Top 5 Tennis Racquets Intermediate Players Should Choose

So are you tennis aficionado and learning how to master this elegant and energetic sport and become the next Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal?  Well, then you must have a right kind of tennis racquet which helps place shots easily.

Yes, having the perfect tennis gear like mentioned earlier here is no less than having a perfect teammate who compliments your strength and weaknesses, and makes you better.

Tennis Racquet Matters:best tennis racquets intermediate players

We know you all get fascinated seeing your favorite tennis stars playing amazingly and flaunting their expensive professional racquets, but no one can excel in a day and hence when you are growing in your game, it’s better to master all its techniques efficiently.

Taking a step ahead towards your dream, buy the best tennis racquet intermediate players usually use, which falls between the Beginner and Control (Advanced) categories.

We know there are ample of intermediate racquets in the market but not all are worthy to invest, and it is also not possible to buy each to try them. So we have picked top 5 racquets based on strength and quality for all to make choices simpler.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing A Racquet

best tennis racquets intermediate players
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Your Level:

Knowing your game standard can help you choose the best tennis racquet.

Do not get fascinated and choose rackets with a small head size and a weight of 340g thinking that using this can make you Roger Federer!

Always be careful about your game while choosing the best tennis racquets intermediate players should use.


Another important factor is age while choosing your racquet. If you are below 15 years, then you might need a racket that is lighter and easier to move like this one here.

Know Your Playstyle:

Before picking up a racquet know your style as all have a different style of playing. Analyze your pattern or specific moves. Also, understand if you are aggressive in your game or have patience.

Okay, now that you know the tricks to choose the right kind of racquet, let us now take a look at the best 5 racquets.

Top 5 Tennis Racquets Intermediate Players
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Babolat Pure Aero:

This racquet is perfect for intermediate tennis players who want to own the baseline game.

It offers maximum spin with added stability. The Cortex system in it keeps bad vibrations away.

It’s strung weight is 11.3 ounce and has 100 square inch head size. It is made up of graphite.

The best place to buy this racquet is Amazon, as of now, the racquet cost $149 and free shipping so it`s a win-win.

There are other online stores that sell the same product but Amazon has the best price.If you shop offline, do check at your local sports goods store.

Wilson Ultra 100:

The second best tennis racquet on our list is the Wilson Ultra 100. The high-performance carbon fiber( importance explained) in it provides an additional stiffness for explosive power. 

It weighs 11.1 ounces and has used cushion foam handle technology to soften the impacts of optimal dampening and shock absorption.

It is made of carbon fiber and has 100 square inch head size. This racquet is great for intermediate players, who are looking for power and spin in their racquet.

Check And Compare

After checking different online stores, the best place to buy is Amazon at $199.00 & FREE Shipping.
Yonex DR 100This is another good tennis racquet for intermediate players.

It uses Nanometric DR technology, which makes it ultra-resilient and the flexible carbon in it, enables the frame to retaliate in greater force.

The enlarged grommet holes, allows the strings to absorb a maximum of the shock which results from the forceful off-center shots.

It has 100 square inch headspace and is made up of s combination of HM graphite, nanometric DR, and Quake Shut Gel.

Volkl V-Sense 8:

This 300 grams racquet is great for all those intermediate tennis players who want to produce spin on baseline shots.

Made up of graphite and C3 material, the racquet has a less angular beam shape which makes it look classy and stylish.

It has 16×18 string pattern which rewards players to enjoy big spin and easy targeting.

best tennis racquets intermediate players

Head Graphene XT Extreme MP A

Okay, last but definitely not the least is the Head Graphene XT Extreme MP A tennis racquet for intermediate players.

It features interchangeable grommets which provide a player an option to choose between 16×19 and 16×16 string patterns while restringing it.

It gives a player a special combination of weight and balance that gives them extra power to make powerful shots. It has 100 square inch head size and has used ASP i.e.

Adaptive String Pattern technology to make it one of the best tennis racquets intermediate players should have.

Hope, we have made your selection process easier by telling you the names of best 5 racquets in the market. We have opened up the doors to your stardom by offering you the best tennis racquet available for you. Since you have already determined to be the next tennis icon, you must pick any of these racquets to get to the advanced stage of the game.

Who knows, you will be the next Serena Williams or Novak Djokovic.

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You can purchase the above tennis racquets and enjoy free shipping from Amazon I find them to have the best prices and they do have a return policy so should you not be satisfied with your purchase, you can get a free return.

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