What You Need To Know About Wilson Tennis Rackets

Wilson remains one of the premier manufacturers and producers of sporting items such as tennis racquets. Over the years, many professional and international tennis players have endorsed and used Wilson tennis rackets in and out of tournaments. Let us get to know more about the company and how they came out to be in this article.

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History of Wilson

Wilson, or technically named Wilson Sporting Goods Company, is a sports equipment manufacturer based in Chicago, Illinois. They have been around since 1913.

First named as the Ashland Manufacturing Company, founded in 1913, they started out by making tennis racket strings, surgical sutures, and violin strings using animal by-products. Sooner, they started creating tennis rackets and baseball shoes.

In 1931, the company, which at that time had started expanded to making other sporting equipment, renamed itself Wilson Sporting Goods Company. Since 1989, it became and has been a subsidiary of the Amer Sports group.

About Wilson Tennis Rackets

Over the years, Wilson has manufactured countless tennis rackets that have proven to be reliable and durable to many tennis players, amateur and professionals alike. Out of the many classic rackets, the following have stood out:

  • The original Kevlar Pro Staff racket, which became known as the racket of Pete Sampras. This small-headed racket weighed more than 350g strung. This same racket was also used by one of Wilson’s most popular players, Roger Federer.
  • Since 2015, Federer has used the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph model. This has a larger head and a heavier weight (340 g/12 oz unstrung).
  • The Pro Staff Original is also one of the iconic Wilson tennis rackets. This model was used by Jim Courier and Stefan Edberg. However, Edberg switched to Prof Staff Classic, which was essentially the same racket, but with different work and a round frame edge.
  • Before, the famous series was the K-Factor. Starting 2009, Wilson has introduced the latest and innovative line of rackets, with a codename 20x. This series eventually became known as BLX. These rackets feature new technology and innovative approach. The company also made custom versions of these mass-produced rackets.
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The Following Are The Famous Wilson Tennis Rackets That Are Available Today:

Attacker Tennis Rackets

The rackets in this category are designed for big-hitting and aggressive type of game. It is considered as the top-played franchise on Tour.

They feature a Countervail technology to improve control for any attacking player and to maximize the player’s energy. In terms of look, they sport a minimalist design, with laser engraving, matte finishes, and clean lines.

All Courtier Tennis Rackets

The rackets in this series have an oversized head and big sweet spot. They are ideal for double players who are seeking for high power and maneuverability. These rackets are versatile and can fit the different styles of players. They sport smooth comfort, shock absorption, and easy power. Thanks to their New Cushion Foam and High-Performance Carbon Fiber material.

Baseliner Tennis Rackets

These rackets are designed to give players more power to blast shots straight from the baseline. They feature a Countervail technology which maximizes the energy of the player. Aside from amped performance, these rackets now come with a fresher, better look, with their engineered paint finish, improved feel, and simple design.

Wilson Burn 100S Tennis Racquet, 4 1/8-Inch,Wilson Tennis Rackets
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Recreational & Beginners Tennis Rackets

The company has also created rackets special for beginners and recreational players. These Wilson tennis rackets come with extra length and larger head, (more explanation on rackets in my earlier post) which generates power perfect for amateur and casual players.

Junior & Kids Wilson Tennis Rackets

There are several rackets made by Wilson purely dedicated to younger players. Through these rackets, kids can practice with ease and can develop their playing style as they grow older and become better. There are also rackets in this category that are tour-inspired, designed for advancing junior players.

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Many international players use Wilson rackets because of the company’s credibility and reputation in the field of sporting equipment. Throughout the years, many players have used and endorsed Wilson rackets.

In the men’s division, the following are some of the famous players who use Wilson equipments: Roger Federer, Juan Martin del Potro, Agustin Velotti, David Goffin, Max Mirnyi, Grigor Dimitrov, Thomaz Belluci and Daniel Nestor.

Female international stars also use Wilson. They include Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Anastasia Rodionova, Victoria Azarenka, Olga Goyortsova, Jarmila Gajdosova, Melanie Oudin and Petra Kvitova.

I hope my explanation on Wilson tennis rackets will make it easier for you to decide which racket to choose, you can buy the above rackets at Amazon or other online stores like tennisboom.com they too have a good selection in sporting goods.

If you prefer to shop offline,you can visit any local sporting goods store and see what they offer.Would like to hear from you.Did you follow my tips and got yourself a tennis racket and how did you choose?leave me a message below.

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