How To Compare Running Shoes

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Running shoes are specifically designed to offer comfort and enhance the performance of the runner while running. This post will give you tips on how to compare running shoes and what to look for, things to consider so you always get the best for your money.

A perfect pair of running shoes is instrumental in helping improve the running time, extend runner’s endurance and also prevent any injury. 

Among all the available choices, you can check out the running shoes that offer the best support, excellent cushioning and is also well within your budget range. There are several types of running shoes designed depending on:Tips on how to compare and choose running shoes.

  • Different environment
  • Running Terrains
  • Different weather
  •  Foot shape
  • Different running style

Before making a choice, you need to consider all of this

Types Of Running Shoes

  • Road Running Shoes: These running shoes are light and flexible complete with cushion and stability for running on hard surfaces like pavements and packed surfaces.
  • Trail Running Shoes: These running shoes come with an additional tread just for the traction and stability required for running on uneven surfaces. They are good for off-road running on the uneven surfaces such as mud, rocks, and gravel.
  • Cross-training Running Shoes:  These running shoes allow more surface contact of the shoe bottom with the ground. This is done for an added balance. They are good for balance-based gyming and cross-fitness workouts.
  • Barefoot Or Minimalist Running Shoes: With these running shoes you can hit the ground with the midfoot first and forgo the elevated cushioning of traditional trainers. These running shoes are good for those runners who pronate or have a preference for a more natural running style.

What Is Foot Pronation?

The natural side-to-side motion of the foot occurring while you walk or run is called foot pronation. The running shoes are designed to either correct or accommodate this pronation. There are three types of pronations: 

  • Overpronation
  • Neutral pronation
  • Underpronation or supination

How To Compare Running Shoes

There are several criteria on which you can compare important features of the running shoes. They are as follows:

 Feet Support

Whether you are a jogger or a long-distance runner, your feet need support. Without proper support, you can suffer from an injury or patellar tendonitis. For that reason, adequate support and the proper cushioning system should be the most important criteria to consider when you compare running shoe. 

Not every runner has the same type of feet or even the same running style. Your running shoe should complement your feet shape and style. If there are any pronation issues, a good pair will correct it for you. 

Shoe StabilityHow To Compare Running Shoes

You cannot imagine running for miles in an uncomfortable pair of running shoe. You need a running shoe that is stable and comfortable to avoid injury and discomfort.

Comfort and stability are two of the biggest factors needed to be considered while comparing running shoes. 

One shoe fits all does not work here. Each pair of the foot is different from the other. What works for one pair of foot won’t work with the other at all.

There are running shoes available in the market that are designed to address the issues of pronations, wide or flat feet, and plantar fasciitis.

Check For The Best pronation Running Shoes Here

The under or overpronating feet will need directed support to complement or correct the pronation. While the feet with plantar fasciitis will need support as well as cushioning.

 A running shoe pair that has a right fit is also important. The fit of the upper and the shock absorption play an important role in offering comfort to the feet while running or walking. Check an earlier post on our top picks on cheap running shoes here. 

Shoe Breathability

Regardless of the weather or the type of terrain you run on, feet need breathing space inside the footwear. A well-ventilated pair of running shoe is comfortable to wear for longer periods. 

Besides that, the breathability of a running shoe prevents the issues caused by moisture, bad smell, and accumulation of bacteria. The breathability of a running shoe is a big deal as it also impacts your performance.Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe

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The construction and the material used in the making of a running shoe also need to be considered when drawing a comparison between different running shoes.

You need to check how long they last after continuous use. How quickly you need to replace your running shoe should factor in your comparing of different running shoes. 

Most of the running shoe manufacturers will explain that a running shoe will last about 300 to 500 miles. A lightweight running shoe can be worn out around 250 to 300 miles, while a more durable running shoe will last for 500 miles or more. After that, they will need to be replaced. 

Running Shoe Cost

Most of the reputable running shoe brands pair will cost you around $100 at the minimum. There are running shoes available in the midrange between $150 and $200.

The expensive high end running shoes will be priced at $250 or more. Do keep in mind that a higher price tag of a running shoe does not mean that it is the best one out there. 

If you can find all that you need in a running shoe at a much lesser price then all the better.

It does not necessarily have to be a branded one to be the better one. If you still wish to get a branded one then you can pick the last year’s version of the one you like. They will be available at a discounted price. 

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Conclusion On How To Compare Running Shoes

The best pair of running shoes that you may choose will depend on your habits, needs, and requirements. Take these needs into consideration and then try on several running shoes to find your perfect fit.

A good fit of running shoes can make all the difference to your running performance. Check more on cross-training shoe advice here.

Where To Purchase Running Shoes

Now if you`re wondering where to buy the right fitting running shoes, your sporting goods store will surely have what you need, If you shop online, check any of these stores Amazon,, to pick and chose, online stores do have more choices than local stores.

