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Wilson Pro Staff 95 Tennis Racquet(unstrung)Review

Product Name: Wilson Tennis Racquet

Manufacturer: Wilson        Wilson Pro Staff 95 Tennis Racquet

Overall Rank:4.8/5

Price: $159(may change)

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Wilson Pro Staff 95 tennis racquet is the new iteration of the Pro Staff line tennis racquets which will not disappoint the lovers of the Pro Staff line racquets.

It has the similar specifications as the previous one. Only this version is lighter and offers excellent control and maneuverability.

The sturdy frame offers precision for a tennis player at the advanced level and a good feel in all the areas of the tennis court. This is due to the use of graphite and Kevlar in the making of the racquet.

Moreover, the use of the leather for strong grip increases the feel of the racquet and enhances the overall playing experience.I have an earlier post on choosing tennis racquets here.

Traditional in the sense, this racquet uses amplifeel technology which specifically is used to reduce the vibrations in the handle so as to make the racquet stable and strong to add more power behind the shot.

It helps in the gripping and easy maneuverability of the racquet allowing good spin scope.

Wilson Pro Staff 95 Tennis Racquet
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The open string pattern used in the Wilson Pro Staff 95 tennis racquet also makes it easy for the tennis player to swing without using much effort and is well suited for the player who enjoys a quick control-oriented racquet.

Pros Of Wilson Pro Staff 95:

  • Lightweight and low powered.
  • Easy Maneuverability.
  • Allows big swing without losing control in groundstrokes.
  • The design is user-friendly.
  • Attractive colors, i.e., white frame with red highlights.
  • Makes the top spins and slice shots easy.
  • Enhances speed and precision of the shots.
  • Offers extraordinary feel to the players during gameplay.
  • Does not get dirty easily and easy to clean.


  • A little unstable.
  • Some players find it lacking stability.
  • Lacking in power due to the low swing weight.
  • For intermediate players, this can be a little pricey but then you can check for some more .affordable tennis racquets

Wilson Pro Staff 95 Technical Specifications   

  • Length  27.0 inches
  • Head Size: 613 square centimeters
  • Weight: 329 grams
  • Balance Point:   12.75 inches
  • String Pattern   16 Mains / 19 Crosses

Who is it for?

Wilson Pro Staff 95 tennis racquet is preferably recommended for the advanced level tennis players who are already pretty set in their game styles and are experienced tennis players.

This racquet allows them to enjoy their game by offering headlight frame for fast and easy swings even in the heavy top spins and the dips.

Final Verdict:

Although loved by some and some not keen on it due to it`s lack of stability, it`s a perfect racquet for the players that are prone to deploy lots of spins in their tennis game and are fond of a fast and control-oriented tennis racquets as it offers more spin than many other control-oriented racquets.

A player could swing as hard as they want and they still won’t feel the loss of control of the racquet.

Where to buy:

You can buy Wilson Pro Staff 95 tennis racquets or any other racquet of your choice from your local sports goods store, but I do find that offline stores do have a limited choice selection, but if you shop from online stores such as Tennis, Tennisboom.comAmazon, etc. For purchase click on the links above


It is a good racquet with good quality for the modern and heavy spin tennis game. Wilson Pro Staff 95 is one of the best racquets in this line and is a good racquet for playing a solid game of Tennis.

The tennis players may or may not go through an adjustment period while using this racquet.

It offers surprisingly good stability and relatively low swing weight with excellent feel and control on each shot.

You can buy this strung if you chose to if you buy it unstrung, you will just buy the strings separately and let the seller string the racquet or if you have a racquet stringing machine, the better.

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