Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoes Review

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.Product Name: Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoe

Overall ranking: 4/5

Price: $ 81.58

Best Place To Buy: Amazon

User Review: Check user review here

Introduction To Prince T22 Women Tennis Shoes

Never being a disappointment to their customers, the Prince took their most in-demand and favorite tennis shoes, i.e., the Tennis T10 shoes.

Then made several improvements to further better their T-series shoe line. Specifically for players who value comfort, lightweight, support, and high performance.

The most prominent change Prince made is taking away the weight to make it lighter and using lighter material in its making especially the upper part.

The upper is essentially re-designed for better breathability and stability besides making it light-weight.

It is flexible and well-ventilated for added comfort. A survey by found that 40% of us value breathability in all kinds of shoes so better breathability is a win-win.

Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoes are known to be one the comfortable pair of shoes specifically for the person with wide feet.

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This shoe has a spacious enough toe box for such people to move their toe comfortably. The rash toe cap provides protection for the toe from abrasion.

Add in the impressive rubber outsole durability along with the presence of a wide base.

Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoe makes for stable sports shoes for any player. T22 has a good grip which would prevent any slipping on hard courts while playing.

The plush cushioning is for added comfort for the feet. The TPU offers improved stability and the midsole uses shock eraser to absorbs much of the impact to prevent injury.

Prince started production in the 70s so the company can be considered young compared to giant companies like Adidas. Prince Women's T22 Tennis ShoeGenerated buttonPros Of Prince T22 For Women 

Like any product, Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoes also has some weaker points but not a deal-breaker.

We`ll check at the pros and cons to help you be well informed if you choose to buy it.

Prince T22 Women Tennis shoes Review

  1. Comfortable with a light-weight upper. 
  2.  Better cushioning. 
  3.  Wide and roomy for individuals with wide feet.
  4.  The uppers are more supple.
  5.  Quick to break-in.
  6.  Made with a high arch and proa vide good arch support.
  7.  Has a higher heel in comparison to other tennis shoes.
  8.  Provides one of the best support systems for the feet.
  9.  The rubber outsole is long-lasting.
  10.  Reliable and durable.


⦁    The heel part has less cushioning.

⦁    A high arch can take some getting used to.

⦁    Not as light as expected while playing.

Who Are Prince t22 Tennis Shoes for?

These shoes are suitable for tennis players and sportspersons that have wide feet and require extra room for their toes.

Like many tennis shoes, these are multi-function shoes that you can use for jogging, running, and any sports of your choice.

Did I mention I use mine for easy walking and comfort when I`m out shopping?Generated button

Final Verdict On Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoes Review

Undoubtedly, one of the most comfortable pairs of tennis shoes with added support and if you are someone who likes to slide during gameplays then this one might be not for you because this pair offers good traction.

Apart from being recommended for playing tennis, Prince women`s T22 tennis shoes can be combined with jeans for shopping trips or a casual walk.

They are the kind of shoes that work well with just about any outfit. Check out other shoes recommended for women here.

Where to buy Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoes

If you have wide feet and are having trouble finding the right pair of shoes then Click on the link below to find yourself a tennis shoe pair that not only will fit your feet but will offer comfort and support from Amazon.

Other recommended sites are or this site here

Of course, you can check at your local sports goods store or some other online vendors.

But my research found Amazon has the best price out there.

Conclusion On Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoes Review

The very first phrase uttered after wearing Prince Women`s T22 Tennis shoes is “Wow! These are very comfortable”. One can’t help it. And that’s one of the things Prince was aiming for and achieved without a doubt.

Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoes in white/silver is the vast improvement and a brilliant modification of their ClassicPrince T10 tennis shoes to create another much better tennis shoe for their T-series collection.

Along with new developments and modifications, Prince T22 women`s tennis shoes offer much of the main features of its predecessor. Apart from white and silver, there is a selection of colors to chose from.

I hope this Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoes Review has been useful and will help you make an informed decision on your next sports shoe purchase.

If you have any questions, just leave me a message below and I will get back to you.

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