is to be worn for playing specific games, obviously, the reinforcement and padding need to be at specific sections of the footwear. Therefore, the sneakers meant for playing soccer have prominent cleats to prevent slipping and injuries.

Other sneakers blend well with most of the full-length trousers, slim fit jeans, as well as regular fit jeans. Therefore, ladies do not have to rush to their home to change for a romantic date.

FashionableTRAVEL FOX Men's 900 Nappa Leather Lace-Up High-Top Sneaker

Strange as it may sound, there are high top sneakers for women that have decent platform heels, giving them classy look, like “The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star GR82” which can go well with some dresses and skirts as well. These are usually made from leathers or faux leathers.

The heel is flat and not pointed like in stilettos. Eyelets of such sneakers are made of metals, contrasting with the leather of the forefoot. The collar part of such sneakers is usually higher as well.

The glittery variant such as the “Converse Chuck 70”  is also popular among fashion conscience. Younger women favor “Converse x Miley Cyrus Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Velvet” variant and similar sneakers, which have thicker outsole, making them seem taller.

Usually, though, high top sneakers for women are worn with t-shirt and jeans, or crisp shirts and jeans. Baggy jeans are avoided. Some of these sneakers go well with shorts as well making them suitable for summers too. Simplicity is the key to making fashion statements with such footwear.

Disadvantages Of High Top Sneakers For Women

  • They cannot be used as formal wear.
  • They are often heavier than conventional sneakers which means people may tire easily with them.
  • It takes a tad longer to wear them, than conventional sneakers.

Brands And Costs

Considering the functionality, durability, and style that high top sneakers for women offer, their popularity is not surprising. Leading sneakers manufacturers like Nike, Puma, and Adidas have a range of products that are priced from $33 to $270 or so.Generated button

Conclusion on High Top Sneakers:

Because high top sneakers for women are versatile in usage owning one seems to have become a mandatory requirement. Traction offered by rubber soles, and protection in winters, makes them suitable for traveling.

They blend well with most casual attires, dispensing the need to own many types of footwear. Likelihood of injuries to feet is also lower with these sneakers.

Given the myriad of benefits accruing from one pair of sneakers, it is not surprising that they are eclipsing the market of conventional sneakers.




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