Use Prince Tennis Racquets To Serve Aces Like John Isner

Without a good tennis serve, your game will be hard.Top players likeJohn Isner use Prince tennis racquets with much success. This post will look at some top Prince tennis racquets to help you make an informed decision when purchasing.

Prince tennis racquets company has been consistently redefining the racquet sports and introducing new innovative modifications to keep in tune with changing age and time since the 1970s.
They are known to introduce technology meant to improve the game for the individual on and off the court and deliver best tennis racquet for advanced players as well as the beginners.

The high success rate of the best prince tennis rackets can also be attributed to its steadfast commitment to delivering top quality products without fail.

With a high success rate comes the high interest of customers towards a brand which can be seen in the prince tennis racquets reviews.

A proven leader in its entirety, Prince has never disappointed its consumers and has always delivered excellent products keeping in mind the needs and preferences of the individual as players.

The sponsorship of some of the sport’s most elite tennis athletes like Jimmy Connors, Maria Sharapova, Jennifer Capriati, Martina Navratilova, Nikolay Davydenko, and Patrick Rafter by the Prince has attained significant exposure on the international level.

Prince is a manufacturer of Performance Junior Tennis Racquets. They are lighter and easily maneuverable by young players while they are still in the early stages of developing their game.

The tradition, as well as many recreational racquets, use the O-port technology developed by Prince.

This technology helps to make the racquets more aerodynamic and enhances the sweet spot size.

Prince Tennis Racquets has developed its tennis racquet product line:

  • Warrior Series:Prince Tennis RacquetsClick here to see more and buy button

The Warrior Series is an ultimate technology adopted as per the modern tennis game trends to deliver ease of access to power and spinning. Each of the racquets developed under this series is equipped with the ability to provide more power and control to the player.

The performance benefit is achieved by enhancing the stability and raw power. The key features of this series are the TeXtreme® Technology and the Clean Black & White cosmetic

This most versatile series is the racquet of choice for ATP Tour Player John Isner

  • Prince Textreme Warrior 100Prince Textreme Warrior 100 offers the tennis players a superior blend of power, maneuverability, feel, and spin.

A recent total revamp has been adopted for the Prince Textreme Warrior 100. The new changes introduced are the addition of Textreme material to the tennis racquet frame in order to enhance the stability while keeping the stiffness of the frame unchanged.

The addition of a solid beam to the racquet increases the delivery of much accurate aim. The updated version had proved to be a vast improvement from the previous one with its easy maneuverability and easy spin. The players find the volleys are easy to hit with this racquet.Product DetailsClick here to see more and buy button

  • Premier Series Tennis Racquet

The Premier Series is a favorable choice of racquets for the players that have short and slow swings. The key features of the TeXtreme® technology and the 03 Technology together delivers the largest sweet spot.

Primary Performance Benefits

It provides enhanced stability which improves the power and feel of the racquet and hence delivering beneficial performance along with an unparalleled comfort.

  • Prince Premier 105 ESP    

The Prince Premier 105 ESP comes with extra quarter inch than its normal counterparts making it a bigger in size. The larger head size and the large gaps in between the strings are eye-catching.

It is no doubt the bandwagon of the Extreme String Pattern technology employed by Prince in the tennis racquets.

The result of creating this racquet can be felt in the extreme power behind the racquet and the ease of spin makes volleying easier. Though, stability does suffer. Still, this racquet is most suitable for compact swing tennis players.View Price button

  • Tour Series

The main motive behind the development of the Prince Tour series tennis racquet was to provide superior control and the enhanced feel for players that employ long and fast swings.

Adding the TeXtreme technology as well as Clean cosmetics created a franchise which provided more stability than ever before.

It increased the control to laser-like precision, the unparalleled combination of spin, power, and feel had made this racquet into the most control oriented tennis racquet in the Prince collections.

read customer reviews button

  • The Tour 98

This new updated version, the Tour 98, offers better maneuverability, control, and spin. The low-powered response makes the game more enjoyable as it allows the players to take big cuts at the ball without fearing that their shots would sail long.

The precision offered is remarkable and the spin helps in serving. Those who prefer soft, control-oriented racquets should definitely check out the Tour 98.

  • Phantom SeriesProduct DetailsClick here to see more and buy button

With the key features of the TeXtreme technology, the Phantom Series has also achieved superior stability and laser-like control.

This is one of the thinnest racquets with a surprising amount of power. It comes with the classic feel and is most suitable for the aggressive tennis players.

  • Prince Phantom 100

Prince Phantom 100 being part of the series preferred by the modern aggressive tennis players blends the aggression with classic very well. The result it gives is the ultra plush and easy spin complementary racquet to all court games.

It left a considerably favorable impression on the testers with its maneuverability, spin potential, and arm friendly response. This racquet excels in generating low powered control.

Where To Buy Prince Tennis Racquets

Online stores like, or offer these tennis racquets and similar if you`re looking to purchase online(check an earlier post why it`s best to purchase online here if you missed it).

If you want to buy Prince tennis racquets offline, check at your local sporting goods store although online vendors have better prices most of the time not to mention a larger selection of goods.

Conclusion On Prince tennis racquets

No matter whether you’re a professional or just play a recreational tennis player, Prince Tennis Rackets will have everything that you might be looking in for a new tennis racquet.

I hope this post will help you make the right decision when buying any Prince tennis racquet, if you have any questions, please leave me a message below, I`d like to kear from you.

If you found this post helpful, please share with your friends on social media so they too can benefit. Talk soon.


  1. Hi I am a strong intermediate player. I have used a Prince Exo 3 Black Team with an extra 5grms weight at the butt end. I love this racquet but it is no longer made. What would you suggest is the closest replacement.

    1. Hi Steve thanks for stopping by.Now before I can answer you the first question from me would be, are you looking for a different brand or are you staying with Prince? Let me know so I can answer you accordingly otherwise my answer to you at this time may be in accurate.

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