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sneakers,sports shoes,Women Tennis ShoesWearing comfortable women tennis shoes for playing helps in improving the game dramatically. But there is variation in physical structure of women and men, including their feet. Even the way these two genders play their game differs.

Consequently, wear and tear found in men’s tennis shoes are different from that in women’s tennis shoes.  These conclusions after studying the tennis court shoes, their wear and tear patterns, and women’s feet helped shoe making companies develop tennis shoes exclusively for women.

 Differences In Women Tennis Shoes and Men Tennis Shoes?

  1. Foot shape

Women’s feet are narrower and have pronounced arch when compared to men’s feet.  However, there are women who do have flat feet like men. But most women have some degree of arch in their feet. Alignment differs according to these arches. For feet with

For feet with high degree of arch, more cushioning is needed in comparison to feet with normal arches. Women with flat feet experience pronation so they need shoes that can control their movement. 

Since it is an anatomical difference between the two genders, women’s tennis shoes do need to be different for helping women play better. Snugly fitting shoes make the shoe feel as part of the body. Therefore, women’s tennis shoes include those arches internally.

  • 2-Size and weight

Women’s feet are more often than not smaller than those of men of the same height, built, and age. Accordingly, the size of women`s tennis shoes is smaller, and weight lower.  The average weight of these shoes should be lower than 12 oz., preferably under 10 oz, though too light a pair of shoes may not be too durable.

  • 3-Design

The wear and tear of shoes depends on the usage. Given the fact that the feet of fair sex are often a tad smaller, narrower, and arched shaped, the usage of these feet would obviously be slightly different from the way men use their feet in the tennis game. Consequently, the wear and tear

Consequently, the wear and tear differs as does the probability of sustaining injuries from any impact. Footwear designers study such aspects and fortify the parts of women’s tennis shoes that are more likely wear off, while simultaneously ensuring proper weight, traction, and mobility as needed by the player without sustaining any injury.

Footwear designers study such aspects and fortify the parts of women’s tennis shoes that are more likely wear off, while simultaneously ensuring proper weight, traction, and mobility as needed by the player without sustaining any injury.

  • 4-Colors

It is no secret that women prefer different colors when compared to men. In the past, tennis shoes were essentially white, as was the attire for playing this game.

But now, women wear clothes of different colors and designs. Their shoes need to match with those clothing. Therefore, colors such as reds, pinks, and peaches have entered women`s tennis shoes.

  • 5-Usage

Women also tend to use their shoes for more than one purpose. Therefore, designers try to make these tennis shoes multi-functional.

Nike Women's Free RN Running Shoes,Women`s Tennis Shoes

These differences are in addition to conventional differences in tennis shoes which are based on general factors such as court’s surface, and the player’s playing style, which needs to be considered while selecting a pair of women’s tennis shoes. 

Seasons also matter as the materials needed to make the shoes may differ from one season to another. In the past, tennis used to be played around April to July. But now this game is played almost throughout the year. Therefore, materials used to make these tennis shoes for different climatic conditions varies.

Technologies To Look For In Women Tennis Shoes

Here is a list of some of the latest technologies to look for while buying tennis shoes for women. Some of these are common for both genders and others may have something to do with the shape and size of women tennis player’s feet apart from their game.

These technologies are classified as per well-known brands because some of them are proprietary technologies of those brands.

1-ASICS (GEL series)Tennis Shoes

  1. Solyte, which is a midsole material for cushioning, facilitating midsole compression and making the shoe last longer;
  2. Front and rear feet gel based cushioning system that absorbs shock from the impact;
  3. Outsole made from solid rubber for traction as well as durability. Duosole is one such technology from ASICS for this purpose. It is also good for reducing the weight of the shoes. AHAR technology is essentially for making the shoes durable;
  4. Trusstic System that brings down the sole’s weight without compromising on the shoe’s structure and offers some propulsion benefits as well;
  5. Pguard toe protector
  6. Impact guidance technology that takes into account the player’s natural gait and manages the impact effect accordingly
  7. Personalized fitting at heels or PHF, which consists of memory foam layers lining the shoe’s collar so that the shoe fits in snugly.
  8. No-sew upper structure integrated with air mesh for better breathability.

