Should You Buy Tennis Rackets Online?


Whether to buy tennis racket online is all about knowing what you are comfortable with and which features are likely to offer you the required advantages and meet your needs.

For a beginner, any racquet may seem adequate, and price may become the major criterion when it should not. Professionals are better equipped in selecting the tennis racquet they need.
A beginner, however, needs to learn how to choose the tennis racquet based on style and dimensions, especially if they are buying tennis racket online.

 What You Need To Look For Before You Buy Tennis rackets online

a. Make:
There are several established brands of tennis racquet manufacturers. The list includes Dunlop, Wilson, Slazenger, Head, etc.

The prices at which these are available almost identify the better ones. It, however, does not mean that the most expensive racquet would essentially be the most suitable one for you as a player.
People differ in their playing style, physique, and preferences. Those factors also play a role in deciding which racquet would be suitable for them when they buy tennis racket online.
b. Material:
Some are lighter, some are heavier. Choice includes racquets made from graphite, aluminum, titanium, Kevlar, carbon fiber, and Boron. Each of these racquets has different characteristics.

Beginners are often asked to select racquets made from graphite or aluminum, which are lighter than those made from titanium, but not as light as those made from Boron or Kevlar.
This does not mean that professionals should only select racquets from other categories. Personal comfort levels with the type of racquet and their suitability to the game are important.

Tennis racquets made from Boron, carbon fiber, and Kevlar are expensive as well. That is another factor that must be borne in mind.

Racquets made of Kevlar and Boron tend to be less flexible when compared to others.
c. Specifications:
i. Length:

In general, tennis racquets have a length of 27 inches though some may be as long as 29 inches. The reach may be more with longer racquets, and so will the power on a swing. Correspondingly, aiming becomes a tad difficult.Check my other post on choosing the right tennis rackets
ii. Head sizes:

babolat_aero_pro_drive_gt_jr_french_open,Tennis Racketsbabolat_aero_pro_drive_cortex_racquet,Tennis Rackets


Racquets with larger heads are usually more suited for beginners. Racquets with medium sized heads are often referred to as Tweener racquets.

The heads in these are well balanced with the length. Finally, there is the smaller head racquet, offering more control, but available with varying lengths.
Normally it is in the range of 106 square inches to 118 square inches. Some racquets may even have more, i.e., the square inches in their heads may be in the range 120 to 130.

A Higher number of square inches imply power, whereas lower number implies control.
iii. Weights of the racquets:

Weights of racquets generally vary from 9 oz to 10 oz.
iv. Beam widths:

The beam widths also vary. Racquets with beam widths between .9055 inches and 1.06229 inches offer more power and are therefore ideal for beginners.
v. String patterns:

Some tennis racquets have 16 x 16 stringing pattern, whereas there may be other racquets which come with 16 x 19 stringing pattern. Some racquets may facilitate both types of stringing. Stringing patterns may also be open and closed ones. Open stringing implies high speed. Closed stringing, i.e., denser stringing gives more power.
vi. Flexibility:

As Kevlar, are least flexible. Usually, the stiffness is compared and ranges between 45 and 75 though some racquets have stiffness as high as 100. Lower stiffness gives greater control as well as spin. But higher stiffness is helpful in a game that requires more power.
d. Grip:
It varies from person to person. Usually, the racquet’s handle is designed for grips that are anywhere from four inches to four inches plus five-eighth of an inch. But many buyers do not know how to measure their grip. Grip size has to be a linear measure.
To calculate it, hold the open palm of the right or left hand straight, with fingers stacked one over the other. The thumb would obviously be on the top.

Now measure the distance from the middle of the middle line (referred in palmistry as the headline) to the top of the middle finger and this is usually the grip measure.
It is possible to confirm the grip measure by holding others racquets and deciding whether there is some gap


  • Based on the above-mentioned criteria, it is easy to identify the requirements. Players differ in their playing style and strength. Racquets need to be selected accordingly. Players who are already hard hitters may opt for racquets that are less powerful to tone down the speed and get better control.
    If the dilemma is whether you should buy tennis racquets online or not, you might want to consider the following pros and cons:

short Tennis racketShould You Buy Tennis Rackets Online?

