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What Are The Best Women Tennis Shoes For Walking?


                             Best Women Tennis Shoes For Walking

Women Tennis shoes are rather expensive because they are specifically designed in accordance to tennis games, but designers also offer tennis shoes that can be used for more than one purpose.

There is a reason to make these shoes multifunctional. People often play tennis on weekends, and may at times not play any tennis for longer than that.The shoes then tend to lose their flexibility just like a car left idle for a longer period.

Such versatility in usage not only gives tennis player decent value for money spent on shoes but also saves him or her effort of carrying another pair of sneakers around for changing. Women tennis player often uses these women’s tennis shoes for walking.

Desirable Features In Tennis Walking Shoes For Women
a. Support as well as flexibility
Flexibility in tennis shoes that are to be used for walking is determined by holding the heel end and trying to bend its toe end upward.Walking shoes should bend closer to the balls, i.e., at the base of the toes that link them to the rest of the foot.

In addition to this, the shoe needs to be twisted slightly, to check the flexibility of its sole. If it twists too easily, it is too flexible for being suitable for walking.If it twists too easily, it is too flexible for being suitable for walking.

b. Weight
Obviously, neither women nor men would like too heavy a pair of tennis shoes for walking or playing tennis.The position of the weight of the shoe, however, determines the movement types possible with it.

For walking as well as running, the weight should facilitate linear movement, but in women tennis shoes that are also to be used for walking.

The shoes should facilitate swift lateral cuts without making the person lose balance. Some compromise may be inevitable.
c. Breathability And Waterproofing
The desirability of such features depends on the climate where the woman tennis player is likely to use those tennis shoes.

In places with excessive humidity, women may opt for shoes with no waterproofing liners in their tennis walking shoes. This would bring down some weight as well and let the lady opt for a lighter pair of shoes.

This would bring down some weight as well and let the lady opt for a lighter pair of shoes.
Usually, soles and upper parts of walking shoes are made from waterproof materials or waterproof liners are given within.

Tennis players do not play when it is raining but a lady may have to use those sneakers for walking. Breathability does decrease with waterproof liners.
d. Cushioning For Walking  Tennis Shoes">New Balance Women's Tennis Shoes

Cushioning in shoes becomes necessary in tennis shoes, as the player has to jump and land, but for walking it is not as essential.Read my other post on tennis shoes

The base of the toes, i.e., balls is where cushioning is needed in both tennis as well as walking.

So in that aspect, there is no difference in specifications.

Women Tennis Shoes v/s women walking Tennis shoes
Lateral movements are the crucial part of a tennis game.

Therefore, women desirous of using their tennis shoes for walking as well need to give preference to this feature over shoes that offer better linear movements.
In fact, whenever there is a conflict in desirable specifications for such shoes, the buyer must opt for specifications suitable for a tennis game.

That is so because the possibility of sustaining injuries to feet or even knees is more in tennis game than while walking.Moreover, the reason for paying that additional price is only for ensuring better movements on the tennis court.

Therefore, there should be no compromise on requirements of standard tennis shoes.
Tennis shoes are also designed for different surfaces i.e., grass, clay, and hard court.WomenTennis shoes for hard surface of the court would logically seem more appropriate for walking as well.

These shoes are sturdy and can take a lot of punishment. Established brands like Adidas, Nike, Babolat, and Asics offer shoes that can be used on any surface.Check different shoes for different purposes here.
Baseline players require shoes that offer more lateral movement and have better quality soles, unlike net players who would need tennis shoes with superior toe caps as well as more flexibility.

How To Select The Best Women Tennis Shoes For Walking

a. Pronation
Pronation is about where the shoe wears off more. It exists while playing tennis as well as walking and differs from person to person. Shoe selection would depend on such pronation.
b. Support to heel and forefoot, with different technologies

Construction should offer support to heel part of the shoe but not to the extent that it increases pronation.

In addition to the shoe design, materials used should be such that at the heel, it offers grip whereas, at forefoot, it should offer a little bit of propulsion.

c. Support at midfoot and other areas where there is likely to be more wear

TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane is used in tennis shoes for support as well as elasticity.

The shoes are usually reinforced with it in places where there is more likelihood of wear and tear apart from midfoot which is required to extend.

Best Models Of Women Tennis Shoes For Walking

a. New Balance
New Balance tennis shoes are more suitable for beginners and people who are not regulars on tennis courts.They are mostTennis shoes are rather expensive because they are specifically designed in accordance to the tennis games

The list includes a series of women’s shoes. Comfort level increases with a higher number. They are available between $40 and $110 as of date.
b. ASICS GEL solution speed

Considering the desirable construction for tennis as well as walking, ASICS’ Gel Solution Speed shoes for women come closest to being suitable for both functions. As of date, these are available anywhere in the range of $80 to $120.

c. Adidas Ubersonic (click Here to Buy)
This product line is better for walking among Adidas’ women’s tennis shoes collection.
The reason is it combines Sprint Frame technology, i.e., a technology that offers better swift lateral movements for soccer, tennis, and basketball, with polyurethane insole for giving required elasticity.

The chassis of sprint frame is responsible for stability as well as the lower weight of this pair of shoes. As of date, these shoes are available in the range of $90 to $115.
d. Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9.5(click Here To Buy)

This is the most expensive one of the lot, but features and specifications of this model include dynamic fitting.These are light weight shoes and considerably durable. As of date, these can be bought for $140.
No tennis or athletic shoe manufacturer offers shoes suggesting that these can be used for tennis as well as walking. Women purchasing tennis shoes with such dual objectives need to check flexibility, weight, waterproofing, breathability and cushioning.
The prices also need to be considered along with shipping charges, if any. It is necessary to identify the foot type as well before deciding which would be the best women’s tennis shoe that can be used for walking as well.
If you have any questions, just leave me a message, if you liked this post and think someone could benefit from it, then share in social media.The best place to buy the above shoes and more is Amazon.

6 thoughts on “What Are The Best Women Tennis Shoes For Walking?

  1. Really informative post! Purchasing multi-functional athletic gear is so rarely thought about by athletes so I’m glad this is being covered!

    In regards to pronation – could you elaborate further on why the shoes wears off more and what it means I should look for in shoe? For example, if I notice in some of my old walking/running shoes that the inside part of my shoe is being worn faster than the outside, should I look for a shoe that has more support in the middle? How could this affect my tennis game?

    1. thanks for stopping by Liz,indeed multi functional sports shoes( if you are not playing professionally)are just as good.

      But if you play professional tennis,i`d advice buying the correct shoes.

  2. I definitely need to recommend this article to my mom because she walks all the time and I think can find good use of the article. I liked the thorough overview of everything and it was really easy to read. You should make an article for men now if you don’t already have one. Good Stuff 🙂

  3. I for one have played a lot of tennis in my life and agree on a lot of your points. Usually we all pay way too much for these shoes and most clubs expect you to only wear your tennis shoes on court only. In my opinion tennis shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes available. In fact I have bought some just to wear for every day use. I especially liked the part on pronation (the part where the shoe wears off more). I had never heard this term before and have learned something new!
    Thanks for your info

    1. Hi Steve

      You are not alone,I wear my tennis shoes everywhere for work,walks,jogging,shopping.There are just no shoes out there that are more comfortable than tennis shoes.

      You are right about wearing shoes only to the courts when playing in a tennis club, this is normal in many sports clubs.

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