ASICS Women's Gel-contend 3 Running Shoe, White/Knock Out Pink/Indigo Blue, 10 M US

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2-Nike Tennis shoes (“Court Zoom Vapor” series)

  • Wraps in outsole right up to toes for giving required protection from any drag;
  • Collars are padded for adding comfort;
  • Lunarlon for springy and resilient cushioning;
  • Nike Air consists of a flexible bag with compressed air in it. It makes the shoe light and reduces any injuries due to impact. These bags may be positioned at midsole, and/or forefoot. Nike’s Max Air is similar in nature and function except that it consists of larger airbags. In contrast, Nike Zoom has thinner airbags, because of which stability increases. The zoom technology is ideal for quick cuts or in games that require swift movements in different directions.
  • Nike’s Shox is essentially for absorbing shocks and preventing injuries related to shocks. Nike is also made from resilient foam and forms columns. It can give the springy action as needed in this game and is considerably more durable.
  • Nike’s hyperfuse is for upper parts of the shoe. Basically, three layers are integrated through heat melting process and there are no stitches. There is a supportive layer followed by mesh layer which is finally covered by TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane).
  • Flywire from Nike consists of filaments that serve as support cables on the upper parts of the shoes and links it to outsoles.
  • Dynamic support is another technology from Nike that is lodged in midsole. It brings down the weight as well as stiffness while offering the desired level of support.women sport shoes

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3-Adidas Tennis shoes (Barricade and Adizero)

  • Adiprene is cushioning in these shoes apart from support at midfoot.
  • The rubber in outsole is nonmarking variety. This technology ensures that the shoe is durable especially in parts that are more prone to wear and tear.
  • Adiwear 6 technology is for grip.
  • Upper perforations are for improving breathability. Some of these perforations are given on the toe part of the shoes. Synthetic material similar to leather improves flexibility and is useful for different climates. It is also abrasion resistant.
  • Lightstrike Eva is special midsole technology for making the shoes light and easy to move around on the court.
  • Cloudfoam technology from the company is foam that is lodged at midsole. It is obviously for comfort and cushioning from any injuries.

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  • Conclusion:

Not all features are available in every pair of these tennis shoes for women. But prices range from as low as $34 to $230. Good news is that not all features are necessary.

Therefore, buying more than one pair of women’s tennis shoes with different features for different tennis courts or surfaces taking into account the game style might be considered. Online reviews can help in deciding as well.

I do hope, my in-depth look on different women on/off court tennis shoes will help make your decision easier as to what make to buy.Want to buy one of these shoes right now? then click here to get one from  Amazon.

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  1. I’ve been playing tennis since I was 5 and one problem I’ve always had with my tennis shoes is BLISTERS! I notice that you’ve talked about the gel series? Would this help with blisters? I feel like the gel would help with that. However, I prefer the look of Adidas shoes – the gel ones have a pattern that i don’t like that much.
    Any suggestions?

    1. Hello Martina

      thanks for stopping by,like walking shoes,tennis shoes can give you blisters if the shoes are not well fitting.How do you decide that a shoe is a perfect fit for you?

      Im sure you can choose patterns that you like in tennis shoes.If you check my earlier post, you will see that l have spoken about designs in sneakers especially for women as they are more picky.

  2. Hi there,
    You are well positioned to promote these tennis shoes, especially now, that its the start of the New Year. A lot of people will have made NY resolutions. Personal health and fitness will be high on a lot of peoples agendas, so I guess they will be looking for outdoor accessories to help them achieve their goals. The colours are super cool, the designs are very innovative and price wise, there is very real value for money.
    Cheers…….Phil Browne

    1. Hello Phil

      Have to say you are right,for people used to buying cheap tennis shoes,these can appear costly,but with the technology that goes into manufacturing these shoes to make sure they fit well and are comfortable,they are well worth every penny.Quality wise, again better than no name brands.

      Thanks for stopping by

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