Tennis Equipment List For Casual Or Pro Players

Tennis players, be they casual or beginner tennis players are often obsessed with their tennis equipment, the right shoes, perfect tennis balls, even things that can appear minor to you like tennis racquet strings is a big deal. Of course, the professionals do not have to worry about these things, they pay someone to do the worrying and make sure everything is perfect.

It is natural to be excited at the prospect of playing tennis for the first time. You would have your eyes filled with dreams of winning whopping sums in those grand slam tournaments, and the applause in those center courts. But before you start playing, I have put together a tennis equipment list so you know exactly what you`ll need.

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You might even think what you would say when you are interviewed after a big win. But your dreams overlook mundane details such as the tennis equipment supplies you need. You know you need a tennis racquet, and a tennis ball apart from the net and some socks and shoes.

But beyond that, you may not have given much thought to what you actually need to start playing this game. Some of these things like your apparel and shoes can also be used for other games.

But there are quite a few tennis related things such as tennis racquet and tennis racquet bag that you cannot avoid investing in. Therefore, you need to know what you need to buy for playing tennis and what you can make do without, at least when you start playing the game.


Tennis Accessories and Tennis Gear

Tennis Ball Machines 

These machines throw tennis balls at a specific speed in a specific direction. The object is to help you as a player to manage to play those shots even if they come at you faster than you anticipate.

At the same time, it makes it possible to practice without a hitting partner.,Tennis ball machines are a must have if you want to practice your tennis shots ar your own convenience without the inconvenience of looking for a hitting partner.

Apart from Tennis racquets, tennis ball machines are almost a must-have if you can afford it, it`s hard getting someone who will dedicate time to practice especially if you`re just getting started.

Tennis Racquet Stringing machinemust have tennis equipment list

 There are tennis specific stringing machines that help to string the racquets as and when needed instead of taking a trip to some sports shop for doing the job.

Most of these are game specific, i.e., tennis stringing machine can only be used for stringing tennis racquets.

There are different types in the market so shop around to find what fits your needs, they might be a bit costly but worth the money in the long run.

Tennis strings

These are usually different from those used for stringing badminton racquet or squash racquet. The reason is the weight of tennis ball is more than that of a squash ball or badminton shuttlecock. Tennis strings come in a roll ranging from about 50 meters.

Tennis Net And Posts

A tennis net is not as fragile as the net used for badminton, nor is it similar to nets used for games such as volleyball or throwball.  The posts are of a specific height but remain more or less of the same height no matter where players are playing on sand or in grass courts. Junior players can start learning to play tennis using smaller nets or just half the tennis court. We`ll get to that later

Tennis racquet bagsTennis Equipment list

This houses the racquet and can be used to carry other accessories associated with tennis. They are available in different shapes and sizes. Larger bags can be used to carry more than one tennis racquet.

It is always advisable to have a slightly larger bag, as possible of racquet stringing breaking or becoming loose during the game exists.

Again there are also tennis tote bags, These are more for accessories than for storing tennis racquets, but if you`re going for practice or if you play recreational tennis, you can bus smaller tennis racquet bags that are for carrying 1-2 racquets.

Tennis Racquets

A tennis racquet is unique and cannot be used for other games such as badminton, or squash though the racquets used for these games resemble tennis racquet. You can read my post on choosing the right Tennis racquet here if you missed it.

A tennis match without a tennis racquet is impossible so you should choose wisely to find what suits your game style and what you feel most comfortable with.

There are rackets for those just getting started to learn the game, these racquets are light and more forgiving than racquets used by professional tennis players on tour. Check my other post on choosing tennis racquets for beginners here.

Tennis balls 

Tennis balls are used exclusively for playing tennis, like a badminton shuttlecock.

Tennis Accessories and Tennis Gear

The things that can be used interchangeably for other games as well including but not in a particular order.

