Top Tennis Players Using Wilson Tennis Rackets

Wilson Tennis Rackets,tennis racketsWilson has remained as one of the most trusted sports brands throughout the years. It is considered by many tennis players as one of the leading producers and makers of rackets.

Many players, whether professional, recreational or beginner, trust Wilson tennis rackets for practice, recreation or tournament purposes. Let us find out more about Wilson and the kind of rackets they produce. Read on.

Wilson Tennis Rackets History

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Wilson Sporting Goods Company, popularly known as Wilson, is a sports equipment manufacturer that has been around since 1913.

When it was founded in 1913, it was first called the Ashland Manufacturing Company, famous then for making and producing racket strings, violin strings and surgical sutures using animal by-products.

As the company grew up, they started creating baseball shoes and tennis rackets. It was in 1931 when the company renamed itself to what it is called today after they had started to expand into making other sporting equipment, It became a subsidiary of the Amer Sports Group in 1989 and has been since then.

Top Tennis Players Using Wilson Tennis Rackets

Two of the famous starts of today that use Wilson tennis rackets are Serena Williams and Roger Federer. These legends trust Wilson like they trust themselves on and off the court. In fact, they have put their heart and personal output in the making of the rackets named after them.

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Aside from these two superstars, other international players also use rackets made by Wilson. Throughout the years, these players have trusted, endorsed and used Wilson rackets.

They include the following famous names in the sport: Juan Martin del Potro, Agustin Velotti, David Goffin, Max Mirnyi, Grigor Dimitrov, Thomaz Belluci, Daniel Nestor, Venus Williams, Anastasia Rodionova, Victoria Azarenka, Olga Goyortsova, Jarmila Gajdosova, Melanie Oudin and Petra Kvitova.

If superstars use Wilson, then there’s no reason why you should not use their racket or even just try one. Who knows, you might end up as one of the big names in the sport?

Wilson Tennis signature Rackets

Since the company started making tennis rackets, it has not stopped to innovate and produce durable products. Over the years, they have manufactured a wide range of rackets that players around the world came to like and love.

Wilson tennis rackets are known for their durability, reliability, and innovativeness. Amateurs and professionals alike use these rackets.

Today, the most innovative and highly efficient Wilson tennis rackets are those that use Countervail technology. This new technology is designed to help reduce fatigue among players, maximizing each player’s energy and increases shot control.

This all-new patented material and technology is exclusively integrated into Wilson racket frames. They are designed to direct the ball’s energy in the frame instead of the body, resulting in 40% greater accuracy.

Two rackets which feature this highly effective material are the Wilson Blade with Countervail and the Burn with Countervail. You can get one directly from a Wilson store near you or you can simply purchase it online.

Wilson Blade 98 (16x19) CV (1/4),Wilson Tennis Rackets Wilson Burn 100 CV Mid+ (1/4),Wilson Tennis Rackets

SW104 And ProStaffRF97 Wilson Tennis Rackets
Aside from the Countervail, Wilson also offers two of its latest signature rackets: the Serena Williams Autograph Blade SW104 and the New ProStaffRF97.

Aside from the Countervail, Wilson also offers two of its latest signature rackets: the Serena Williams Autograph Blade SW104 and the New ProStaffRF97.

The Blade SW104 is the first of its kind and the newest addition to Serena’s Wilson signature rackets. The racket is manufactured to mark the tennis superstar’s unmatched dedication and legacy in the sport. It captures the game style and spirit of Serena, on and off the court.

Wilson tennis rackets captures the game style and spirit of Serena, on and off the court. The BladeSW104 comes with a signature by the legend herself. If you’re a big Serena fan, be sure to purchase one.

The New ProStaff RF97 is the newest offer by Wilson and Roger Federer. What’s special about this racket is that Federer designed it himself. As the legendary tennis player said, “This racket is truly special and I hope it inspires every player that holds it in his or her hands.”

Really, he poured his heart and soul in the making of this special racket. It has a meticulous design and a bold simplicity. It features pure precision, feel and power.

This can surely give any player a new dimension of confidence. Without a doubt, this is one of the best Wilson tennis rackets in recent years.


You can still count on the other rackets by the company. They have plenty to offer. Whether you need an Attacker, All-Courtier, Baseliner, Recreational, Beginner or Junior tennis racket, you can always visit Wilson in person at a sporting goods shop near you or you can shop online  in stores like Amazon.Tennisboom.com

Make sure that you choose the one that fits your level, check my post on choosing the right racquet if you missed it, and your game-style. It’s all about the feel. Just feel the racket before you purchase it, You just know because it will feel right.

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