Tips For Choosing The Right Junior Tennis Racquet

There are adult tennis racquets, and there are those specifically made for young tennis players. If you want your child to develop his skills as a future tennis star, make sure that you get him the right junior tennis racquet.

This is the ideal racquet for younger players because it gives room for them to master the game since they are not yet fully capable of handling adult-sized racquets. Points to consider when buying tennis racquets.

Tennis Racquet Differences

Most junior tennis racquets have the same features as adult types, but they are lighter and shorter with larger heads for more reach.

In this article, we will give you some helpful tips on how to choose the right racquet for your child.

Deciding on the racquet’s length is perhaps the most important part. Other features such as the weight, shape, head size, string pattern and materials used come next. Adult racquets come in different lengths, ranging from 27” to 32”.

This makes it problematic to younger players who are not big enough to handle such lengths.

It does not only make it difficult for them to play their best, it also hinders their improvement as a player. This is why it’s very important that they play and practice using the right racquet.

Wilson Roger Federer Junior Tennis Racquet

As a general rule, choose the junior tennis racquet that is comfortable to handle. You can have the child try it out first and feel it.

The average weight appropriate for 12-year olds ranges from 10-11 ounces.

If the player can comfortably handle a long racquet, such as a standard 27”, allow him to use such.

However, if it’s too heavy or lengthy for him, stick to shorter racquets, but not too short, as this would promote excessive elbow and wrist action which could harm the child’s strokes in the long run.

If your child is a beginner tennis player, the safe way to choose the right racquet is to use the chart and fingertip method. Choose an initial length first for game improvement racquets.

After which, have your child stand with his arms on the sides. Then try out racquets to see which one matches the length corresponding to the distance between the ground and his fingertips.

If you can’t do this personally or if you are going to purchase junior tennis racquet online, you can easily find free charts online which serves as a guide for the appropriate racquet size for a particular age or age group.Hello Kitty Sports Junior Tennis Racquet, Pink, 19-Inch

Make necessary adjustments according to the physique and tallness of the child. For instance, if the young player has an exceptional physical strength or if he is too tall for his age, you can move up the racquet length.

Make similar adjustments as regards the weight, racquet head size, and other racquet features. With the coming of modern racquets, choosing the right racquet is now very easy.

If the child plays in junior tennis tournaments, all you have to do is to check the rules of the USTA regarding the allowed length for that particular age group.

You need to factor in the child’s experience, skills, and individual game-style. Experienced junior players, most of the time, can handle bigger and taller racquets.

Once you have decided on the appropriate length and weight, make sure that you factor in the head size, thickness, string tightness and the price before finally deciding on which to purchase at the right price here.

Reading reviews also help, as there are now so many racquets from various brands to choose from.

Equip your young player with the right junior tennis racquet. That will give him room to grow as a player and become a future tennis superstar.

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