Headbands are something that holds your hair in place and does not disturb your view when you are in the midst of the game. They have nothing to do with the game per se. Therefore, you can use the headband you use for any other purpose or other games even in this game.

Many players use hats or caps. Actually, caps should be worn because they prevent the sun’s rays from blinding you and preventing you from seeing the ball in time.

There are headbands that include such visors. Ideally, such combination can be used instead of wearing any cap with visor.  Again these visors and caps can be used for other outdoor games or even for walking, jogging, and sprinting.

Dampeners reduce vibrations that can be more in tennis because of the tennis ball and the speed at which it comes to the players. These are used on tennis racquets. But they can also be used on squash racquets

There is no denying that tennis shoes are designed to withstand a lot of impacts and facilitate a lot of swift movements even while providing the required grip on different surfaces. Check an earlier review and to see the best tennis shoes. But these shoes can be used for playing badminton, squash, or even exercising. Read my earlier post on choosing the right tennis shoe here.

Tennis apparel for men consists of shorts and a loose shirt. Same attire can go for badminton or squash. Similarly, women may wear a dress or blouse and skirt or shorts, which too can be used for badminton, table tennis, and squash games.

Tapes in Tennis are used for three different purposes. Some tapes are for muscular support. Others are for improving the grip, and yet others are for protecting the racquet’s head. These tapes are used for similar purposes in other sports such as badminton, table tennis, and squash.

There are many drill equipment that is used for tennis and other games such as recoil belt, and weight bags. These can be used for other sports as well.

Tennis games can be long and grueling. There is a possibility of players feeling tired and dehydrated. Using hydrating bags in heat can help to prevent such discomfort. But such bags are also used in other sports like hiking, climbing or running that require strenuous efforts on the parts of players. These bags are more used in training really.

From The Tennis Equipment List, Must A Beginner Buy All?

It is not necessary that you as a beginner have to buy all these listed items. You can join clubs and avoid buying tennis balls, tennis ball machines, stringing machines etc.Things like visors, wristbands, tapes, etc., need to be purchased as they are personal in nature. But if you can afford it, having your own is practical and convenient.

Conclusion On Tennis Equipment List

There is more to tennis gear than mere shoes, socks, and tennis racquets. You need to be aware of what is available for solving any of your tennis related problems such as the problem with the racquet grip, and how to overcome it with grips and tapes.

Likewise, you need to know that players use dampeners to reduce their injuries when their racquet vibrates. These purchases may seem insignificant but they are important for this game.

Hope you enjoyed reading and learning the items you need from my tennis equipment list, and can decide what you can do without in the beginning. All these articles can be bought at Amazon, they have a wide range of choices and do offer free shipping so in my opinion, one of the best places to buy.

But there are also online stores like or you can shop in your local offline sports goods store.

Would like to hear from you should you have any questions, just leave me a message below, I`ll sure get back to you.


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Josh - September 3, 2020 Reply

The tennis ball machines look perfect for an ideal gift. I’m not a tennis player, but my sister is, and she’s always looking to practice. But the issue is that you need two people to get some reps in. The tennis ball machine can certainly help her with consistent practice. I know what I’ll be getting her for the holiday season or her birthday. It’s interesting; I did sports where I can condition myself by running. But tennis is a sport where you need a partner or a tennis ball machine to get a real feel.

    Cross Training Shoes - September 3, 2020 Reply

    hi Josh

    Tennis ball machine takes away the worry of finding a hitting partner especially on practice, but this will not replace a human hitting partner.

    Glad you fond the post useful.

Jay - September 3, 2020 Reply

We’ll, you have written a list of things and this will help me to be able to pick one fo the things that I will be able to get fit my dad for his birthday that is coming up later this month. He is. Abig fan of playing tennis and he will be very happy to have some new equipment. He is not really a pro as he just plays for relaxation

    Cross Training Shoes - September 3, 2020 Reply

    Thanks Jay,playing tennis is not only for pros, there are tennis clubs in almost every city because people love playing for fun.

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