Pros of buying tennis racquet online

I. Finding good bargain is easier
Retailers differ in the margins they add to the manufacturer’s price. Therefore, one retailer may offer the same product a bit cheaper than another retailer.

But physically, it is not possible to visit many shops. Web sites, however, offer information on many products, and these are competitively priced as well.
There is no retailer margin nor any showroom cost etc., that increases the price exorbitantly. So the pricing advantages applicable to other online purchases are applicable to online purchases of tennis racquets as well.
II. Finding the right product is easierbuy Tennis racquet online,
Retailers do not keep stock of racquets with different measurements. Therefore, a racquet with required specifications may not be available with the retailer.

Physically searching for a tennis racquet that meets the desired specifications may be time-consuming. But with online resources, it is easy to identify and order the product.
III. Specifications can be matched

Many players are skeptical whether specifications of tennis racquets can be tallied. Nowadays, websites offer enough choices to pull up the racquets that meet required specifications, including tension levels in these racquets.
IV. Reliability
Manufacturers often have authorized dealers. Therefore, genuine products can be purchased from authorized dealers of the manufacturers.
V. Reviews
Unlike in conventional purchases, the buyer can rely on reviews and take a call accordingly.
Cons of buying tennis racquet online
I. Choice
In conventional racquets, it is possible to test the racquet and compare with other racquets for all its features and comfort level.

When you buy tennis racquet online, a buyer essentially has to stick to the specifications list he or she developed, even if there may be better specifications around which can only be identified with practical experience.
II. Risks in online transactions
There is the inherent risk of purchasing anything online, not just the tennis racquets. The amount is often paid through credit cards or bank accounts. Such information then becomes vulnerable to attack by hackers.
Buying a tennis racquet online has become easier nowadays. The buyer can order the product that he or she wants by being precisely accurate about the specifications and other features.

Most of the tennis racquets sellers offering them through online resources allow a user to specify exactly what he or she needs. It is difficult to go wrong with such purchase. Good news is that it is possible to return the product as well.

Have you bought anything online that you had to return?what was your experience? let me know below.

6 thoughts on “Should You Buy Tennis Rackets Online?

  1. That is some very useful advice. Especially some great advice on what to think about when looking for a tennis racquet and not knowing very much about it like me. Thanks.

    You mention that there can be a risk of buying something online. I think that very much depends on the shop you use and there are so many legit internet shops today. But as I said, I do not know too much about where to find tennis equipment. Which site would you recommend that is both safe and ships to Europe?

    1. Hello Michael,for starters,there is Amazon very trusted and reliable and they have a hige selection on tennis racquets.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. What a life saver this article is! My husband and I are moving to a place that has tennis courts and we have played tennis once before and decided we wanted to take advantage of our free access and play again… but we know nothing about tennis or what racket to buy. There are so many things I had no idea I even had to consider like the string patterns, beam widths, flexibility, etc. This has been so helpful for us to decide which racket we should choose, and if we should buy it online. Thank you for your help! 🙂

    1. Thanks Jasmine,Amazon has a wide selection on tennis racquets,from beginner tennis racquets to more expensive professional tennis racquets.

  3. You point out all of the important features to consider when buying a tennis racquet, which is helpful since there are so many things to consider. I’ve been playing tennis for over 30 years and have never bought a tennis racquet online. My reason is that I like to demo the racquet first to make sure I feel comfortable playing with it. That said, if someone knows the make and model of the racquet that they want to purchase there is no reason not to buy it online and potentially save money. I buy practically everything else online so maybe I’ll consider doing this in the future, especially since you say they can be returned if I’m not satisfied.

    1. Thanks for comment Lynn,it`s true if you already know the make and model of tennis racquet you want, you can easily buy tennis racquets online and save money.

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