Novak Djokovic’s Vaccine Exemption for Australian Open An Insult

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Novak Djokovic’s vaccine exemption for the Australian Open is an insult not only to other players but to spectators and Australian people as a whole.

Djokovich first posted on Instagram on Tuesday morning last week that he had been granted the medical exemption.

Australian Open Tournament officials trying to be polite saying the decision was approved by independent experts.

Which experts? what about morals and double standards?

Vaccine Mandate For Players

The state of Victoria, where Melbourne is located, had mandated that all players, staff, and fans at the Australian Open be fully vaccinated unless there was a legitimate reason for an exemption.

Now, this is where Novak saw his chance to try and prove that rules do not apply to him, or should I say they apply to him only if they are to his advantage?

A Wiggle Room?

Now according to a tweet by Deputy Premier James Merlino Vaccine is mandatory for staff, players, and the rest, but there is a wiggle room. “Medical exemptions are not a “loophole” for privileged tennis players.

They’re actually necessary if you want to watch the Australian Open and work(ball boy for example?) The reason being that anyone who plans on attending should be fully vaccinated, which includes fans.”

Do You Believe this?

But this sounds hollow and shallow, Russian Tennis player Natalia Vikhlyantseva revealed she could not travel to the Australian open because her COVID-19 vaccine, Russian Sputnik V is not recognized by local health authorities.

At least she has a Vaccine, Djokovich does not, yet she can not participate. Is it because she`s not a top 10 tennis player so she does not get special treatment?

Disrespecting Australian People And The Tennis Game

Thumbing his nose at an entire country, trying to prove himself how powerful he is. It`s a disgrace and an insult to the ATP as a whole if they let Novak play, there is no way around it or a polite way to say it.

Queensland has lived with Covid-19 restrictions and disruptions for over 18 months, what makes it ok for an outsider to think they can come in, not follow the rules and expect an exception?

What most folks do not understand is why Australia is being very strict with other folks but bending to accommodate Djokovich.

What about the low-ranked players who are not yet rolling in Tennis prize money and could not afford to have a court hearing arrangement over a weekend?

Do you know what options they have? Pack their bags and leave.

Let`s face it, not all Tennis players can afford expensive lawyers to present them in something that any person with respect will say “I tried my way in but it did not work” and go away silently with the head bowed down.

But not Nole, he had to make some noise, I find it arrogant, disrespectful, and disgraceful.

Causing drama

I’m not one to speak diplomatically, but I find Novak is causing drama many of us do not need.

So let`s say the ATP let him participate in the AO, how does he expect other players (who followed the rules and are vaccinated to feel)? I know Rafa and Andy Murray spoke diplomatically about the situation but…………

What are the ball boys and ball girls supposed to do, what about the locker rooms? how does he expect to handle the Tennis balls or when he needs a quick racket change?

Maybe He`ll play with a tennis ball machine as his opponent.

To Expect Vaccine Exemption For Australian Open Is Rude

With all things considered I find it quite rude, arrogant, and selfish given that some players can not take part. If Novak is trying to prove something, it is time to call it quits.

Should he get his way and be allowed to take part, I hope the rest of Victoria will come together and say no, we are not going to watch this guy play. But I know that is a wish full thinking on my part.

Power, control, and dominance are ok, but do it with a tennis racquet on the court on fair terms.

Nole may break the Tennis Grand Slam record before Roger Federer or Rafa does so but to me, he will never have their class and grace.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I do not think Roger or Rafa could have had the guts to ask for what Nole is asking for, their integrity will just not allow it.

Do Us All A Favor

I respect and admire the fact that Novak stood his ground, not everyone could have tried to pull this off. That`s why we are in a free world, entitled to our opinions, we can take it or leave it.

But I feel there is a place for everything, if all of us have to wear masks, vaccinate, or whatever, we mostly have two choices, do it or leave it or move on to something elsewhere our choices are better tolerated.

But once we have made our choices, we should also respect other people’s choices, we just can not/ should not try to force ourselves into their spaces just because we chose differently.


I feel that Novak Djokovic’s vaccine exemption for the Australian Open is an Insult to many players, and spectators alike but mostly, it is wrong to expect Australians to just accept an exception for a specific person yet they have been limited as to what they can do and can`t depending on if they are vaccinated or not.

It`s time for ATP and the Australian government to say enough of the drama. Let other players have that space.

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  1. When I first heard that from my husband and then read some more news, I really think that he is too much! Even he is a world-class tennis player, if he wants to be in, he needs to follow the rules that everybody does. Show the world the “fairness” is more charm to show the world “I am the King” type of attitude. 

    And I am so happy to know the final result, he is OUT! 

    1. Thanks Carmen, personally I feel angry and disturbed, t seems things like fairness for all in sports applies more to specific players than others.

      I just hope he could pack his bags and get out quietly.

  2. I disagree, I personally think the Australians are far too strict with the virus guidelines. Even if you are vaccinated you can still get the virus. No need in my view for any vaccines, people should just take high doses of vitamin C every day. I don’t blame Djokovic, why risk your health taking an experimental vaccine that could permanently debilitate you and cause to not perform as well. I understand his fears completely. I think the world has gone completely mad with the entire reaction to the pandemic.

    1. I totally agree with you, he`s free to chose and leave what he puts into his body, just as he`s free to let other players who chose to be vaccinated play and move on to another journey where it`s ok to play without being vaccinated.

      What bother me is that some players were not allowed in, why should he be? 

      Have your opinions and choices, but don`t try to force it on other people.

      To me it will be a disgrace and an insult to other players and the Australian open organizers if they let him play.Along the way, things have come up so it seems even his visa has issues.

  3. Hi,

    I love tennis a lot. But, I am also a bit disappointed about what happened. Rules are made for everyone and just can not believe some people can be exempted because of their status and others not. I think the Australian government could have asked him to vaccinate in advance.  

    1. Maybe you`re right, but I don`t think they had to ask him to, he knows his responsibility so he know real well what he had to do.

      What`s going on is that Novak is trying to prove a point.The Australians have to accept that the tournament will be there long after Novak is retired so they should do the right ting.

      Australian open 2022 has just brought so much noise,for nothing really,this was supposed to have been dealt with fast after his visa got canceled but no, he had to go to court to prove a point.

  4. Well that’s not fair! If vaccinated and you can’t play but then someone who is not vaccinated is allowed no problem.

    1. That`s what many of us have issues with for someone to come from far away, unvaccinated and expect to be accepted to play yet other unvaccinated players are not allowed to.

  5. Hi mate,

    I am in favor of vaccinations, but I do think Novak Djokovic’s exemption is an insult to the other players. I’m really glad tennis is providing me with so much joy. However, I’m not too happy about what happened. Even if the rules are in effect for everybody, some clearly get to be let off the hook because of their status & not others.

    The vaccinations in Covid-19 era have affect every body life, and tennis players are not exceptional too.

    Hope Government has close a look and respect others’ values more.

    1. Thanks for commenting, im glad the Australian authority decided to deny him entry and deported him, what Novak Djokovich “tried to do” is tasteless and disrespectful to others players or otherwise.He`ll now not be there to defend his title so who knows,Let`s hope he`s not banned from entering Australia for the next 3 years.Novak is in his 30s now, being banned from entering Australia for the next 3 years could mean the end of the Australian open for him.

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