Men`s Casual Sport Shoes That Are Affordable

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Product Name: WXQ Men’s Running Lightweight Breathable Casual Sports ShoesMen`s Casual Sport Shoes
Overall Ranking: 3 out of 5
Price: $50.27
Owners: WXQ

Introduction To WXQ Men’s Running Shoes

You want to get active but unsure which sports shoes to go for or are you looking for something on the cheaper side to get started? this post will look at WXQ lightweight breathable men`s casual sports shoes.

At the end of this post, you`ll be better informed of the cons and pros and we`ll also cover all the other info you need.

The first impression of these “running” shoes from WXQ is that they are what you would expect to find characters in some science fiction or martial arts exponents to wear. They are surprisingly fashionable and blend with most of the casual wear.

WXQ Men’s Running Lightweight Breathable Casual sports shoes are therefore fashion wear as well, apart from walking shoes.

Like loafers, they have no lace tying arrangement. However, they fit in snugly like some socks. They are as the name implies lightweight alright. This is achieved because of a one-piece knitted upper part and its rubber sole is made as light as possible. 

The stitching in place of shoelace and sides is stylish, as well as durable. The knitted part reaches a couple of inches above ankle level because of which there is no need to wear socks with these shoes, and these shoes can be used just like a slip-on.WXQ Men's Running Shoes Fashion Breathable Sneakers Mesh Soft Sole Casual Athletic Lightweight Walking ShoesEven insole in these shoes facilitates ventilation, preventing sweat, odor, and accompanying problems. These shoes have a firm grip primarily because of the grooves at their bottom.

These are fairly deep and wide offering firm grip, though they cannot function like cleats in football shoes. Therefore, the usability of these shoes is confined to running, walking, casual wear, indoor sports, and some outdoor sports. 

Not Suitable For Hiking

The rubber sole is fairly flexible, though it does seem a tad hard. Therefore, it cannot be used for hiking and running on tough terrains. (find tips on running on rough terrains here) Nor does it offer required traction for any medium level training exercises. The shoe does not offer much support on sides or even heels, so it is no highly suitable for sports activities as injuries are possible.


  1. The shoe looks extremely attractive and can be used for many purposes such as walking, sports, and running apart from being used as casual wear, and office wear because it fits snugly and the sole is flexible.
  2. It is lightweight and breathable. Even its insole is filled with holes to improve ventilation. It can also be washed easily. 
  3. It does have deep grooves for giving decent grip and preventing skidding
  4. The outsole is special – i.e., Eva sole, which prevents the collision. It is slip-resistant and fairly elastic.
  5. The shoe has some design advantages to reduce injuries to feet.
  6. It is available in different colors to go with different colored attires. Being extremely affordable, it is possible to buy multiple numbers of these shoes. 
  7. These most certainly can be used as school shoes. 
  8. Easy to wear
  9. They do not make any noise.
  10. These men`s casual sport shoes are affordable.


  1. It does not come with adequate support built in it. 
  2. It does get soaked in the rainy season and is not sufficiently warm in the snow. 
  3. The anti-skid property is limited
  4. It certainly is not as durable as many other shoes with similar features. you will, however, get value for their money. 
  5. Unlike loafers and other slip ones, these do require some bending and may not be as favored by those who have problems bending or lifting their feet to wear socks.

Who Is WXQ Men’s Running Casual Sports Shoes For?

These shoes, though being sold as Running shoes, and for casual sports, have limitations. It is true that they are light, and have some features needed for such activities, including grooves outsole, the elasticity of outsole, skid resistance, breathability, lightness, etc. Check our recommendation for running shoes.

Such features are essentially keeping beginners in mind. Therefore, these are more of fashion shoes than exercise shoes, though they can be used for running, and some sports.

WXQ Men’s Running Casual Sports shoe Overview

Salient features in WXQ Men’s Running Lightweight Breathable Casual Sports shoes are:

  1. The single upper knitted part with good quality stitching and easy to wear because of socks like knitting.
  2. Inner sole with perforations for enhancing breathability.
  3. The knitting covering a couple of inches above the ankle to give it more of socks like fashionable appearance and snug-fitting which prevents tripping and some of the injuries.
  4. Light elastic rubber outer sole with a fair degree of hardness to prevent injuries and some grooves to prevent skidding. This sole is made from EVA material. 
  5. Easy to wear, wash, and stylish in appearance.


As of date, these sneakers can be purchased in the price range of $7 to $29, depending upon the model that is selected in the product line.

Where To Buy

You can find these shoes on

Final Verdict

The price and colors make this product worthwhile addition, though the functionality is limited. The shoes may not be suitable for all four seasons in all parts of the world.

However, they are multipurpose, i.e., they can be used for running as well as walking, apart from being used for some of the sports these men`s casual sport shoes .

Although these are men`s casual sport shoes, they can be used by ladies. They are almost perfect for school and college students because of the fashion statement they make and the sizes as well as colors.

Costs are always a concern when children are in the growing age group. At $7, there are many flaws, but they certainly can be good as regular shoes without subjecting them to too much stress and strain. 

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