The Best Asics Running Shoes For Women You Will Love

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Nearly 70 years ago, Kihachiro Onitsuka started making basketball shoes in his
living room in Kobe, Japan. This gave the early start to ASICS. Soon, he expanded ASICS to the running shoes.

Marathon Tabi was his first pair of running shoes that came out in 1953.
From there the business grew and he merged with two footwear selling
companies in the USA in the year 1977. That is when he changed the name of his company to ASICS.

ASICS is an acronym used for the Latin phrase Anima Sana In Corpore Sano which means “a sound mind in a sound body”.
ASICS has since then grown into one of the topmost running shoe companies. And today I will share with you the most purchased, and most popular and the highest ranked best Asics running shoes for women.

The Secret Behind The Success Of ASICS ShoesASICS Women's GT-2000 6 Trail Running ShoeFind The Best Workout Resistance Bands

ASICS employs a Scientific approach to its research and performance of all its
shoes. ASICS is strongly committed to providing high-quality running shoes. It is their dedication and the hard work that makes them one of the favorite running shoes amongst all the runners. Check an earlier post on running shoes for men if you missed it.
In May 1990, ASICS opened its own Research Institute of Sports Science in Kobe. There, the company conducts all the materials tests and biomechanical researches. It helps in fine-tuning the designs and technicalities of their product.
The lab is known to produce some of the most innovative and hallmark
innovations of ASICS such as:

1.The Gel shock absorption system: The best ASICS innovation.
2. The new GuideSole design
3. Other midsole features that help combat overpronation to help prevent

No Time To Read All? Here Are The Top Asics Running shoes.The Best Asics Running Shoes For Women You Will Love

ASICS GT 2000 6

ASICS GT 3000 5

ASICS Gel Kayano 22

ASICS Gel Cumulus 19

ASICS GT 1000 6

ASICS Gel Noosa FF 2

ASICS is arguably the world’s best running shoes brand. It is considered the
runner’s choice of brand. It has been in the business for developing sports apparel and high-performance running shoes for more than 50 years.

It has literally and figuratively revolutionized the world of sports shoes. No
wonder the brand has been firmly established as the market leader when it
comes to technical innovations.
ASICS can and does command a dedicated following among the amateur as well as elite-level athletes.

ASICS Running Shoe Selection Guide

ASICS offers you so many options to choose from. But how can you find the best type of ASICS for you? To help you with that, here is an overview of the basic and important thing to know that can simplify your decision-making process.
ASICS divide its running shoes product range into three key sub-categories:

2. Cushioned, and
3. Natural

You decide which category you fall into. With that, you will be able to determine which type of ASICS works well for you depending on your running gait and your all-around running ability.

Picking shoes from the right category are essential as the wrong ones can end up hindering your performance and even makes you more susceptible to injury.

Asics Stability Running ShoesASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 23 Running Shoe

Find The Best Workout Resistance Bands

The stability of running shoes developed by ASICS sets the Japanese brand apart from other sporting goods manufacturing companies in the market. The ASICS hit it off with the broad strokes and grace notes.

The legendary GEL KAYANO series is the best example of it. The series continues to be the benchmark running shoes in the stability.

The stability shoes are specifically designed for athletes that tend to overpronate as they run. The stability shoes offer medial support and cushioning blended to curb the excess pronation and to counteract inwards roll.ASICS running shoes for women,switched to a better brand of runningshoes.

It helps in developing a more efficient running gait while lessening the risk of
injury. It also helps in dispersing the impact force more evenly via the outsole.
This reduces the wear and tear of shoes.
ASICS further offers a range of shoes in this category. All of them incorporate a
variety of technologies such as:
Fluoride: It provides an exceptional bounce-back and the cushioning properties;
Dynamic Duomax: It enhances the support at the medial side of the foot to
prevent overpronation.
Impact Guidance System: It improves the running gait efficiency among mild to moderate overpronators.

ASICS Cushioned Running Shoes

They are built for the runners who have an underpronated or neutral stride as
they run. The cushioned running shoes are usually lighter. They have no motion control features since they are made for athletes and runners that need minimal to no pronation support.
Such shoes are usually built with a curved or partially curved bottom. It
encourages a smooth and fast transition. The cushioned heel and forefoot help
improve the underfoot feel.
Athletes or runners with underpronated or natural stride need maximum impact protection. Usually, the natural foot roll helps in dispersing the impact force. But for those who lack the natural foot roll are more susceptible to impact-related injuries. It places more strain on their joints.ASICS Women's GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe
The cushioned shoes are specifically designed to combat this. They absorb the
shock to reduce the strain that could affect the joints and spine. Hence,
minimizing the possibility of injuries.
ASICS have a range of shoes in this category. All of them offer exceptional comfort and plenty of cushioning.

ASICS Natural Running Shoes

The natural running shoes are primarily designed for biometrically efficient
runners. These runners are those who want maximum responsiveness as well as a more barefoot running experience. Such runners are typically more advanced runners.
These types of shoes generally offer less support. The midsole is stripped down so that the foot is allowed to ride closer to the ground. Natural running shoes are also lighter and can incorporate a lower heel-to-toe differential.

