Puma Running Shoes For Men[Men’s Ignite Flash Evoknit]

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Product Name: Puma Men’s Ignite Flash Evoknit

Overall Ranking: 4.5 out of 5

Price: Ranging from $25.78 to $129.95

Owners: Puma



Puma Men’s Ignite Flash Evoknit is one of the most elegant pair of sneakers for running.

Its uppers are made completely from the fabric. Most shoes have synthetic uppers or even mesh of the uppers made from such material. But in these evoKnit shoes, this is genuine fabric.

The upper is knitted attractively in two colors. It feels like a sock. Apart from it, these shoes have a striking lacing section. However, these shoes are almost like a slip-on.

The Ignite unit of these low top sneakers consists of memory foam midsole, which is soft.

In addition to it is a heel cage. This unit offers stability by locking or fixing the heel on to the platform.  

Memory foam in this pair of shoes is also soft. Along with fabric uppers, this foam makes the shoes light and comfortable.

It does not take long to break in these shoes because of memory foam.

As these sneakers are light, they can be worn for long hours, and therefore, they can be worn at workplaces.The best puma running shoes for men

The great thing about these shoes is that the arch in them is comfortable.

There is no arch support per se, and yet it is designed in such a way that most people who have issues with such shoes would not find these sneakers objectionable. 

Removable Insoles

The insole is removable in this, and the tongue does not obstruct wearing them.

Many runners hate that as it requires them to focus on wearing the shoe.

It is also easier to use any inserts as a person may need with their feet because the insole is removable. 

The heel has been given plenty of support to prevent injuries. The white-colored rubber outsole can be easily distinguished from midsole at the heel externally.

This part of the shoes consists of two layers of reinforcement in between the white rubber outsole and textile uppers.

In addition to this is the under sole which has a heel clip made from molded rubber.

Check an earlier post on a pair of Puma running shoes for men with flat feet.

A similar molded piece exists under toes as well. There is a distinct pattern of grooves forming a spiderweb-like network in this under the sole.

Around the forefoot which comes down considerably as it approaches the arch and is eventually surrounded by the molded rubber clipping at the heel. This pattern ensures greater flexibility and some traction. Gray puma running shoes for men with white solesThese shoes are not for regular gym use or even athletic activities. Neither are they for regular rope jumping or sports, though they can be used for all such activities, occasionally.

Using them extensively for such activities will lead to reducing their life to six months or less. These are basically for walking and running.


  • These shoes can be washed easily 
  • They have removable insole which helps to use any inserts for getting the better fitting.
  • These are “true to size” shoes for most people, though some may need a half size up. This is because of the flexibility the upper offers. 
  • The shoes are easy to wear, almost slip on, thanks to the heel pull “tab”.
  • These are affordable shoes when compared to expensive brand shoes.


  • These shoes cannot be worn in rainy weather because they have 100 percent textile uppers.
  • These sneakers also have limited traction.
  • The internal lining gives way faster.
  • Durability is suspect.

Who Is It For

These shoes can only be used by beginners, be they athletes or sportspersons. These are designed for runners.

Therefore, these may not suffice for other types of gym activities but I still consider them puma running shoes for men if used for the right purpose.

Not Suitable For ALL activities

These shoes can only be used by beginners, be they athletes or sportspersons.

These are designed for runners. Therefore, these may not suffice for other types of gym activities. But you can find other cross-training shoes in an earlier post here.

It does not mean that these sneakers cannot be used for the gym.

It just means that wear and tear will be more if they are used extensively for such activities. 

In so far as cross-training is concerned, these shoes are best avoided as they do not have enough traction, and may not withstand such stress and strain as is generated in such activities.


Salient features of Puma Men’s Ignite Flash Evoknit are:

  • The Evo kit technology which is made from fabric instead of synthetic materials. This increases flexibility and offers decent breathability. Being fabric, it is also lighter.
  • The Ignite technology, which pertains to the midsole and outsole of these shoes. It includes memory foam as the midsole. The heel cage also forms part of this proprietary technology. Finally, there is the specially molded rubber reinforcement at the heel in the under the sole. 


Different puma running shoes for men come at different price tags, Puma Men’s Ignite Flash Evoknit range from $50 up to $129.95 depends on where you purchase.

Where to Buy

These shoes may be bought from

www.amazon.comRed puma running shoes for men with white soles




Final Verdict

Puma makes no tall claims of functionality for these shoes. Yet, it is difficult to be disappointed with the shoes considering their affordability.

They might not be the shoes Husain Bolt will choose for his sprints but they are still good running shoes.

After all, they can be used for almost everything that contemporary sneakers are used, apart from being used for as casual wear or office wear.

However, these shoes cannot be used extensively for sports, exercises, gym, or professional training. 

These are ideal for traveling and limited gym training, walking, jogging, and running.

Because of such usage, and the fact that these are available in a wide range of colors makes them worthwhile purchase.

More so, because they look good, and are comfortable wear for a better part of the year. 

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