Tennis Elbow Brace Wear[And When To Use]

Before understanding what tennis elbow brace wear is, you must know what is tennis elbow first. The “tennis elbow” is a commonly used term for a condition called lateral epicondylitis.

Although widely referred to as tennis elbow, the injury itself is mostly not caused by actually playing tennis.

Tennis elbow is a very common type of injury and can be easily treated with a minor treatment. The most commonly used treatment is using tennis elbow brace wear.

A tennis elbow wear is what doctors and professionals use in the treatment of tennis elbow. It works as an excellent support to the injured part and aids in its rehabilitation.

Why Use Tennis Elbow Brace Wear?

They are the most commonly prescribed orthopedic devices for correcting the muscle damage.

They help in reducing further damage by adding support to the injured elbow so that any unnecessary stress on the lateral elbow muscles is prevented.

It aids the healing process and making the injured spot less uncomfortable as you heal.

How Does A Tennis Elbow Brace Wear Work?

The first thing to make note of is that a tennis elbow brace wear is not a cure. It is just a protection.

Tennis elbow brace is there to support your injured elbow and accommodating you so you could go about doing your regular activities with less pain.

It is there to prevent additional injury by absorbing extra stress to a certain point. The elbow brace has its limits too.

The mechanics behind the working of tennis elbow braces is quite similar to those of a guitar. It uses the principle of counter force bracing. When you put a finger on the guitar string, it reduces the tension as it is absorbed by the fingers that work as additional part.

Similarly, the straps and pressure points of the tennis elbow braces work as additional muscle which absorbs the tension from the injured muscles which lessens the strain on the damaged muscle and gives time for the healing to occur.

Tennis Elbow Brace Wear

How To Choose A Correct Tennis Elbow Brace Wear?

If you are contemplating using a tennis elbow brace wear then it is clear that you are experiencing pain and discomfort in your elbow.

You most probably had already tried heat packs, gels, ointments, pain relief medicines, etc with no relief from the pain and looking to try something different.

Although using a brace is the general consensus at this point, it is strictly recommended to have a doctor look at it and diagnose it correctly before using any kind of elbow brace. Or else you might end up doing more damage than good to your injury.

There are different types of tennis elbow brace wears available for you to buy and choosing a correct brace wear for your injury will depend on the cost you are willing to pay and the type of activities you are going to do.

Predominantly, there are three types of tennis elbow brace wear:

  • Epicondylitis clasp: The epicondylitis, a professionally recommended solution for tennis elbow, consists of a plastic clip which fits securely with a strap near the elbow over the pressure point on the muscle few centimeters below the point of pain.
  • It is the most expensive type of elbow brace and needs to be specially fitted for an effective result. It is an excellent brace for high-performance athletes.  EpiSport Epicondylitis Clasp - Large
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Most effective in relieving pain, prevent additional damage by absorbing large forces/ stress generated by strenuous activities.

Comes in different sizes from small to XXL so finding the right fit is easy.

It`s the most expensive among Tennis elbow braces but still comes at less than $30, so quite affordable.


Requires to be fitted correctly in order to provide desired relief from the nagging pain, the comfort level is not good, very expensive.

  • Tennis elbow strap:

  • These are the simple types of brace consisting of a strap that wraps around the arm just below the elbow. The strap compresses the upper forearm to absorb the stress from the muscles and soft tissue around the point of pain and also changing the forces absorbed to help recover the injured area. They are easy to fit and usually inexpensive.
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Pros: Comfortable size-wise, provides good support, can be readjusted, easy to use and affordable starting at $12 from Amazon

Cons: Not recommended for long time use or when sweating as it becomes uncomfortable and slippery, compression needs improvement.

  • Tennis elbow sleeve: As the name suggests, it consists of a strap with an elbow sleeve. The sleeve offers comfort and warmth to the injured area while supporting and absorbing the extra stress from the muscles. It’s working is not much different from the tennis elbow strap. It is mostly recommended for people who do high-risk jobs and those who suffer from repeated flare ups.

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Pros: Comfortable, compression is good and covers a large area, easy to use, affordable

Cons: compression is limited, nonadjustable, uncomfortably hot during summer


Tennis elbow brace wears although helpful are not always the correct solution for elbow injuries. Consult a doctor first for a proper diagnosis.

A common treatment is not always a correct treatment. A proper use of elbow brace is also very important for the healing to happen correctly. Having said that, if you`re comfortable using any of the above then go ahead.

The best place to buy tennis elbow brace wear is at your local sports goods store if you are shopping online, Amazon has the best prices around, Click here to view and compare prices.

Have any questions? leave me a message below. Would like to hear from you.


  1. Hi there thanks for this article. I have experienced tennis elbow several times. All caused by over use in martial arts. This proves that tennis elbow is not really related to tennis only.
    The treatment recommended to me was simply the tennis elbow sleeve. It worked too, but it was sweaty in summer and winter as martial arts is a pretty active indoor activity, and the temperature remains usually the same for all 4 seasons.
    I didn’t know about the 2 other options: the strap and the brace. If I am unfortunate enough to get tennis elbow again I will consider these first. Thanks for the article.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Alan,true tennis elbow can be caused by different sporting or non-sporting activities.

      rue, tennis elbow sleeves can be hot and uncomfortable in the summer when temperatures get high,maybe you should look for a suitable tennis strap instead after speaking to your doc.

  2. Hello, I’m a tennis lover and I thought your post really helpful. I’ve had some problems when playing, but mainly in my knees. Luckly I’ve never had problems with my elbow.

    Do you have any tips of gear to prevent knee’s problem?

    I’ve also looked for your tips when buying a racket. I play tennis for 2 years more or less and I have a really light racket. I´m thinking about buying a heavier one. Do you have any suggestion?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hello Paula, im sure you`ll find different tennis racquets suggested on my site.As I can not begin to imagine what kind of player you are, I can not honestly say this kind of tennis racquet will be right for you.

  3. Thanks for your exhaustive information on tennis elbow, I do play Tennis sometimes but my number one sport is squash and I have seen people getting the tennis elbow playing squash. Your infos are useful not only to tennis players but other sport such as squash can find solution to the tennis elbow through your site. Thanks again for the post.

    1. Thanks Alfio, glad you liked the post and found value reading it.True Elbow braces are not only for tennis players but can be used in different sports.Thanks for stopping by.

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