It encourages running from the mid and the forefoot which promotes a more barefoot feeling.
These type of shoes place a greater emphasis on flexibility and freedom. They do away with anything that is superfluous and only retain what is essential for the basic functionality of the running shoe.
It allows the feet to move as freely as is possible. ASICS natural running shoes
tend to incorporate significantly more cushioning.

These Are  The Best Asics Running Shoes For Women

ASICS shoe engineers have designed their women’s range of running shoes
specifically for the women’s feet. ASICS neutral and support trainers have proven to be consistently good. Here are some of the top ASICS running shoes for women:

ASICS GT 2000 6One Of The Best Asics Running Shoes For Women In Navy Blue and White soles I`m Sure You`ll love
The GT 2000 has been a hit for so long when it comes to balancing between
support, cushion, and comfort since 1993. The GT 2000 is considered the best
ASICS running shoes, the best ASICS walking shoes, and the best ASICS football cleats by the millions. It is very good for the forward movement using your feet.

ASICS GT 3000 5

This ASICS running shoe is just like the GT 2000 with additional stability. The GT3000 offers extra support to counter more severe overpronation and to those who need higher stability.

ASICS Gel Kayano 22

ASICS Kayano is the best running shoe when it comes down to the cushioning. It is a premium ASICS running shoe which offers the stability of the GT 2000 and a generous cushioning for the comfort. Runners who have flat feet can benefit from this combination of support and cushioning.

ASICS Gel Cumulus 19

The best ASICS sneakers are just like the GT 2000 but without the stability
trainers. It provides the natural, comfortable, and consistent feel with a notably soft forefoot.

ASICS GT 1000 6ASICS GT-1000 6 Women's Running Shoe is like the GT 2000 running shoe but with an incredibly low price. It is
important to note that the lower price doesn’t mean that GT 1000 undermines
the budget models. ASICS does not compromise on design and quality by making use of the dull designs, a mediocre sole technology, or odd model names.
The GT 1000 offers the proven sole technology of ASICS and the stability of
expensive running shoe models coupled with plenty of cushioning.

ASICS Gel Noosa FF 2
This is a neutral running shoe which is better suited for the uptempo running. It also has all the features needed by athletes for triathlons then Noosa FF2 is a
good ASICS choice for you.
This is one of the best ASICS running shoes for running triathlons. ASICS has
worked hard to redesign the sole of its Noosa Tri-line. It uses the new FlyteFoam which is a light midsole material. It provides a sufficient bounce and the cushioning for athletes.
ASICS Gel Nimbus 19
It is a combination of the GT 2000 without a neutral trainer with the premium
cushioning of the ASICS Kayano. This is a top-of-the-line neutral trainer developed by ASICS. Due to the gentle cushioning provided by the Nimbus 19, it is one of the best Asics for plantar fasciitis. (Read more about Planter fasciitis here)
ASICS Dynaflyte 2ASICS Dynaflyte 2
This is the ASICS running sneakers that is closer to the cutting edge. It is designed for the uptempo training by the runners who have a neutral foot strike. The Dynaflyte's a very recent development coming out from ASICS lab but is quickly making strides across the market.
It is popular as a versatile and responsive running shoe which works just right for whenever you need a running shoe that is stable, light, and fast.
ASICS Gel Flux 5
If you combine the GT 2000 with the lower price of the GT 1000 in neutral shoes, you will get ASICS Gel Flux 5. TheFlux doesn’t compromise on the reliable cushioning of ASICS. The quality provided by ASICS Flux 5 puts it among the top rated and popular ASICS running shoes.
ASICS Gel DS Trainer 23ASICS Mens Gel-DS Trainer 23

Find The Best Workout Resistance Bands

Please note that the image above is for Asics Gel DS Tainer 23 for men,the image was optically bette but women`s Asica Gel DS Trainer 23 is also available.

The ASICS Gel DS Trainer 23 is an uptempo trainer with the cutting edge
technology of Dynaflyte and other moderate support features. It is tied for the
lightest shoe amongst all the shoes listed here. It is a fast, flexible, and responsive running shoe.

ASICS Gel Quantum 360 ShiftASICS Gel-Quantum 360 Shift Women's Running ShoeGenerated button
ASICS Gel Quantum 360 has more ASICS Gel than any other ASICS shoe. It was started as an experiment but now it is quickly climbing its way up to the
mainstream ASICS running shoes. Many runners find the highly cushioned ASICS Gel Quantum 360 extremely comfortable. Its comfort level has gained it a leading spot on highest rated women running shoes.

Conclusion On The Best Asics Running Shoes For Women

The first thing that you must know about running shoes is that not everyone has the same needs and requirements. They differ from person to person. Or runner to runner in this case.

Therefore, a variety of factors should be taken into account while deciding on the right type of ASICS running shoe for you.
The factors include your weight, the biomechanics, the type of surfaces you
would be running on, and the most important one is the overall shape of your
feet. ASICS range of running shoes covers all of the bases.

I really hope you found value in this post, if you have any questions, please leave me a message below and I will get back to you.

Where To Buy

It`s your choice where to purchase your running shoes if you`re purchasing offline, but if you`re buying online, Amazon has a large selection with safe and secure shipping. You can view them here all in one place.

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