Tennis Court Equipment Any Club Must Have

Tennis court equipment has consistently gained popularity over the years, as tennis improves and is played more world wide, thanks to the large sums that are given to winners as prize money, which incidentally keeps on increasing annually, and there are many such tournaments being played across the world in different seasons.

Its popularity also draws high-end products manufacturers, who prefer to use the players as models for their products, which translates into additional income for the players.

Tennis is also a good way to keep the body exercised and lose some weight while enjoying doing what you are doing. It is, therefore, not surprising that most clubs that have tennis courts have more members than they can handle, and consequently, they charge hefty membership fees as well. Tennis, Network, Sport, Balls,Tennis Court Equipment

But such membership fees are also based on the kind of facilities the club offers, which now include equipment with state of the art technologies integrated into them. In addition, there are tennis accessories to consider.

In fact, such equipment and tennis accessories are rarely thought to be different. Even so, there are such equipment kits and accessories that are meant for private usage and others that are specially designed for clubs.

The reason for this is that people may not always manage to find time to drive through snarling traffic jams to reach the club and they might prefer to go elsewhere and play their game.

Moreover, clubs have one member too many so the players can barely get enough games after having traveled that far.

Tennis Court Equipment And Accessories For Clubs

The list of tennis court equipment that clubs use include

  • Net, net posts, winders, etc.

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Tennis nets are linked to net posts. There are two types of these nets, i.e., some nets are wound up externally, whereas others may be wound up internally. The drop of these nets can be 2’ 6” or 3’ depending upon whether the net has to touch the ground or not.

The length is 42’ which is equivalent to the double’s court. There is a central strap and its anchor. In addition, there are singles sticks on either side of this central strap. The distance between these sticks and the central strap is 16’6”.

Effectively, the distance between the centers of the two singles stick is 33’, as is needed for singles court. The net posts and the single sticks on either side are 3’6” in height, whereas the central strap is 3’.   The winder is to tighten the net. 

Umpire chairs

  • Tennis game requires a referee or umpire, and the umpire overlooks from the top, though he or she may not be taking any line calls. A stand is approximately 5 feet above “the ground level”.


  • These serve a dual purpose. They prevent the wind from disturbing the game too much. They also prevent the ball from leaving the area slightly beyond the court, i.e., baseline.


  • There can be different uses of timers or clocks. They indicate the time when the game began and how many minutes the game or the set lasted for. In the case of big tournaments, there are many timers, showing times of different regions.

        Player’s and spectator seats, water coolers, and court organizers

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  • Players take a break between games and sets. They sit on benches and refresh themselves. They would need some water, and perhaps something to eat or drink. They would also need towels, and in hot climates, ice packs.
  • The court organizers hold their refreshments, as well as other personal things such as their wallets, keys, etc.

Scoreboards or score keepers

  • Without the scoreboards, it would be difficult to decide who won and who lost. Moreover, in clubs, the same players could go on playing forever on the same court.

Line call inspecting machinery

  • There can always be a dispute on line calls,(watch the youtube video) and well-established clubs have cameras recording game so that the decisions of linesmen if disputed, can be reviewed, and based on the available data, the umpire can decide who should get the point.

           Tarpaulin to cover the court in case of rain

  • Rains tend to play havoc with the game, especially Wimbledon matches. The court should remain playable even in such situations. Contemporary tennis courts get covered at the roof level enabling players to continue their game. 

    However, the court may have to be covered in case such stadium cover is not available.

    Ball throwing machines or ball machines

  • Nowadays, people have sophisticated equipment like tennis ball machines, read my earlier post on Tennis ball machines which can be used to perfect some shots as the machine is able to generate similar shots umpteen number of times, unlike human beings.

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    Therefore, practicing with machines becomes easier. Most clubs offer such facilities, as well as the players, may not find somebody to play the game with.

Backboards or walls

  • In the absence of any player to play with, the tennis player can continue to practice using the walls or backboards, and ball machines such as lobster ball machine.

Tennis Racquet Stringing machines

  • Stringing facility is important for the game, as the player may break the strings during the game depending upon the speed and force of the ball’s contact with the racquet.Usually, professionals do bring their own racquets, and they bring more than one racquets. But many players arrive at the clubs with only one racquet. Tennis racquets don’t come cheap. Stringing remains the best choice, so far.Read my earlier post on Tennis racquet stringing machines.

Shoe cleaners

  • This is essential to prevent any clay or dirt from the court sticking to the shoes and spreading across the other parts of the club as the player would be walking to other parts of the club.

Tennis Court Equipment And Accessories For Individuals

This depends on how much yard or indoor facility the person has access to. In general, the essentials would be

  • Portable Net, net posts, singles sticks, etc.

  • Windscreens

  • Ball machines

  • Tennis court lines

  • Tennis wall

  • Stringing machines and maybe some chairs.


Tennis Court equipment has become sophisticated and affordable as well. Therefore, many players prefer to play this game closer to home. But the clubs that they join as members have to equip themselves with all the above equipment and accessories, apart from spare racquets and tennis balls.

Such clubs also maintain those courts, be they indoor, or outdoor courts. Maintenance includes drawing lines. In addition, such clubs offer services of linesmen and personnel who go about collecting the balls, which is something that takes time while playing at home, even if there are required equipment.

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