Tennis Rules For Beginners

This post will cover basic tennis rules for beginners to get you started.Tennis is not only a physical game but your mental strength can determine between winning or losing a game.

Everything you do in life is directly determined in success by the manner with which you approach it.

This means if you are willing to approach a situation with an open mind and a bit of self-confidence in yourself, you are going to be more likely to succeed as compared to someone who approaches the same situation with the lack of self-confidence.

If you are in the process of learning something new, probably a skill, you will not begin it with self-confidence.

For this reason, you need to learn some few things that will help you to readily adjust to the challenges that you may encounter during practice and during tennis matches.

Confidence Playing Tennis

These principles also apply to tennis. You can manage what may seem more complicated when you have some patience and self-confidence when you are in the game.

However, if you do not approach the game with some self-confidence you are most likely going to fail.

The same applies to everything you do, even if it is something different from tennis. The end result of your performance changes based on your own individual approach.

There are a number of things that you can do to improve your general approach and to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

Basic Tennis Rules for Beginners

Approach tennis with an open mind and embrace it fully. You can only play your very best if you are relaxed and alert.

This helps you to not only react faster but also able to look, see and assess every situation faster and clearer. It also helps you to learn faster. One can only experience true relaxation in a cooperative environment.

If you partly attempt the sport, you will increase your chances of getting hurt, lower the chances of success and even wish you never picked up a tennis racket.

But if you approach it with a positive mind, you are likely to put yourself in a much better position of success, irrespective of how long you have been playing.

A player who approaches the court in a really good mood and with a positive mind is much certain to have a good game than someone who is in a bad mood.

Enjoy Playing Tennis Match

Another key tip to success in tennis is joy; If you don’t enjoy yourself while you are playing, you may end up performing at less than your potential.

Some people tend to play so well when they are angry or fearful, but in the real sense, they can not play their very best.

The very best can only be realized when you are joyful. It isn’t just the joy of winning a match, but the joy you have each time you are at contact.

Be Motivated

Have self-Motivation; This is the key that separates success from failure. People may be there to encourage you to do something, but in the real sense, it is your own motivation that makes you victorious.

If you can’t motivate yourself, no one can be able to do it for you. You are the one that has to put in the practice time and not lay excuses or blames on someone.

There is a need to have good rhythm in playing good tennis. This means that you should have good timing. Hit each shot at an ideal moment.

Learn  coordination

Generate more speed and spend less energy by contacting the ball at the one moment when the ball is at an ideal contact point since you should not be late when hitting a shot or early either.

As you develop skills, you are much able to see the ball so that you are better able to time when to hit the shot. Timing goes hand in hand with hand/eye coordination.

Another thing is to have confidence in yourself. If you are not sure of being able to get to the ball and hit it back, it decreases your chances of making the shot.

Confidence only comes from an internal knowledge that you have the skills necessary to be successful.

After developing the other keys, confidence will build itself up. It is the end result of working hard.

Tennis Matches Schedule And Delays

On top of that, have patience so as to be able to suppress annoyance when you are facing a delay. It takes a long time to become perfect at anything challenging. It is at this time that you can easily lose patience and switch to something else.

There is a need to persevere the difficulties or challenges of playing tennis.This will help you to achieve your goals.

Challenges and obstacles must be there, but how you stay focused to your goal helps you overcome them. It may take longer than you expected but you have to stay patient.

Tennis On court Mistakes

You should accept that mistakes will have to happen.  Mistakes are made by everyone. Even the professional players make mistakes, which forms part of life in general.

You should, accept the fact and take your mistakes as a chance to learn a lesson. If you find out that you are making a mistake when it comes to your timing for swinging the tennis racket, make an effort to improve your timing.

If you take everything that you do wrong or your mistake as an opportunity to improve, rather than as a failure you will be able to maximumly improve your general attitude towards life.

To make you feel better, remember that even the best players are going to have days when they play(remember when Martina Hingis crossed the line at Rolland Garros?) in a bad way and even make mistakes and just do not want to be on the court.

Martina Hingis
Image Source www.tennis-buzz.com

Avoid Tennis slump

It is important for those who have been used to playing a lot to avoid getting exhausted at an early stage of the activity, sport, hobby, job or career as this can cause failure in them.

If you do nothing other than playing tennis too long, you will be running straight into exhaustion sooner than later.

Instead of causing burnout to yourself ensure that you take a break sometimes, hang out with your friends or even sit around on the couch and acting lazy as you watch television.Read more from Bill Colle of www.MentalGameCoach.com.

This will enable you to come back to the tennis court with a fresh mind and be very ready to play again.

The time that you spend away from the tennis court under such circumstances can be as useful and helpful as the time you spend on the tennis court.

An unfocused player reduces chances of being victorious; as the occasion grows greater so too does the ability to focus.

When you are playing, you should enjoy, focus and even challenge yourself to mentally put yourself in that situation.

It is important that the player has fun as much as possible with a tennis opponent so as to improve your tennis profession.


To sum up, you should realize that each individual player has his/her own particular style of playing tennis.Know that what works well for your coach may not work best for you.

Start with basic tennis rules as you improve your overall game.You should take advice and there is a need for you to ensure that you only do what makes you feel comfortable.

For instance, your racket, your tennis shoes, and your clothing should be fitted for you as per your needs.

If you take your time to do your own things in your own style, you will far much be able to develop your skills other than just trying to completely copy another player or even your coach.

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