Where Can You Buy affordable Clearance Tennis Racquets?

Tennis racquets manufacturers periodically offer tennis racquets clearance sales, either directly or through various retailers. Likewise, retailers too offer clearance tennis racquets on sales. Such sales may be used tennis racquets sale, final sales, or simply sales.

All the three types of sales imply that you can get some discounts, but the first two categories imply that the buyers can get those tennis racquets at deeper discounts than they would in normal sales. Reasons for offering clearance tennis racquets differ from those of other sales.

Manufacturers offer deeper discounts on clearance tennis racquets for many reasons. For example, the product could be a slow-moving product, warranting such a move considering mounting stocking costs.Clearance Tennis Racquets

It may even be to make tennis players aware of the effectiveness of a new technology or design. In such cases, the products may be offered as clearance tennis racquets for a brief period.

The manufacturer may at times choose to move storage and/or manufacturing facilities to another location, for economic reasons.

In such cases, if there are insufficient orders on hand for the products in a warehouse that needs to be vacated by a specific date, offering the tennis racquets as clearance tennis racquets may be warranted.

At times, a large export order may be canceled due to some unforeseen event such as war, or calamity, and the inventory may have to be sold with deep discounts to cut down on stocking costs.

Note that the manufacturers are not offering a defective product or outdated technologies when they offer clearance tennis racquets. Retailers offer clearance tennis racquets when they are relocating, changing the composition of their inventory, or closing the shop.

They also offer clearance tennis racquets when the products are slow moving.

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Characteristics Of Clearance Tennis Racquets Are:

  • They are new;
  • They often are “designer label items”;
  • You can return them within 30 days of their purchase and get a full refund or become eligible for credit at the store for the full value valid for 60 days from the date the tennis racquet was purchased.
  • Therefore, the buyer needs to be sure the terms and conditions of such sale, as it can be quite restrictive in the second case.

Difference Between Clearance Tennis Racquets And Final Sale Tennis Racquets:

Final sale tennis racquets

  • May or may not be new;
  • May or may not be “designer label items”;
  • Maybe defective or outdated technologies;
  • Cannot be returned;
  • Have discounts that are higher than those in clearance tennis racquetsClearance Tennis Racquets

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In so far as ordinary sales of tennis racquets are concerned, the reasons can vary such as the retailer taking advantage of the tennis season, and offering inventory on marginal discount when compared to listed price.

Rapid turnover benefit at times offers more benefit than waiting for customers willing to pay the listed price. Such discounts may also be to lure customers away from competitors.

The tennis racquets sold in this fashion may or may not be new, and they may or may not have the “designer labels”. They may or may not have outdated technologies. While terms and conditions differ, usually tennis racquets bought in sales other than final sales can be returned.

As mentioned before, discounts on regular sales are not as deep as they are in final sales and clearance tennis racquets.

Like all sales, clearance tennis racquets are not available throughout the year. That said, there are many online tennis goods stores that have a clearance sales section that lists the tennis racquets that may be available under clearance sale.

This is because there are several brands of tennis racquets around, some of which may be available for sale at any point in time. Here is a list of few such clearance racquets along with the rates at which these racquets are available at online stores Tennisoutlet.

The list of brands that are sold through this site includes well-known brands like Wilson, Yonex, Volkl, Pro Kennex, Babolat, Dunlop, Prince, Tecnifibre, Asics, Pacific, Hello Kitty, Oncourt Offcourt, Gamma, Genesis, Head, etc.

What Kind of  Clearance Tennis Racquets Are On Sale?

Buyers can choose based on price, size, gender, balance, head size, length, power levels, weight, swing speed, grip type, etc check an earlier post on the difference in Tennis racquets. Dunlop, Wilson, Head, and Asics racquets are available for less than $100. Usually, such racquets are sold in the range of $120 to $220.

Similarly, prices of Pro-Kennex racquets sold through clearance vary between $120 through $160. Gamma racquet would cost around $199.99 even with the discount, Hello Kitty racquets are for juniors and these are available in the range of $20.

Within the stores, centers may differ and each center may again have a different set of tennis racquets on clearance sale.

Clearance tennis racquets are best suited for people who are beginning to learn the game, and even for practice sessions of those who play advance games.
Since people know their requirements and specifications such as the head size, weight, length, grip type, etc., that they are comfortable with, it becomes easier to identify the suitable tennis racquet. There may be additional discounts offered by different tennis equipment selling businesses.
So it is always advisable to check more than one online store for the desired product or similar products before finalizing the purchase.

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