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  1. For a person that loves to engage in morning runs and company marathons, this is a great article to find. I know I’ve found myself with a painful heel after runs and I attribute this to not-so-good cushioning on my shoes.Thank you for explaining foot pronation. This is something I was not aware of and now makes more sense to me. I also would have never considered  shoe breathability. I have always thought that the ventilated shoes was just fashion. Thank you for this enlightenment.

    Those are really great and helpful tips on how to choose running shoes. Nice article!

    1. Hello Carol

      Like you, I love my runs, I can`t do marathons (maybe will reach the finish line in 7 hours)but I still need good running shoes. Breathability in running shoes for me is a must, sweaty feet is not very pleasant.

      Cushioning is another very important part of running shoes, but never forget the terrain you`re going to run, trail running shoes will not perform well if you`re going to sprint.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. This is an interesting post, personally. I’m researching information about running shoes for seniors. Just when I thought the article was about to end another interesting fact popped up. Breaking up the categories of the running shoes was detailed and informative. I thought I knew a lot about running shoes but I’m happy to say I learned quite a bit more. 

    Comparing various styles of running shoes matters more than I thought. Pointing out the treads of running shoes and how they make a difference could be a decisive factor when deciding which shoe to purchase. I’m wondering what kind of running shoes you would buy?

    1. Hello Lynne

      Thanks for stopping by, like some ladies love handbags, I love sneakers as they work in different ways, I can use my sports shoes for sports or for work, weekends or for lazy walks.

      I can`t imagine running for the bus with a 16-inch shoe, but I can easily sprint and catch the bus in my sports shoes.

      My work demands me to be on my feet all day, what better pair of shoes to have on all day and still be comfortable than sneakers.

      As to your question, I do love Nike RN Fly knit as they are wide and really comfortable, but Asics Gel Kayano 25 is a close second. Having said that I have a large selection of sports shoes as I prefer them over high heel ladies shoes that make me waddle instead of walk.

  3. Some great advice here.  After being a runner for almost ten years it has become more important to find shoes that are comfortable and fit properly.  

    A couple of years ago I made an error with a pair of Nikies that I thought were going to do the job.  Unfortunately, I bought them on sale and couldn’t return them as they were on clearance.  they were the right size but I was in a hurry, (dumb).

    am currently looking for a new pair and am so happy that I stumbled upon this article.  there is a lot of valuable information here.  More than I thought I needed to know.

    I will have to go to my local sports shoe outlet and try on a few of these to find the right shoe.  I’ll be using our suggestions to help in the decision process.  thanks,


    1. Nike is a big brand name and sometimes we get carried away,why get another brand if I can get a pair of Nike running shoes only to regret it later when it does not fit well.
      Next time you`re looking for a bargain go to clearance online shops, they still do change if you chose the wrong size.
      Hope you`ll get it right this time .

  4. Certainly an article I could have done with coming across a few years ago. However, now that I am thinking once again of taking up running, then it has come at the right time. I need to research as much as possible as my last outings didn’t end well. Although I can blame some of it on my own flawed design, it was user error as well.

    Sarting on a treadmill and not really bothering with what I had on my feet I slowly graduated to running outdoors, still without too much regard to what was on my feet. Long story short, Planta Fasciitus ensued and all bets were off for a while, quite while.

    You’d think I’d learned my lesson but oh no, more running and then we had some tendon damage. Long story short, I’m back and ready to look to the future but this time with a decent pair of running shoes. No rush, just need to make sure I get the right ones so I can try and stave off injury. Time to go shopping. 

    1. As a runner, injury can make every movement painful, it`s acceptable if it`s an accident, but can not be excused if it`s caused by the wrong running shoes.

      I hope next time, you`ll choose your foot wear well to avoid injuries, they can really set you back.

  5. Excellent post regarding running shoes! I wasn’t sure there were so many different kinds of running shoes out there. In my opinion, cross-training and barefoot running shoes are my favorite. The cross-training shoes are built for powerlifting and cardio exercises. I’ve owned a pair myself and couldn’t agree more that they are comfortable and sturdy enough for cardio and powerlifting activities. As for barefoot running shoes, I’ve encountered some new muscle gains in my shins when I owned a pair. They are so comfortable on treadmill runs! And they feel so natural during leg day workouts. Thank you for the informative post!

    1. Glad you found the post useful, I rarely go to gyms, I prefer road runs so I never use barefoot running shoes and to be honest, I find them ugly.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Hi Emma,

    I really enjoyed reading your article on how to compare running shoes.

    I have been running for more than forty years and suffer regularly with plantar fascitis and with a sore achilles. This makes it more important than ever to choose the correct running shoes and your article gave me some useful tips which I was not aware of. I mostly run on a treadmill now and wonder what shoes you would recommend for this? Thanks in advance, Andrew

    1. thanks for stopping by, I rarely run on trade mills as I prefer road runs but if you want stability and comfort for your feet with enough support, Nike Men’s Air Zoom Winflo 4 should be a good choice.

      thanks for stopping by.

      1. Thanks for the advice Emma. I will take a look.

        1. You`re welcome Andrew, keep checking there are lots of very helpful tips here.

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