Lobster Tennis Ball Machine


 Lobster Tennis Ball Machine

In the not so distant past, learning tennis was a difficult task. People needed coaches who were with them constantly, and opponents whose game was equally good, if not better.

Such coaching is expensive, and finding a tennis player who would be willing to play for long hours with a beginner and thereby bring down the caliber of their game is asking a bit too much.
Electronics helped to change the scenario.

Lobster tennis ball machine, in particular, has completely changed the way people practice the game of tennis.

What Is  Lobster Tennis Ball Machine?

The name suggests its purpose itself.

But there is more to Lobster tennis balls trolley that is easy to move around like a golf trolley because it is equipped with two 8 inches wheels and well-balanced trolley handle, which is about 3 feet in height.

Unlike golf trolley, however, this trolley is a sophisticated machine that throws tennis balls across the tennis court for practicing the desired shots.

Effectively, it helps to perfect shots, and also develop accuracy in shot selection against balls coming at a certain angle at specific speed.

Humanly, it is not possible for the other player or coach to come up with similar shots consistently.

This electronically controlled machine can offer many variations as well. Therefore, it becomes a perfect sparring tennis player.

What are the different types of variations possible with lobster tennis ball machine?

As a tennis player,you can choose elevation at which the ball should come at you as well as the power behind the ball coming at you.

The time gap at which the balls would be thrown and the speed of the ball can also be predetermined.

The ball can also be spun at varying degrees to help in identifying the best way a player can tackle such shots.
The best part of lobster tennis ball machine is that the electronic menu on this machine facilitates random shots which prepare the player for returning different types of volleys and balls coming at him or her.

What are the advantages of lobster tennis ball machine?

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There are other portable tennis ball machines, but lobster tennis ball machine scores over them all as the best tennis ball machine because of the following reasons:

A. It offers more variations, be it in speed, power, elevation, depth, sweep, the angle of spinning, oscillation, etc.

This is one of the very few machines that offers backspin as well as topspin, apart from random oscillation in some of its models;

B .It can hold large number of balls at any point in time;

C. It can be used for drills or for random practice;

D. There can be manual usage as well as can be programmed for usage.

There is a remote control offered with it. Players can also choose to make changes in menu settings, with the help of iPhones or Android devices.

Depending upon the game levels, the player can select the type of machine.

Many come with preloaded drills, which provide practice in drills.

Therefore, the machine trains on grinder shots, power baseliner shots, forehand shots, attacking shots, defending shots, and even shots from left handed players.

E.There are portable versions available of this tennis ball machine;

F. The machine is well designed for easy transportation;

G. There are battery variants, which do not require an electrical connection.

H. The machine is rather light despite coming with such sophisticated features and parts.

The machine has sophisticated look and design. It is, indeed ergonomically designed.

The handle can be used for pushing and pulling. It is a foldable handle.

I.The ball hopper can hold as many as 150 balls. To put things in perspective, the longest tennis rally had the ball crossing over the net, about 643 times.

This means each player hit the ball about 320 times.

On average, though, men manage only about 3.5 to 4.5 times across the net. Therefore, the hopper holding 150 balls can give comprehensive practice to the player using lobster tennis ball machine.


Professional tennis is no longer simply a game. It is a money fetching alternative, whether the player becomes a seeded player in any of the grand slam tournaments.

There is a lot of room to become professionals in this game, coach players, or simply enjoy the game for what it is. But learning the game and understanding it is important.
Lobster tennis ball machine is exactly what one looks for wanting to learn and excel in this game.

It also helps a regular player to brush up their skills and improve the overall quality of their game or come up with innovative shots.

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5 thoughts on “Lobster Tennis Ball Machine

  1. I want one and I don’t even play tennis. The funny thing is I’ve always wanted one, and I’ve wanted one of these machines since I was little because I wanted to use it to play a practical joke on my sister. However, now that I’ve grown up I see how mean it would be to have a hundred and fifty tennis balls flying at my sister.

    But my sister has a daughter who plays tennis, and I’ve forwarded your site on to her as she is always asking me questions about tennis (we never had the opportunity to play as kids) and I never seem to have the answer she is looking for!

  2. I’d like to see some pictures of this machine. It seems the photos aren’t showing up at the moment, maybe a broken link? But from your description, this sounds like a great tool for beginners that are trying to get into tennis. I’ve only played in high school gym class and this might be what I need to start taking it seriously.

  3. This looks like the exact thing I need! I have recently taken up tennis and as you said, it is hard to find someone that is willing to spend hours and hours helping you practice. If I had a machine like this I would be able to practice as much and as long as I want!

    Can you tell me how many balls it will hold?

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