Saucony Ride ISO Running Shoes Review

Saucony running shoes

Product Name: Saucony Ride ISO Running Shoes

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5Saucony Ride ISO Running Shoes Review
Price: $59.95

Owner: Saucony




Saucony shoes have been adding new measures to lighten running shoes, improve their upper comfort, and to reduce energy loss during the ride.

Although they have different running shoes, this here is going to be Saucony Ride ISO Running shoe review to help inform you in detail what to expect from this pair.

The Ride ISO offers a competitive choice in running shoes that will emphasize these characteristics. This Ride ISO shoe focuses on providing a dynamic as well as an efficient fit for the neutral runners.

The Saucony Ride line is best known for a balanced mix of weight, optimum comfort, and durability at a reasonable price. With Ride ISO, it also added in a focus on the fit of the shoe.Although Saucony Ride ISO 3 looks like a modern trainer with very light use of colors, It fades without highlighted sections or any flashy overlays.

The pattern in this shoe is one of the best for a smoother heel to toe transition. There are numerous groves running laterally in a zig-zag pattern under the midfoot. They give this shoe ample rubber coverage without having to restrict movement that much.

The type of rubber used in the design is much similar to past models. They use a cushioned blown rubber in the shoe’s low wear areas and a harder durable rubber one in the high wear areas.

PWRFOAM above the outsole has little documentation on it. It appears similar to its POWERGRID foam as they both seem to distribute pressure well for a smooth as well as a comfortable shoe.

Above the PWRFOAM, there is EVERUN topsole. It is a thin layer of TPU foam. EVERUN foam has outstanding benefits such as better energy return, an improved cushioning, durability, and low-performance deviations in varied temperatures.

EVERUN is expensive, therefore, a little of it is used. The presence of these foams makes Ride ISO a lightly plush shoe. It doesn’t, however, take away too much energy all the while continuing to provide neutral support.Saucony Ride ISO Running Shoes Review to help you make informed decision if this black and yellow running shoe is the right choice for you. Pros

  • Equipped with a comfortable ISOFIT upper
  • It has extra cushioning from the EVERUN foam
  • The upgrades have a sleek design
  • The upper unit of this running shoe is found to be comfortable.
  • There are various color schemes with this shoe. The color schemes are very appealing to the eyes.
  • It has a laudable roomy forefoot section which allows the natural spreading of the toes.
  • The back portion of the shoe’s upper gives the ankle and heel support.
  • It has an admirable lightweight construction. 
  • This running shoe is flexible.
  • Good choice for those who suffer from underfoot problems like tendon or muscle strain.


  • The shoe may feel narrow to some.
  • The medium width profile was found to be a bit narrow.
  • The underfoot was not as supportive or as comfortable as expected.
  • The shoe’s sizeable sole unit makes the whole shoe look bulky.
  • Who Is It For?
  • Saucony Ride ISO is for any of the neutral runners who are looking for a responsive and long-lasting durable shoe.

Saucony Ride ISO Running shoe Overview

The Saucony Ride ISO is an update to the new Saucony series. It is meant to provide an accommodating performance to the neutral pronators.

ISOKNIT used in this shoe is the amalgamation of knitted textiles and the Sauconys proprietary sock-like construction. ISOKNIT is designed to resemble woven textiles.

 Long runs feel like you could go longer, and the toe-off was perfect Saucony ride ISO running shoes makes running feel fun, the outsole has also been reduced, reducing the bulkiness, but the durability and traction is still just perfect.

It is specifically crafted to prevent skin irritation and also hot spots. It helps in bringing in breathable support. Check our other top choice on breathable shoes here.

The midsole unit uses a foam compound that is made to absorb the impact shock and to provide responsive cushioning. The contoured midfoot helps support and cushion the arch. A flexible rubber acts as a shield. The outsole unit uses the TRI-FLEX crystal outsole. It is a durable material that is meant to protect the platform from wear and tear. 

The ISOFIT dynamic fit system of this shoe allows the upper to hug your foot precisely. This gives a well-fastened yet unrestrictive wrap.

For running shoes, comfort and protection of the feet is the first thing that comes to mind. Saucony has taken comfort, protection, and overall design and made these sneakers a top choice for many runners.

For people who`ve experienced shoes with lesser foam, Saucony will surprise you how well the padding is.

Where To Buy?

You can find Saucony Ride ISO at the following online stores: I`m sure you have your favorite shop but I only share the online stores I know have these running sneakers. Let me know if I missed any. Women's Triumph Iso 3 Running Sneaker

Final Verdict

The Saucony Ride ISO running shoe branches into the new territory of the Ride line. It has made an improvement in the fit, comfort, and its overall running efficiency. A modern design combined with comfort makes this running shoe a good choice for regular training.

The Saucony Ride ISO offers satisfying performance. However, the underfoot cushioning system has received a mixed response with some saying that it was supportive while others claiming the opposite.

You try it and let me know your response to this but I hope this Saucony Ride ISO Running Shoes Review covered all areas you need to make an informed decision if these are the right running shoes or not.

The shoe has been a successful release but it still can be improved. It is on the plusher side of cushioning. The Saucony Ride ISO running shoes live up to what Saucony promises. 

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