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Nike Tennis Shoes Explained

Nike Men's Nike Air Monarch IV Training Shoes 9.5 (White/Metallic Silver-Mid Navy)

Nike Tennis shoes are one of the best pairs of shoes for the game.  The company integrates a variety of technologies in different shoes in such a way that every buyer can find something that meets his or her requirements perfectly.

In addition, the company also allows people to customize some of its product lines, which is not something its competitors are offering as of now.

Basically, the buyer would be able to select outsole for the different type of courts, as well as any colors and designs when opting for such customization.

Technologies in Nikes Tennis shoes

To understand it better, it is best to know what the most Desirable qualities in the best tennis shoes are:

  • Durability;
  • Flexibility;
  • Cushioning to prevent injuries;
  • Less weight;
  • Ease maneuverability; and
  • stability.

Nike has developed nine different technologies for achieving such qualities. These technologies are in addition to universally accepted technologies for tennis shoes.

Here is a list of nine such technologies from Nike that are used in some of the Nike Tennis shoes. Nike uses permutations and combinations of these technologies in different sneakers.

Nike Air:                                      

This technology aims at making the shoe light. It also helps in providing a resilient cushioning to prevent injury to the foot. Nike uses highly durable, light, and flexible air bags in different parts of the shoes.  The positioning of these airbags within the shoes is crucial.

People have different feet structures. But almost all require these airbags under the forefoot and midsole of their shoe heel. These airbags are compressed on impact, but recover once the pressure is released.

Nike Zoom Nike Air Zoom Ultra Total Crimson/White/Black Men's Tennis Shoes

These are thinner varieties of airbags which increase stability on the court even as they provide the required level of protection to the midsole and forefoot. This thinner variety of airbags is needed in the shoes of those players who have to move swiftly.

 Nike Flywire Product Details

This is an advanced technology consisting of filaments. These filaments are positioned in specific parts of the shoes. They offer additional support to the shoe’s upper frame, quite like suspension bridge cables.

By including them in the shoes, Nike is also able to bring down the weight of the tennis shoes.

 Nike Max Air Product Details

The name implies that there are airbags in this technology as well. But these are larger. The primary purpose of this technology is to provide protection.

Shoes with this technology can withstand greater frequency of impact because the airbags included in this are larger unlike airbags in Zoom technology. Airbags increase the volume.

Correspondingly, the weight of the shoe pair comes down. Because of the volume of airbags, the shoes with this technology would have no other cushioning at midsole.

Nike Hyperfuse Nike Men's Roshe One Hyp Racer Blue/Racer Blue/Black Running Shoe 12 Men US

One of the major issues with tennis shoes is that stitches cannot stand frequent stress because of varying movements of the foot. Nike resolved this problem with its hyper fuse technology which fuses mesh layer, with lower synthetic layer and upper TPU layer.

The TPU or the thermoplastic polyurethane provides protection against climate conditions. On the whole, this three-layered upper ensures breathability and makes the shoes lighter as well.More on shoes breathability.

Nike Lunarlon cushioning Product Details

Though there are Nike Tennis Shoes like the “Air Vapor Advantage” in which Nike has integrated traditional cushioning material, i.e., phylon, Nike has its own cushioning technology.

This technology is called Lunarlon technology and can bring down the shoe’s weight by almost 30 percent when compared to Tennis shoes with other cushioning material. This technology is springy in nature.

Another advantage is that it distributes the impact more evenly thereby preventing any injury to the foot.

Nike Shox

This is columnar shock absorbing technology from Nike. It prevents the impact from hurting the foot. It is durable and springy in nature.

Nike Free

This is not a technology that is found in Nike tennis shoes. Yet, it is a technology that is useful for a tennis player because shoes made from it offer to consider flexibility and can be used to exercise foot muscles before a game.

Nike Dynamic Support        snickers,Nike Tennis Shoes Explained

The name indicates the purpose of this technology. This support is in form of soft foam on the lateral side, and at the midsole. Unlike the traditional support and cushioning technologies which tend to be heavy and stiff, this technology is springy and lighter.

Product lines

As of now, Nike has organized its product lines with different combinations of its technologies into collections. These collection lines are:

  • Nike Drag on:-

This collection consists of only one product for now, i.e., “Air Vapor Advantage”. It’s striking characteristics are durability, cushioning, and stability. These cost merely $90 as of now.

  • Nike Air:-

This is a slightly larger collection of Nike tennis shoes. The list includes NikeCourt product line such as NikeCourt “Air Zoom Ultra”, NikeCourt “Air Vapor Ace”, etc. The prices of these Nike Tennis shoes are anywhere between $80 and $130 as of now.

  • Nike Zoom:-

This is also a larger collection. The list includes “Air Zoom Ultra”, “Zoom Cage 2”, “Zoom Vapor 9.5 Flyknit”, “Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour”, “Zoom Ultra react” etc. Shoes such as “Air Zoom ultra” are designed keeping in mind the fact that some people have wider feet. These shoes cost anywhere between $80 and $230.

  • Nike Flywire;

The name indicates which technology has been incorporated. This collection also includes NikeCourt products such as “NikeCourt Lunar Ballistec 1.5”, “NikeCourt Air Zoom Ultra React”, “NikeCourt Air Zoom Ultrafly”, etc.

The cheapest among the lot is “Zoom Vapor 9.5 flyknit”, which costs approximately $110. NikeCourt “Zoom Vapor 9.5 Flyknit” is the costliest one as of now and it costs almost $180.

  • Nike Flyknit ; and

This collection consists of only two Nike Tennis Shoes, i.e., NikeCourt “Air Zoom Ultrafly”, NikeCourt “Zoom Vapor 9.5 Flyknit”. Cost varies from $110 to $180. The wire technology is knit instead of merely kept as wire in it.

  • Nike Lunarlon

There is only one pair of Nike Tennis shoe in this collection. It is the NikeCourt “Lunar Ballistec 1.5”.  It costs approximately $165 as of now. Nike Flex Trainer 5 Womens Cross Training Shoes Black/Anthracite/White 5 B(M) US




Nike sports shoes don’t come cheap. But the fact that they have been designed meticulously to ensure that every foot gets a shoe that seems customized technically as well as fashionably makes these sneakers the right choice for different games, and that`s the reason I looked into different sports footwear instead of only concentrating in tennis shoes.

Tennis players also practice other games like running, sprinting, weights and they need different shoes as the ones they need on a tennis court.

These sneakers are obviously designed for professional tennis and other sports. It is always better to purchase such shoes instead of using shoes that are likely to spoil the gameplay of the player.

All these sneakers can be bought at Amazon, just click on the image to make a purchase or you can click here and go to Amazon.

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