Should You Buy Used Tennis Equipment

Tennis game need different equipment and when getting started, a player is sure to ask should l buy second-hand tennis equipment to save money?

If you are a beginner tennis player, you already know that there are varieties of equipment needed to play the game. New equipment doesn’t come cheap especially those that are necessary for tennis.

To save money, you can opt to buy used tennis equipment. They should be in good condition to avoid putting you at risk of injury or leaving you frustrated.

The following are used tennis equipment you can purchase and what you need to look for when buying them.

Some Used Tennis Equipment To Consider

1.Used  Tennis Racquets

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Tennis Racquets are indispensable when it comes to playing tennis. When purchasing a used Tennis Racquet, you need to know exactly what you are looking for so as to avoid limiting yourself to the price perspective.

For instance, you may be having the idea of buying a power racquet but instead, you buy a tweener. This will be just a waste of money.

You should buy a racquet that is recommended for the level at which you are playing. However, if you find a good deal on a racquet that is of a level up, you can purchase it and keep it for later on.Choosing the right tennis racquet.

2. Used Tennis Balls

Tennis balls have to be replaced on a regular basis thus presenting a big expense to many people. They come in three models which include basic, extra duty and high altitude.

It is advisable not to buy used tennis balls especially when you are not sure that they are not pressurized.

Still, if you find the right type of used ball with a fuzzy felt surface, you can give it a shot. It will probably save you a few dollars which you can save up and use to purchase new tennis balls.

You can check at your local tennis club should they have any balls that professionals used for warm-ups or training, most of these balls do have a life left in them.

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3. Used Tennis Bags 

Buying a used tennis bag in good condition can reap you some huge financial benefits. You should inspect the bag thoroughly especially the zippers, pockets, straps and other accessories the bag may be having.

It should be of a suitable size that suits your needs. The secondhand tennis bag you purchase should also be of a material that is easy to clean and maintain otherwise it will end up costing you some extra of dollars in maintaining it in the perfect condition.(check Tennis equipment).

4. Used Tennis Clothes

Used tennis clothes can be purchased without a problem. Most of those sold are usually in great condition so what you should check is whether you are comfortable in them.

Ensure you get the right size for your body otherwise you will have a hard time playing in them. Most importantly, buy a variety.This is so that you do not wear the same outfit too many a time and wear it out.

5.Used Tennis Shoes

If there are used tennis equipment that you should not buy, it’s the shoes. You do not know how the former owner used to wear them ultimately you can’t tell if their lateral support is still high.

If it is low, it can cause you injuries among other problems. Used tennis shoes may also look your size but once you wear them, you realize that they do not fit properly which can be disruptive to you when playing.

If you purchase used tennis racquets, used tennis bags and used tennis clothes, you will have saved money at the end of the day which you can then use to buy new tennis shoes.(choosing the right Tennis shoes).

6. Other Equipment

You can find great deals on other used tennis equipment such as caps and headbands, tennis gloves, tennis wristbands, mini resistance bands and training aids such as speed chute, agility quick ladder, Tennis ball machine and tennis trainer among many other technologies.

Some of these used pieces of equipment such as caps and headbands may seem minor but at the end of the day, they all have a role to play in your tennis game.

Used tennis training aids will not only help you save especially if you are just getting started but also help you improve the way you play.

If you do not feel comfortable buying used tennis equipment, you can check at some online outlet shops that sell equipment at reasonable prices.


Buying used tennis equipment can surely save you a lot of money. You only have to be careful not to buy equipment that is too worn out to be of use.

Once you have enough money, you should not hesitate from also buying new equipment because they last longer and can give you great motivation to play.



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