How To Choose The Best Women Tennis Shoes

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This post will have tips on how to choose the best women tennis shoes and well look at what make certain shoes better choices.

Tennis shoes play as important a role as the tennis racquet in a game of tennis. A perfect pair of women tennis shoes is necessary even for a beginner because feet get accustomed to the shoe’s design, which may later become a habit, and hamper the desired movement.

Adjusting later on to tennis shoes that are superior in design may also take much longer.

Therefore, searching for the right pair of tennis shoes should be the first priority for any prospective tennis player or seasoned tennis player.
As of 2016, Nike continues to be one of the best women tennis shoe manufacturers.

This is because Nike shoes manufacturing process is preceded by a detailed study of physiology and biomechanics related to the games or sports for which the shoes are to be developed. Read more here.

In addition, intermediary and end products are tested for their comfort levels and sensory perception.The Best Women Tennis Shoes

How To Choose The Best women Tennis Shoes

The following characteristics are desirable in any good tennis shoe pair:

1-The shoes must be light in weight;
2-The material and structure should keep breathability intact;
3-The shoes should offer immense flexibility and spring-like action;
4-The traction, grip, and support in the shoes should be good;
5-The shoes should include shock absorbing and injury preventing technologies;
5-Thickness and quality of the sole should be adequate to prevent feeling any pebbles or small stones on tennis courts;
6-The lacing technique should hold the shoe firmly in place;
7-The shoes should be durable; and
8-The shoes should be affordable

There are two Nike shoes for women that have made it to the lists of best tennis shoes for women in 2016.

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You`ll love Nike Vapor 9.5 Tennis Shoes

Nike “Air Vapor Advantage” and Nike “Zoom Vapor 9.5 tour”.


  • It has the Air-sole technology incorporated in it. Basically, this technology merely traps air within polyurethane capsule in the soles of the shoes.
  • The trapped air in these tennis shoes is on the heels of the footwear. Because of air, instead of any other solids, the weight of the shoes is considerably reduced.
    The air sole also acts as a cushion for the heel, regaining shape almost immediately after being released from a state of compression.
  • Breathability in these shoes is because of mesh on the upper parts of the shoes, i.e., inside, which is linked to the shoe’s sole with its design.
    The link between sole and the upper parts is reinforced;
  • These shoes have a midsole made from Phylon, which is an excellent cushioning material. Phylon also acts as a shock absorber.
  • The outsole is made from a special rubber, i.e., XDR rubber. This is a highly durable compound.
    Stability in these Nike tennis shoes for women is because of the midfoot shank.
  • These shoes are an extremely comfortable pair of tennis shoes because of the collar tongue which is padded. Such padding also helps in absorbing shocks of impact.
  • There are toe guards and toe caps as that is where tennis shoes wear out faster.
  • These shoes are available in different colors such as blue, pink, and purple.
  • The grooves in the tread are not very deep.
  • They offer grip and support, but allows you to glide easily; and
  • They are comfortable with a collar tongue that is padded;

Cons:Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Clay Mens Tennis Shoes 631457 Sneakers Trainers

The major drawback may be the price. At over $100, Nike “Air Vapor Advantage” is expensive for most beginners. But if you are serious about your tennis game, then only the best should be good enough.

Nike’s “Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour”


  • The air unit in the sole is thinner.
  • This increases maneuverability.
  • There are many vertical fibers in the shoe’s “Air Zoom” section.
  • Each and every fiber is linked to the fabric layers above and below. This fiber filled layer is then filled with air. Together the air and fibers manage the pressure tensions by exerting outward forces.
    The shoe pair has side wraps which seem to close in on the foot, as if they were custom made for the foot;
    Ample cushioning is provided to prevent any injury to the foot;
    The midsole in this pair of shoes is also made from phylon;
    Lateral mid-foot is another major difference.
  • It is extremely useful in tennis when the game is moving very rapidly;
    The grooves offer better grip and can be used for lawn tennis as well as clay court;
    The central part is reasonably reinforced to prevent any injury; and
    There are toe guards as well as toe caps.(read full review here)
  • Cons:
    These shoes are used by professionals and top players like Roger Federer according to Nike and have few drawbacks. The only drawback is its price. At $140 this pair of shoes is perhaps beyond the budget of many beginners.

Conclusion On choosing The Best Women Tennis Shoes:

New tennis shoes related technologies are developed each year and shoe manufacturers such as Nike continue to perfect their products. For now, if you are looking for the best women tennis shoes, you may consider any of these two products from Nike.

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