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With a dwindling economy, seeking a traditional tennis training program could prove to be backbreaking when it comes to finances. This can be a huge let down for young talents who are passionate about playing tennis.

Online tennis training lessons have provided a solution using online tennis instruction websites, online tennis instruction videos on YouTube and best online tennis coaches that will ease the brunt of expensive in-person training.

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Best Tennis Online Coach And Their Websites

Tennis coaches serve an important role in the training as they provide an outside perspective as well as assess the gameplay of the trainee to offer their insight and instruct them accordingly.

They are able to pinpoint the weaknesses and strengths of the player which is crucial in order to better their game.

But not everyone is lucky enough to have met, worked and learned from the best and the well-known tennis instructor which is now made possible.

Some of the best tennis coaches have taken to the internet to reach young talents from far and wide to offer their expertise and help strengthen their game.

They have taken to creating websites and adding content in writing as well as the video that covers instruction on learning tennis.

These websites are for everyone, i.e., from beginner to a professional.

Listed below are some of the most well-known tennis coaches  and the websites they launched for providing their valuable incite and tennis skills online:

Ian Westermann:

  • The owner and the founder of the tennis instructional website,, is currently the leading man in the world of digital tennis coaching.
  • After being frustrated with in-person tennis training, he ventured into the digital world and now has a great following in over 100 countries. He specializes in audio and video content containing instruction on tennis.

Joe Dinoffer

  • Joe Dinoffer himself being a former professional tennis player understood the importance of correct tennis training. He founded OnCourt, a website that provided tennis instructional audios and videos in English, Spanish and German.
  • Over 30,000 hours worth of tennis instruction has been covered in those videos. He has also authored 7 books and 17 DVDs. He is a regular writer for

Jorge Capestany

  • Jorge Capestany, the founder of the Hope College Summer Tennis Academy and Capestany Tennis Inc., is known as an easy going and a great tennis coach.TennisDrills.TV is the website he operates for Tennis Players as well as Coaches.
  • It is a subscription-based website. A Mental Toughness free high-definition video course for over two hours duration is available on the tennis players website. He had also authored a Strategy Booklet with over 20,000 sold copies.

Will Hamilton:

  • The founder of FuzzyYellowBalls, Will Hamilton is a professional college tennis player who started his business by uploading tennis instructional videos on YouTube and then circulated those videos.
  • A few years later he had over million views a month on each of his videos and over 60,000 subscribers. His primary goal was to make and upload better and more informational videos on tennis.  He later launched a premium subscription website that costs $ 25 per month.

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Best Tennis Instructional Video YouTube

YouTube is recognised as one of the most popular social media, an educational and widely used medium by people of all ages, sex, profession, etc.

To make a good use of this medium, an instructor could launch a YouTube channel and upload tennis instructional videos for the people interested to access it.

The audience also has the option to ‘Subscribe’ to this channel to get regularly updated whenever a new video is uploaded by the same instructor on this channel.

This mode is beneficial for both the instructor and the audience as the instructor earns with increasing number of views and the audience gets the training instruction for free.

An instructor uploading videos can also earn by having audience pay for ‘Subscribing’ to the channel.

Still, the pay is not much for the audience so it is not really detrimental for losing audience interest especially if the content uploaded is good.

Listed below are ten such YouTube channels for online tennis training instruction videos:

  1. Essential Tennis
  2. Feel Tennis Instruction
  3. Online Tennis Lessons
  4. Tennis Coach TV
  5. Top Tennis Training Net
  6. Top Speed Tennis
  7. Total Tennis Domination
  8. Daily Tennis Lesson
  9. Peter Freeman
  10. FYB2007

Benefits Of Online Tennis Training

  • It is cost-effective as the online tennis training costs fraction of what the in-person or traditional training does.
  • It provides an instructor with the opportunity and medium to reach an audience far and beyond the reach of their local market.
  • The online tennis training content is accessible anywhere and anytime using the phones, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • There is no time constraint. A learner can devote however many hours on the content.
  • It presents a unified system of progression.

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Online tennis training is perceived as a threat to the traditional tennis training. But it is far from a threat with all the tennis equipment needed to play tennis as mentioned here, online tennis coaches are only reducing the high cost of learning tennis.

It can actually be a great extension to the in-person training and prove beneficial in the long run.

There is plenty of stuff online in regards to tennis training for which no payment is required. This is without a doubt a great benefit and who can ignore a freebie?

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