K-Swiss Men’s Training Shoe A good Buy?

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Product Name: K-Swiss Men’s ST329 CMF Training Shoe

Overall Ranking: 4.5 out of 5

Price: Approximately $35.09 to $145.62

Owners: K-Swiss


My guess is you`ve landed here looking for the right running shoes. Choosing sneakers can be tough even if you`ve already decided what brand you want. That`s why I hope that after reading this K-Swiss Men’s ST329 CMF Training Shoe review will help you make a better choice

Introduction To K-Swiss Men’s Training Shoe

There are a few sneakers that immediately get noticed. K-Swiss Men’s ST329 CMF Training shoes come in that category whether you`re looking for k swiss tennis shoes or running shoes these are a must-have. These look stylish, and expensive, though expense depends upon the model and features one opts for.

The reason these shoes look expensive is that their upper parts are made of leather. The collar in these sneakers is, however, made from textile materials. These are “mid-top” sneakers which mean they extend up to ankles. The rubber outsole in these sneakers is thick and striking, with sturdy tread. It has an extremely durable outsole. It also has a“shock-absorbing” heel.

In so far as the midsole is concerned, it is made from K-EVA which is ethylene vinyl acetate. This organic compound is a well-known shock absorber.

K-Swiss Men’s Training Shoe

As of now, it is also supposed to be a better alternative to PVC as far as toxicity is concerned. It does not have BPA and does not require plasticizers either. Therefore, K-EVA is a soft molded foam with shock-absorbing capabilities as well as compression abilities.

It is also light apart from being rather durable. The sock liner in these shoes is made from high-grade memory foam, making these shoes extremely comfortable to wear.

In so far as fitting is concerned, lace fitting not only adorns these shoes but also allows men using these sneakers to decide on their level of comfort.

These shoes also come in varying widths, so people can select the widths appropriate for their feet. Width is also the reason these shoes are for “men” as the feet of ladies generally tend to be slender.

 However, the range includes shoes for people with narrower feet. These shoes are often preferred for the stability they provide, and in most cases do not require people to use supplemental shoe inserts.

K-Swiss is an American brand that has been around since 1966. These shoes can be used for sports such as tennis. While these shoes do not qualify as an anti-skid, they do have a fair amount of grip that is needed for such sports.

Stable Enough For Advanced Training

They are fine for walking, cross-training, etc., as there come with decent support at arches too and the sole has designed a set of grooves that gives these shoes their stability and flexibility. The protrusions do not qualify as cleats but do not qualify as mere grooves either. 

Because of these shoes being lightweight, wearing them for long hours at work is not a problem at all, even if the work entails lifting heavy objects, or being on the move constantly. Their looks make them good enough for a casual outing too.K-Swiss Men's St329 CMF Sb Sneaker

These shoes are available in 16 different color combinations though the secondary colors are not exactly prominently visible. They are merely small logo like pieces affixed on these, and at times, the laces have those colors. The name of the company K-Swiss is embossed on the external side of the lace holes, and at times color.


  • Elegant and classy appearance because of leather uppers, and design that gives textiles at collars of these mid-top classy sneakers.
  • It can be used for multiple functions such as walking, running, cross-training, and sports like tennis, etc., though they are too expensive for difficult terrain. Being lightweight because K-EVA, they are good enough for regular usage in the work sphere, and as casual wear as well.
  • High-quality rubber sole with reasonable thickness and unusual tread and grooves make them highly stable as well as flexible, apart from good at absorbing shocks.
  • There is sufficient support at heels and arches to prevent injuries and offer reasonable cushioning for comfort.
  • The shoes are quite affordable considering their durability and usability.
  • These shoes can be polished to bring back their new appearance.
  • These shoes are available in various widths, so men with wider feet can also find a pair.
  • They are available in different colors.
  • The sock liner is made from a special type of memory foam which is of very high quality.


  • Being leather shoe moisture is its enemy and there is limited flexibility. This means they cannot be washed but they can be polished.
  • The shoes do not qualify as anti-skid shoes, though they do have some grooves and design insole that adds to stability as well as flexibility.
  • Though made from leather, these shoes will also not be the right choice as winter wear, as they are not anti-skid and can be damaged in snow.

Who It Is ForK-Swiss Men’s ST329 CMF Training Shoe sole

These shoes are certainly not the beginner’s shoes though they are not for people into advanced sports or cross-training. This means both these sneakers are good for men who are beginners or are into higher levels of training but not into the advanced level of training. Check this earlier post for our recommended footwear for crosstraining.

Also, these shoes serve the purpose of those individuals who have stability issues as these are fairly wide shoes with somewhat tiny cleats like support. 

K-Swiss Men’s ST329 CMF Training Shoe Overview

Salient features of K-Swiss Men’s ST329 CMF Training shoes are:

  • Leather uppers and attractive design at the heel.
  • Reinforcement and support at heel and arches.
  • Molded K-EVA midsole, which is soft, foamy, highly durable, compressible, shock-absorbing material.
  • High-quality rubber sole with unique types of grooves and protrusions that do not qualify as cleats but offer a fair degree of stability. Even the design of this sole at the bottom is such that the shoe is fairly flexible.
  • These shoes are available in varying widths, giving more stability.
  • For fastening, there is a lace arrangement.
  • The sock liner in these shoes is made from a type of memory foam that is of very high quality.

 K-Swiss ST329 CMF Training Shoe Price

Depending upon the product selected from this product line, prices vary from approximately $35.09 to $145.62.

Where To Buy

You can find these trainers at the following websites:


Onlineshoes.comK-Swiss Men's St329 CMF Sb Sneaker







Final Verdict

This is the pair of shoes that will steal the hearts away with looks. But it has more than looks. It offers stability along with mobility. It makes no pretenses of being anti-skid. But it still does not skid because of its design. 

These shoes were developed for sports like a game of tennis. But today, these are used for other functions as well. Being light because of EVA in it, they can be used in offices and is durable because of the sole, they can be used for cross-training.

They can also be used as casual wear because of leather uppers. On the whole, this pair of sneakers is certainly a worthwhile purchase, because it is highly durable.

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